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Part 2.



“There is a story about a metal worker who brought one of his mechanical creature to life,” Anna said, she paused for a moment looking at each of them in turn, “Ruby told me this, she swears it’s a true story. She’s threatened to make one herself and run away with it.“ Anna laughed slightly, "She heard it from a friend whose brother knew the woman,” 


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Part 4


Sam told the next story.

“We’ve always moved around from place to place. I hated it. Dad wouldn’t even tell me why. When I was twelve, I was determined to stay in one place. I had a huge fight with my father. In the end, he went off with my brother to hunt something and warned me that we’d leave when they came back. He didn’t come back at all. He jumped between my brother and the monster and died. Before he did, he told my brother the reason we kept moving around.”

“My brother refused to tell me. I wouldn’t budge until he did.”

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Prologue here, Part 1 here, Part 2 here. Last Part here.

Part 3.

After Anna finished, all of them were silent for a moment. Slowly Cas said, “I will tell my story next.”




“There was an ancient creature whose only friend was killed by a hunting family. It vowed revenge on the killers and their kin and decimated the family until only three of them were left; mother, father and an eight year old child.


“They were well-hidden and it took him 12 years to find them. It killed the mother and father while the girl was with her lover. It then found her and her two companions– her lover and her unborn child. Then, because its heart had grown so dark, merely killing them all wasn’t enough anymore. It didn’t want its sport to end. So he made a bargain with the daughter. When the child was born, she would call him so it could take the child as tribute. The girl agreed, but naturally, as soon as it was gone she made plans to run away. She tried to tell her husband but the creature was powerful enough to have bound her tongue. She couldn’t tell anyone.


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