365 sketchbook


day 35

day 35 was a little different. I have finally found a gold pen that has the level of opaque and shiny coverage that I wanted. which meant getting excited and retroactively adding gold touches to previous days. also, sorry for a lack of uploads, new job means not a lot of hours to draw or take photos.

Quick drawing of the night. Today I worked on 4 different drawings. I feel pretty inspired. Haven’t posted any of them because I want to post the final results. Last night I watched The Lost Boys for the 100th time because I love this movie so much!!! The first time I watched it I was 12 years old and I had this huge crush on Kiefer Sutherland. From then on I was always into the bad guys hahahha so here’s a piece from one of my favorite vampires.

my inspiration has gone. I don’t know what I’m going to do in my life and what I’m doing now. I feel empty. I’m trying to think positively but it fails every evening. I don’t know what depression is but i hope it is not. 

Long time don’t post anything! It’s getting really hard to keep up with so little free time. Anyways, I LOVE Junji Ito’s work so much! I’m not even a big fan of mangás or animes but, what Ito does with his drawings and stories is just something out of this world. (Also I’m a horror fan, so). This one was inspired by his Uzumaki piece. I do recommend everyone to check his works up! ➿ (I apologise in advance if I got the Japanese wrong. I’m not even close of being an expert on it).