365 sketchbook

Day 137

Drew some ukiyoe ladies today. The one on top is directly how the block appears, while the one on the bottom I took two figures and put them in a scene. I just really loved both the bottom figures. They were in the same block by Kunisado II but at opposite ends. The gesture of the lady holding the bowl was so simple but lovely, and I just liked that the standing woman was carrying both a fan and a sword. I want to know her story.

my inspiration has gone. I don’t know what I’m going to do in my life and what I’m doing now. I feel empty. I’m trying to think positively but it fails every evening. I don’t know what depression is but i hope it is not. 

16/365. Kaonashi from Spirited Away. One of my favorite characters. He just needed some love. Give him some love, people! 😁 Another piece of overwhelming colors. I used my whole color palette for this. Never again!!! Just kidding. Haha