365 challenge

124/365 Day 15 of Inktober. “You’re so worried about how people will see you that even the ghost in the mirror doesn’t know what to do with your looks.” Was something I was thinking about while watching/listening to funny animal videos and drawing this.

Miya (the one with the lamp) starts off with self-confidence issues. The girl behind him is Youko. Both of these characters usually appear in those photobash images. Like the one from Day 91.

365 Writing Challenge

New year, new writers! Here are 365 challenges to take you through each day. The stories don’t need to be long, they don’t need to have continuity, they don’t need to be good. These are all exercises to help you be a better writer; some of them I stole from my former creative writing classes. Have fun with it!

Edit: Please tag me if you do any of the prompts! I want to see your progress :)

1. Write a story about a character after a New Years’ Eve party
2. Write a story using only dialogue. No description. Dialogue only.
3. Write a story with absolutely no dialogue.
4. Write a story with no characters. Let your scene tell the story.
5. Write a story in the style of your favorite author
6. Write a story in the style of an author you hate
7. Write a story in first person
8. Write a story in second person
9. Write a story in third person
10. Make a moodboard for your story or one of your characters
11. Make a playlist for your manuscript
12. Reblog writing from 3 other writers.
13. Leave a comment on 3 other writer’s pieces.
14. Write a description using all five senses
15. Write a story based on five things you find in your pockets or purse
16. Write a description of what you see outside of your window
17. Put your music player on shuffle, or turn on the radio. Write as long as two songs last, and write according to what you hear.
18. Write a fantasy story
19. Write a sci-fi story
20. Write a story set in a time period before your birth
21. Write a story set in modern times
22. Write a romance story
23. Write a scary story
24. Write a mystery
25. Write about what happened after dark
26. Write about what happened in a storm
27. Free write for 20 minutes. It does not matter what the words on the page are. Do not stop writing for 20 minutes.
28. Write 500 words today. One of them will probably be good
29. Outline a story. Enjoy deviating from that outline later
30. Take a walk and write about something you saw on the walk
31. Take a shower or bath. Write about the idea you got there
32. Write about what happens the day they showed up
33. Write about love
34. Write a story. Don’t let any sentence be more than five words.
35. Write a story. Don’t let any sentence be less than five words.
36. Write about your favorite smell
37. Write a story set in winter
38. Write a story set in spring
39. Write a story set in autumn
40. Write a story set in summer
41. Write about someone who hurt you
42. Write about someone who made you happy
43. Write a story about where that smell is coming from
44. Drink water. You probably forgot to today. Write about being thirsty
45. Write a story that involves a cat
46. Draw one of your characters. It doesn’t matter if you can’t draw. They can be a stick figure. Draw them anyway.
47. Write about what your character wore to a funeral
48. Write your character’s death
49. Write your character’s birth
50. Write about the noise you heard in the middle of the night
51. Take a deep breath. Hold it. Let it out slow. Repeat five times. Write something relaxing
52. Write a story set by the sea
53. Write a story set in the mountains
54. Go back to an old prompt. Repeat it. See which version you like better
55. Write as badly as you possibly can. Break every writing rule. Spell everything wrong.
56. Go back and edit that worst possible writing. Try to make it as polished as you can.
57. Treat yourself because you had to edit terrible writing. Then go back and edit it again and see if you can make it even better.
58. Like 3 other writer’s pieces
59. Talk to someone you don’t know today, online or in person. Write about something unexpected you learned.
60. Write about someone who made a bad decision
61. Write a story about someone who is not where they belong
62. Look inside of your refrigerator or pantry. Write a story involving three items there.
63. Write a story about an unusual day at work
64. Write about your favorite holiday
65. Write a bad memory. Write it on paper so you can enjoy ripping it to shreds later.
66. Listen to the playlist you made for your manuscript. Write 500 words.
67. Write a story that features the color blue
68. Write about your character’s children. Write about why they don’t have children.
69. Write about someone who is the opposite gender of you. If you’re non-binary, pick a gender to write about.
70. Write about someone of a different sexual orientation than you.
71. Write about someone older than you
72. Write about someone younger than you
73. Write about yourself
74. Write in the style of another writer on tumblr. If you’re feeling daring, tag them in it
75. Write a fanfiction
76. Write something original
77. Write about being late for something
78. Write about a volcano
79. Look back at the moodboard you made. Do you still like it? How would you change it? Is it because the character changed or the story changed? Take some notes
80. Eavesdrop on a conversation. Use it in a story.
81. Write about an apology
82. Write about the scent of the earth after rain
83. Eat a snack. Write about being hungry.
84. Describe one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse
85. Look up the definition of a word you don’t know. Look up a synonym of a word you do know.
86. Write another 500 words
87. Write another story using only dialogue. Which one did you like better? What did you learn?
88. Write a horror story
89. Write a love story
90. Write a story that has aspects of both
91. Write about what started the whole thing
92. Describe panic
93. Free write for 20 minutes again. Do not stop. I see you looking at tumblr. 20 minutes, no stopping.
94. Did you forget to set your timer? Did someone interrupt you? Do another 15 minutes of free writing.
95. Write about lightning
96. Write about the time when it hurt
97. Write using your opposite hand. If you use a computer, try to type with your eyes closed.
98. Write about why the chicken crossed the road
99. Write about an idiom.
100. Write about reaching a goal
101. Write the first line of a story. Write the last line of a story. Try to connect them
102. Write about being scared
103. Describe something powerful
104. Time is short. Write what happened in under 20 minutes.
105. Go back to another piece you have written. Edit it. Bonus points if you don’t cry.
106. Write something that would make your readers cry. Bonus points if it makes you cry.
107. Describe a field of flowers
108. Describe what’s hiding in the field
109. Write a piece that English professors would want to analyze. Use as much symbolism as possible. Nothing is real. Everything is a metaphor
110. Write a list of metaphors and similes.
111. From that list, pick your favorite and write a story using it
112. Write about a flood
113. Drink water again. Write about someone forgetting something.
114. Did you remember what you forgot? Spend the day thinking about what else you’ve forgotten. Write any plot ideas down.
115. Start a dream diary. Keep a notebook by your bed, and write down what you can remember of your dreams when you wake up.
116. Describe what’s in your character’s bag
117. Write a story set in Paris
118. Write a story about the cliff
119. Write a poem
120. Write a story about a fight
121. Remember that dream diary? Write a story based off of one of the dreams
122. Describe something you would see at the zoo
123. Write about the first day of school
124. Write about the first day of work
125. Write about the last day of work
126. Describe the smell of fall
127. Listen. Write about what you hear
128. Write your character’s dream
129. Find a faceclaim for one of your characters
130. Outline a story.
131. Take a walk. Write about whatever you thought of while walking.
132. Write about the first time someone saw a giraffe
133. Write about an extinct animal
134. Describe the sound of bells
135. Write a story set in space
136. Write a story about something soft
137. Describe hands touching
138. Describe what anger looks like
139. Describe what happiness looks like
140. Write what was behind door number one
141. Get a deck of cards and draw a card. Write about the card.
142. Flip a coin. Heads, write about winning. Tails, win about losing. If you don’t have a coin handy, write about cheating.
143. Write a story about someone getting caught.
144. Describe fire
145. Go read one page of a book. Write the next page.
146. Find another writer online and send them an ask about their story or characters
147. Get up and stretch. Write about why someone’s joints ache.
148. Write about anticipation.
149. Find another writer online and comment on their work. Make their day.
150. Describe the feeling of disappointment
151. Are you still keeping that dream journal? Did I tell you to stop? Write about a dream.
152. Go back to any other prompt and repeat it. And probably drink more water.
153. Write about a mom
154. Describe how you feel when someone you love is near you
155. Write about a cliff
156. Write about your zodiac sign
157. Write about a misunderstanding
158. Describe something underwater
159. Write about your least favorite food
160. Do a chore around the house. Bonus points if it’s washing dishes or something equally menial. Think about your manuscript while you do it. Did you get any ideas?
161. Write a story set in Egypt
162. Describe the color red
163. List as many words as you can think of that start with the letter Z. No cheating. Use one of those words in a story.
164. Look into a drawer. Write about what’s inside.
165. Write about why someone deleted their social media
166. Describe winter
167. Write about the heat
168. Write what you want to write. Make sure it’s at least 500 words.
169. Write about a fairy
170. Describe the feeling right before you fall asleep
171. Drink water. Write about someone’s chapped lips.
172. Write about flying
173. Write a story about someone who made a mistake
174. Write about a superhero
175. Describe home
176. Send an anonymous message to someone on tumblr and make it positive. Write about their reaction. (or lack of reaction!)
177. What language have you always wanted to learn? Write about how that language sounds.
178. Write a story about a magician
179. Write a story in first person
180. Write a story in second person
181. Write a story in third person
182. Look back at your first, second, and third person stories. Edit your favorite.
183. Write about a pillow
184. Describe the feeling of pins and needles
185. Write about anxiety
186. Write about someone strong
187. Write about someone weak
188. Have them meet
189. Write about someone who had too much to drink
190. Describe restlessness
191. Free write for 20 minutes
192. Write nothing at all today. Think about your manuscript.
193. Set yourself a new writing goal
194. Write a story without using the word “the”
195. Write a story about a character with no gender
196. Write a story about a character who is asexual
197. Reblog writing from 3 other people. Make sure you leave a comment.
198. Write about a bite
199. Describe New York City
200. This is prompt number 200. Go back to another prompt with the number 2 in it, and repeat it.
201. Write about frustration.
202. Describe the feeling of someone watching you
203. Stretch. Write about someone who exercises too much
204. Drink water. Write about a mermaid.
205. Write about a monster
206. Write a story with a happy ending
207. Write about why someone pops bubble wrap
208. Describe a character’s clothing in detail
209. Turn on the radio or shuffle your music. Write a story based on the first song that comes on
210. Write about the moth attracted to the flame
211. Go back to one of the pieces you’ve written and edit it. Let the red ink flow.
212. Describe someone stepping on a Lego
213. Write a sci-fi story
214. Write a fantasy story
215. Write another story with absolutely no dialogue
216. Write a story about an animal
217. Write someone’s surprise party
218. Take a walk. Write about how you got there.
219. Describe a haunted place
220. Write about the grim reaper
221. Write about someone who is not in control
222. Describe how your character breathes
223. Write about snoring
224. Write a funny story. Bonus points if you laugh while writing it
225. Give feedback to another writer.
226. Direct another writer to this prompt list. (Kidding.) Write about someone being self-serving.
227. Free write for 20 minutes. Is it becoming easier yet?
228. Write in five 5 minute increments today. Were you eager to go back to writing?
229. Write a story that takes place in a courtroom.
230. Describe the smell of a tree
231. Write about a werewolf
232. Write another description using all five senses
233. Describe someone salty (Erotica writers, it’s your time to shine)
234. Still keeping that dream journal? Write about another dream
235. Write about pain
236. Write a story using as many long words as you possibly can. Make it pretentious.
237. Pick a name that you dislike for no reason. Name a character that, and write a story about them.
238. Kill a character.
239. Save a character.
240. Drink water. Redo another prompt.
241. Your character can no longer say any curse words. What do they say instead?
242. Write a story that has a bad pun in it.
243. Describe a reflection
244. Write a story set somewhere hot
245. Describe your character’s scars or tattoos. If they don’t have any, give them one.
246. Describe someone else’s character. Tag them in it if you feel bold.
247. Write about someone avoiding their past
248. Write a story about someone who does not want to be there
249. Write a story in the form of text messages back and forth
250. Write about a phone call
251. Stretch. Do something you’ve been putting off doing.
252. Describe your character’s hair
253. Write a story in the style of someone who doesn’t understand the correct definition of words. Their, there, and they’re must all be used incorrectly. To, two, and too, too. Which deer is my dear? Remember, English steals words from everywhere, so it gets confusing.
254. Fix that story. Feels good to edit it, doesn’t it?
255. Write a story in the form of twitter posts.
256. Write about someone of a different nationality than you
257. Share a piece of writing
258. Write about unraveling
259. Write about why your phone won’t stop ringing
260. Describe lights reflecting on a car window
261. Free write for 20 minutes
262. Write about what you found in your closet
263. Write about what you found under your bed
264. Describe something soft
265. Describe something hard (Erotica writers, here’s another free pass)
266. Write about a scandal
267. Like 3 other writer’s pieces
268. Drink water. Write 500 words today.
269. Find out something new about a time period you’re interested in. Try not to lose yourself in Wikipedia articles.
270. Write about what you found out.
271. Describe a sunset
272. Try to write like an author from your childhood
273. Describe an item in a museum
274. Write badly. Laugh at yourself
275. Stretch. Look up the best stretches for writers.
276. You thought I forgot about the dream diary? Look back at some old dreams
277. Write about a nightmare
278. Write about an exhale
279. Write about someone being saved
280. Write banter between two characters
281. Write fanfiction. Write bad fanfiction—try to make the characters as opposite as possible.
282. Write about joy
283. Describe something sticky (Erotica writers…)
284. Repeat a prompt, but write it from a different perspective. Can be stylistic, or simply from the viewpoint of a different character.
285. Write the beginning of a story
286. Write about why someone killed
287. Describe a character wearing facepaint
288. Write about success
289. Write about failure
290. Write about something that is both
291. Describe what jewelry your character wears
292. Outline a story.
293. Write at least 500 words
294. Boost another writer. Give them encouragement, reblog their writing, leave a comment, send them a prompt.
295. Drink water. Write about the ocean.
296. Describe music
297. Write about someone waiting
298. Write about someone who said the wrong thing
299. Describe someone who appears intimidating, but is actually a cinnamon roll
300. You’ve reached 300. Redo another prompt that includes the number 3.
301. Write about why someone wears gloves
302. Describe a kiss
303. Write what your character does for their favorite holiday
304. Write about something disgusting
305. Write using slang from another generation. Tubular, dude.
306. Draw your character. No eraser necessary.
307. Take a shower or a bath and plot.
308. Describe the scent of a candle
309. Free write for 20 minutes
310. Go back to your playlist. Pick three songs, and write a story based on those songs. Write for as long as the songs last.
311. Boost another writer. You know the drill by now.
312. Take a deep breath. Take a few more. You are a good writer. You are getting better every day. You can do this.
313. Write about being tired
314. Write about someone who has missed something
315. Describe the sky
316. Write about someone named Oliver
317. Describe what was left after it happened.
318. Write about someone with a lot of money
319. Go back to another prompt. Do it again
320. Write about a bird
321. Write a story that includes the word “plant”
322. Write about a heist
323. Describe the smell of a wedding
324. Write about a mythical creature
325. Write about what’s behind door number two.
326. Which door was better, number one, or number two? Think about it. Write about it.
327. Boost another writer. Support the community.
328. Write about gratitude
329. Describe someone who can’t get to where they’re going
330. Write about the stars
331. Write something about a dystopian future
332. Describe a theater seat
333. Write about a character who cannot sing
334. Describe what your character does when they are bored
335. Go back and edit one of your other prompts.
336. Drink water. Describe what your character goes for when they are thirsty.
337. Write about getting something for free
338. Write about not getting something for free
339. Write your character’s worst day ever
340. Ouch. Why don’t you make it up to them? Write something good happening.
341. Boost another writer
342. Write about someone who helps another person
343. Finish a task you’ve been putting off. Does not have to be writing related.
344. Describe hands not touching
345. Write about a bruise
346. Write about the reason why someone stayed
347. Write something that makes you uncomfortable. Delete if afterwards if you need to.
348. Take a deep breath. Relax for 15 minutes. See what happens
349. Write about goals for the next year
350. Write about a Viking
351. Describe the dark just before the dawn
352. Write about the number 29
353. Make a new character
354. Write as badly as you can. Is it getting harder or easier to write badly?
355. Go back to your dream journal. Write about a character who has a repetitive dream
356. Describe what your character wears on a date
357. Describe something green
358. Drink water. Write about an angel
359. Describe someone trying not to be seen
360. Write about someone being discovered
361. Repeat a prompt. Do it better.
362. Write about nearing the end
363. Write the end. The End. Big E.
364. Boost another writer
365. You’ve made it! Celebrate by sharing some writing.

I am tired ā€“
tired of pouring cup after cup
of caffeine down my throat,
swallowing productivity
one scorching mouthful at a time.

Forfeiting sleep for success,
I want to scream,
but my throat already burns
and I donā€™t think screaming
will earn me extra cords
at graduation.
—  “Education” (19/365)

DOLL 365, 2017 - Day 41

Gremy and Gizmo got to hang out with Donnie, my miniature English cream doxie. He isn’t too pleased with his new friends…

Gremy is a Peak’s Woods Suntan Rabbit Goon
- Faceup: KyungMin Lee
- Wig: Monique Gold
- Eyes: Oscardoll
- Sweater: Poisonbleu
- Leggings: Dorset Clothing
- Shoes: Angell-Studio

Gremy is a Peak’s Woods Suntan Rabbit Goon
- Faceup: KyungMin Lee
- Wig: Monique Gold
- Eyes: Oscardoll
- Sweater: Allthatisdolly
- Pants: Angell-Studio
- Shoes: Angell-Studio