today’s breakfast:

½ hass avocado
1 slice organic whole grain bread
4 cage free egg whites
½ tomato
bell peppers and onions
1 cup strawberries
1 cup freshly squeezed raw grapefruit juice

ilovephoebefromcharmed-deactiva  asked:

hey mitski! i know you went to suny purchase, which is my top school ! but i'm at the point in my life where i have to decide a career path. i've always been into music, but i don't think i'm talented enough to pursue it. how did you know that music was what you wanted to do for the rest of your life?

this stuff is hard but incredibly exciting, isn’t it?

actually, for a long time i resisted it! i did my best to do everything BUT music because, let’s face it, it’s a hard, sometimes ugly, and often unlucrative kind of career. but i reached a point where i just couldn’t do anything else - i realized i’d rather take a chance at being unhappy pursuing music than most certainly being unhappy pursuing anything else.

here’s the big secret though - it doesn’t matter whether you’re “talented enough” right now! talent can totally come later! talent can be *learned*! many of my talented musician friends never really did anything about their talent, or dropped out of the career path because they realized this life wasn’t for them, and some are still going strong but just haven’t found their niche yet, and some still were musicians everyone thought were mediocre but just kept pressing on and now are doing very well for themselves.

what you need 100% more than talent is grit, or love (often times i can’t tell the difference). that’s honest-to-god true. instead of wondering whether you have the talent, ask how much you want to do this, how much you love music, and how much you’re willing to bet on it. i am definitely not the most talented musician, in fact i went into conservatory with probably the least amount of knowledge of music out of everyone, but i was at the point where i’d exhausted every other option, and this was IT for me. all eggs in one single basket. now it’s been nearly 7 years of non-stop trudging towards doing this for a living, i’m talking dedicating 365 days of every year to music and a career in it, and i’m *still* barely making a living.

and you know, maybe it actually won’t be a struggle for you, maybe it won’t take that long, maybe you’ll take a few detours and come back around to music in a couple years, but that’s what i’m saying - you just can’t know, because the amount of talent you have right now doesn’t directly correlate to the amount of success you’ll find later. in the end it’s about betting on it and continuing to nurture it.

sorry this got long, but if you go to purchase please say hi to peter denenberg for me, and also definitely be skeptical of literally everything every professor says, because they’ll all tell you how to “make it” but all their career models are outdated.


Less than 100 days left of my 365 project.

Whether you are a photographer, painter, dancer, musician, or even a beard enthusiast, I encourage you to attempt a 365 project. Dedication to any joyous activity will progress your proficiency to your skill. The way I see, think, and compose my photography has improved tremendously! It is a very difficult project to take on, and its very easy to give up, but nothing negative comes out of hard work. All of this hard work has given me so many opportunities this past year! The longer you wait is just pushing your success back.

365 Day 216 “Frozen Lake” Dedicada a Nanve que hoy termina su proyecto 365 Felicidades!!! Dedicated to Nanve who today completes the project 365!!! Congratulations!!!

Nikon D7000 50mm f/1.8

ISO 250   /50mm   /0.33ev    f/11    1/100

Yeah, I’ve been hurt a lot
And sure, I’ve been left behind
I’ve been through bad breakups
And I’ve lost friends
So some people wonder
Why I keep bothering to have faith
Or how I can possibly trust at this point
When everyone always leaves
But the answer isn’t really that hard
I have an immense capacity to love
And once I choose someone
There’s no going back
I was not born with an off switch
And if I tell you forever I always mean it
I used to see this as a weakness
This curse of never ending forgiveness
A thing that allowed people to take advantage
Of the things that I have to offer
But now I see it as a skill
Something that few people are capable of
And I pride myself on being there
No matter how bad things get
If we haven’t spoken in weeks or months or years
But you’re having a bad night
And things are looking dark
I will be there in a heartbeat
Because if your heart stops beating
So does mine
—  i never make promises that i don’t intend to keep