365 year 3

15 years

15 years. 15 long, joyful years. I remember the day it all started it. It was a christmas morning ,my family and I were opening christmas presents that my parents had gotten us. I had just finished opening up my duel disk, when i noticed a big box. I remembered that i told my godfather that i wanted a ps2, and must have console of the 2000s. I opened up the present, the ps2 that i wanted. I was so excited to play it. My mom then handed me two other presents. The first one was sly cooper, a game that i had played at a friends house before and had a lot of fun playing. The second one was kingdom hearts. At first i didnt know anything about the game except for the comercials going around. It didnt really seem so intresting and I didnt think i would ever play it. It was until my older sister started playing it. I started watching her play it, and it started to look intresting, something that i would enjoy. It wasn’t until it was my turn to play that I knew that would enjoy it. From the opening, to the animation, to the fight scenes, that this game was for me. Each day me and my sister would go back and forth playing kingdom hearts. At one point at the end of the game , I had to step out of the room because my sister called me bad luck. At the end , we both beat the game and then started playing chain of memories, and after that kingdom heart 2, and so on and so forth. Kingdom hearts been in my life for a long time. It made me laugh and cry. It was such an amazing journey, and I made so many friends who love kingdom hearts just as much as I do. So I just want to thank Tetsuya Nomura and the rest of the crew who have work so hard to give us such an amazing 15 years of kingdom hearts. I’ll will look forward to kingdom hearts 3 with intisapation .

naruto: hey gaara can you pick up some ramen from the store
gaara: *takes his hand off the door handle and turns around* naruto come here we need to talk about this
*both sitting at the dining room table*
gaara: ok, how many packs of ramen do you eat a day?
naruto: somewhere between 2 and 5
gaara: ok let’s round down to 3. there’s 365 days in a year, so 365 times 3, and you’re 20? so since you’ve been on your own since you were 5…let’s say 15 years.
naruto: *dragging his hands down his face while gaara scritches some math down on a piece of paper*
gaara: naruto. rounding down, that’s 20,000 packs of ramen.

We are here yet again. Years have passed since this journey has begun and I must say that I see myself as a whole new person already. I have gained, I have lost, and I have learned more about myself than I think I have in my whole entire life. With over 2,100 of you following me and helping to encourage me each day, I feel myself growing stronger and closer to my goal. I must give you my sincerest of thanks.

Today, Year 2, Day #365, the start of Year 3…

I am not yet JohnDave.