• Beach days with the Clone Wars squad?
• So Obi-Wan is the one who brings the 50-pound tote bag filled with enough supplies to last a week in the wilderness. Everyone’s sandwiches are packed in neat little bags with names written on them.
• Anakin, meanwhile, forgot his swimming trunks so is currently in the ocean wearing just his boxers and not being ashamed at all.
• Ahsoka and Barriss have towels spread on the sand and sit reading magazines through Ray-Bans while they tan.
• Obi-Wan fusses over them with sunscreen and reapplying and “girls you are not taking the dangers of UV exposure seriously enough please reapply every hour.”
• When he’s done swimming, Anakin insists that he his feet and walks across the beach to their table in shoes.
• “I. Hate. Sand,” he says through gritted teeth, stepping gingerly through the beach.
• Ahsoka and Padme get recruited into someone’s beach volleyball game and end up totally crushing it, much to their opponent dudebros’ surprise.
• Later on they all watch the ocean swallow the sun.
• It takes every drop of Padme willpower not to dump a handful of sand down Anakin’s back.
• Ahsoka, however, has no such reservations.