Day 5 of 365 Days of Divergent: Favourite Quote

Today is day 5 of TheFactionFour’s 365 Days of Divergent.

For today’s task you are supposed to share your favourite quote from the book. There are so many to pick from for this as the book is full of amazing quotes. But as we used more than one answer for yesterdays challenge, we thought it best if we just picked one today. This quote is from Chapter Thirty-Five and it’s just a really meaningful quote, not just for that scene, in that chapter but for the whole book. It’s who Tris is. So here’s an edit we made along with one of our favourite quotes from Divergent:

I am not Abnegation. I am not Dauntless.

I am Divergent.

And I can’t be controlled.

Tris Prior (Chapter 35, pg. 442)

Day 21 of 365 Days of Divergent

Day 21 - Share your favorite Four/Tris moment.

This is really hard to decide….oh god… so here it goes……..I’ll choose the scene where Four is drunk. I love this scene because it reminds us that both Tris and Four are young, and like young people, they like to have fun and flirt.

 “..’You look good Tris.’

His words surprised me, and my heart leaps. I wish it didn’t, because judging by the way his eyes slide over mine, he has no idea what he’s saying. I laugh. ‘Do me a favor and stay away from the chasm, okay?’
‘Of course.’ He winks at me.”

Day 14 of 365 - Post or share your favorite Divergent fan edit.

I finally have a good reason to share the edit I made! This is Tris’s first time inside the tank simulation! I know so many people are going to make much better ones, but I loved this scene in the book, and this scene from The Descendants was so beautiful and heart wrenching and I loved it so much.

Day 10 of #365DaysofDivergent - Who is your LEAST favorite character in Divergent.

My first instinct was to say Eric, but I don’t dislike him as a character in the book. I actually think he’s awesome as an evil character, and I am really looking forward to seeing Jai Courtney play him!

This made me think about it for a while and choose someone else.

SO… A character I absolutely cannot stand is Marcus.

Especially because he is part of the “good” group, but is a horrible person. His personality is detestable. Ugh.