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Day 365/366 : Birthday Dinner by Hidehiko Sakashita


First and foremost, thank you to every single person who read my last blog post, who reached out to me, and who just thought or prayed about me. It takes a village to raise a child but that same village raises the mother too. I’ve got one heck of a village. All of your encouragement serious means the world to me. Life is a lot better now and it’s partially because of all of the wonderful people in my life. Thank you couldn’t be enough!! Special thanks to @bloggingforbabes
@szrrt @youremyfavoritecustomer and everyone else on tumblr who sent really encouraging words!

Okay back to our (usually) positive program.

Let’s talk tattoos. I love them. A lot. Seriously.

I remember being in elementary school drawing up the tattoos I wanted to get. I was the only kid I knew who ever thought of tattoos. I wanted beautiful butterflies and stars. I wanted to be absolutely covered at such a young age. No one around me really had tattoos. My mom has one small heart on her ankle but that was it. Tattoos just seemed natural to me. They just seemed like a set part of my adult life even in second grade.

Fast forward to my teenage years, I was OBSESSED with tattoos and really body modification in general. I got my nose pierced at 15 and started to stretch my ears at 16. I watched every show and documentary I could. I found the BME website and I would spend HOURS pouring over the information. I wanted to do suspension. I wanted to be covered in tattoos. I wasn’t afraid of any piercing (I’ve had 11 or so through out my life including my tongue web and through the tip of my nose). I loved it. I loved the history, I loved the culture, I loved the seemingly free spirits. I thought about all of the tattoos and modifications I wanted constantly.

Obviously my mom was worried. She was so afraid I would go to someone’s kitchen and get a tattoo behind her back and end up with some disease. Little did she know that BME had provided me with so much knowledge that the thought never crossed my mind because I knew and understood the risks. I was content to wait until I was 18 and legally able to go to a reputable shop. So being the wonderful mom she is, she decided to take me to get my first tattoo for my 17th birthday. Seriously, I need to write a post dedicated to my mom because she is mom goals.

Getting my first tattoo was such an amazing experience. I got a key blade on my hip, the top was an om sign (I was in my Buddhist/Hindu/super spiritual after freeing myself from Catholicism phase) and the actual key was a heart. To me it meant that I was always one to myself and my soul and to always find the love. Super deep for a 17 year old right?! The colors made it look like the key from Kingdom Hearts which wasn’t my intent and Wes still makes fun of it. Thankfully it was well done but I was ripped off. $150 for a MAYBE three inch tattoo. I felt so cool. I showed it off to everyone I could. I knew as soon as I felt the first touch of the needle I was HOOK. If pregnancy didn’t wreck this tattoo in the most hilarious ways I’d share a picture. I still love it so much.

But really my two favorites are my half sleeve (eventually a full one) and my forearm. They both hold the most meaning to me. I’m the proudest of them and they make me feel like fully myself.

My sleeve is for everyone important to me. I have a W for my glorious husband Wesley, a hummingbird and a G for my grandma, a heart with the quote “I carry you always” with an E for Elody, lots of flowers because I love them, and a floral skull because it was beautiful. I plan to add something for the other important people in my life as well. I’ve worked with one artist (Ricky Emerson at Reed'em and Weep in Amelia, Ohio) for all of it and no one else will work on it. The friendship I’ve developed with Ricky is just as special. He’s seen me through every stage of my adult life. I love that he gets to make my arm into art. We will be moving to D.C in a week and I can’t wait to go back to Ohio and add on.

My forearm tattoo is my newest, my most colorful, and the “coolest”. I went to Dallas to visit Elm Street Tattoos, Oliver Peck’s shop. He is obviously known for his traditional style and it’s amazing. I was star struck to even be there. Phillip LaRocca did the actual tattoo and he was kind, funny, slightly heavy handed, and great. My tattoo is nearly flawless.

The meaning behind “Lady Luck” is for my mom’s side of the family and my mom and I in general. We all have the Thorpe luck. If it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen to us. Good or bad. Whether or not it’s good luck or bad luck, we’ve got luck. I have a history of getting into situations and trouble that no one else gets into. I developed Swine flu on my 12 hour solo drive back to college but then a teacher just decided to pass me with an A because I missed almost 2 weeks of class and she felt bad. My cousin’s home was recently almost destroyed by a tornado. Her house is surrounded by HUGE trees and not one touched her home. Their cars were totaled but the house was fine. Their insurance went out of the way to provide more coverage, make sure every tree was cleared out and they will pay nothing out of pocket. I win things randomly, and I lose everything. Luck just happens. I love the Thorpe luck. Luck is really just grace, blessings, mercy, and lessons from God so I think I just love my relationship with God so much.

Another long story short:

I love my tattoos, they make me feel like who I am on the inside. I love the people I’ve met. I love going with friends when they get theirs and being a part of that story. Tattoos aren’t for everyone and they aren’t always the best thing in a professional regard but man, I love them. My husband has his car hobby and I have my tattoos. They make me, me.