May 26 1966, Helena Bonham Carter was born. She is a british actress. Best known for her work with Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, she tends to play the role of creepy and/or evil woman. Some of the most popular films she acts in are Sweeney Todd, Alice in Wonderland (2010), Fight Club, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,  Corpse Bride (voiced), The Kings Speech, Harry Potter, Dark Shadows, Les Miserables, Cinderella (2015). She was married to Tim Burton for 13 years before divorcing.

I wish we could just fast forward
To when this will all make sense
One day we’ll wake up on a sleepy Sunday morning
I’ll make you scrambled eggs and coffee
And we’ll sit on my balcony and watch the birds
While trying to ignore our hangovers
We’ll talk about internet memes and song lyrics
And I’ll have my hand on your knee
Or you’ll lay your head in my lap
And I’ll spend twenty minutes straight
Just playing with your hair in the sun
One day, we’ll find our safe places within one another
You’ll fall asleep nestled into my shoulder
With a kiss on your forehead as you close your eyes
And we’ll look back at this together and smile
Because we’ll know that it all happened this way
For a reason
—  if i can turn every tear into a morning waking up in your arms it will have all been worth it a million times over
Trust has never come easily for me
I apologize if I’m skittish
You may have to remind me
Over and over
That you won’t run away
Tell me I’m beautiful a hundred thousand times
Or hold me in cars or parking lots or outside of front doors
For just a little longer than is standard
After all, each time I’m certain
That it’s the last time I’ll ever feel your arms
I have no sense of permanence
You could kiss me goodnight for years
And it would still surprise me every morning
To wake up beside you
I’ll never really believe in always
Not from someone else’s mouth
I’ve been told lies too many times
So I need you to be patient with me
Although it may take our entire lives
Someday I’ll stop hearing swan songs
Every time you say my name
—  you’re my forever but what if i’m not yours

Day 41 of 365 Days of Love! by NEW|photography
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Happy Tattoosday! We really wanted to go for a more intimate, sexy shot for this week’s Tattoosday. Pretty sure we pulled that off! I wanted to put the photo in black and white so that it symbolized use blending together. I think our tattoos, especially our sleeves, look really good together &lt;3 Love, Nikki &amp; Barry follow us on Tumblr too! <a href=“” rel=“nofollow”></a>



Today was bae’s birthday! But I wasn’t able to see him today so we’re gonna celebrate on Saturday. :-( I bought a cute cactus at uni today and at night went to see a theater production from my uni, Unmerciful Good Fortune. It was so good! Afterwards my friends and I went to eat late at night. It was a great day!

She was the kind of girl you never really knew completely, no matter how hard you tried. We talked for a few short moments, but I swear I could have known her for a century and would still have been soaking in questions. And it made my heart pulse faster. Her eyes were wide and brown like coffee with a splash of cream. Her smile bit into my lungs and her laugh tickled like a rain shower in July and I looked into the clouds and wished I had known her for just a minute more. Just a minute more and maybe another minute after that. She had a look in her heart that beat like a drum set covered in water; it rippled and the waves of her soul flooded into my arteries. She breathed slowly and cautiously, as if she hadn’t breathed the warm air in a while. My legs felt weak standing with her, you know that feeling? I wanted to know why love hadn’t fluttered her bones in a while. Why her lips looked soft and sad. Why she laughed at my silly little remarks in our short conversation. Why the illumination of her lit a fire in my skin. But there wasn’t enough time. There weren’t enough questions to ever really understand. So I smiled and she laughed and my lungs shook, as my soul questioned hers and we parted; my lips asking desperately any question they could gather.

“Brittany,” she said.



42/365 | Brittany

Feeling safe with you was always an alien concept
We were made of spiderweb fissures
Crumbled foundations and unstable floors
The bottom could drop out at any moment
And it did, once, for a time
It took weeks for us to climb out of the rubble
Afterward, we stood outside for a long while
Just staring at the destruction
I can’t remember who picked up the first brick
But although the rebuilding was slow
It was steady
And now we have walls again
A ceiling, a floor
Even breakable things like glass windows
The rain no longer falls onto us in the living room
And the cold winds are shut out
I’m supposed to feel warm here, now
I’m supposed to feel at home
But no matter how well you restore something
Old fractures still remain
So no matter how stable this house is
I will always step lightly here
I’ll open doors gently
Try not to make too much noise
This structure seems strong
But I’ve experienced the chaos of tumbling walls
And I’d rather play it safe
Than lose something this beautiful all over again
—  it’s just a matter of time

91/365Today was soooo fun! We had a nice breakfast at the hotel and then we took off to find a nearby beach! We got kind of lost at first so we decided to take another route and ended up at a really lovely beach! Then my mom, my bro and I decided to go to a cute cafe close by and we had some açai, a latte and a really awesome frappuccino! It was great. We then went shopping for a little and I found some awesome shoes and a cute black tote bag! When we left the hotel we stopped at my grandparent’s house on the way back to say hi. It was a great day.