365 series


1/ days of hobi

april wakes up to the sound of a plane overhead. groans and shoves the blankets aside. runs her fingers through the knots in her hair and gives up. walks down a dim hallway to the kitchen and turns on the coffee maker. on the table she finds a gift and a note: hey, you survived 24 years on this planet. i’m proud of you. only march would know exactly how to say happy birthday without saying it. only march would know exactly how she felt without her saying a word.


Your Daily Killian Pick-Me-Up ⚓ [Day 365]



I’ve now made a year’s worth of gifsets for this series and I just wanted to thank everybody who has shown their love and support for the Daily Pick-Me-Ups. This series wouldn’t have kept going without all of you. The messages and the tags showing love for the gifsets I make here , as well as the continuous reblogs and likes, are genuinely what keeps me doing this on a regular basis. Seeing that these Pick-Me-Ups are actually bringing a little spark of joy (or feels) to someone makes the whole thing worth it. I look forward to continuing making these for you all for as long as I can. Hope you enjoyed the first ‘year’ and enjoy the next just as much!

february hangs up the phone and lets out a breath. january lingers in the air all around her like he was just there. her brother. her twin. now on the other side of the world. maybe this is how forgiveness starts: a small tug of wanting to pull them just a little bit closer.