365 movies challenge 2012


365 day movie challenge | 6. A Werewolf Boy (2012) ★★★★★

Werewolves are special predators, known for their remarkable persistence. They can survive without food for a long time and mate with just one partner for life.

After moving to the country to cope with illness, city girl Suni befriends a mute boy who appears to have literally been raised by wolves. But violent conflict brews when another man seeks Suni’s attention.

My thoughts; This movie literally broke me. It’s probably the most heart-wrenching Korean film I’ve seen since Heaven’s Postman and I don’t think I’ve ever cried so hard. I’d give it 30 stars if I could, it was completely perfect… and I think I’m just gonna go cry some more now.


33 - The Dark Knight Rises

I don’t know if being spoiled about some elements in the movie ruined the fun for me, but the thing is I didn’t enjoyed the movie as much as I thought I would.

I liked the movie, the story is a bit long to unfold but it’s only at the end that I understood why some scenes were needed, why it took so long. We had to see Bruce journey, which wasn’t an easy one after the events of ‘The Dark Knight’. He had to go through some stuff in order to be the right man.

Christian Bale delivers, a lot. I’m sad to know that it’s the last time we’ll see him playing Bruce Wayne/Batman. Because I loved what he did with the character, it could have been easy to play him the wrong way, especially with this movie, but he did a great job.

As Tom Hardy, playing Bane. You only see his eyes, and ear his voice yes, but he did so much with only that. And you see he’s not just muscles (the transformation is to be noted, Tom outdone himself), he’s a whole lot more, and that’s why he is so interesting as a villain. I hope that in his futures roles, he will land another villain.

Anne Hathaway, as Selina Kyle and Catwomen was magnificent. I don’t know the comics well so I’m not familiar with her background, something I wish we had more. I read that Christopher Nolan wouldn’t mind if someone took Selina for her own movie and I have to agree, Anne killed it, playing the multiples sides that Selina has.

As for Joe, I hadn’t realized how much I 'missed’ him in some way, I think the last movie I’ve seen him in and where he has one of the main part is 'Misterious skin’ or 'Brick’ I don’t remember, which was last year. I really loved his scenes, and his character, who, like Selina, has multiple faces, he is a law man, but he also thinks with his heart, I wish I could have more of him.

For Marion, I liked what she did, and I’ll not go into to much detail here, in order to not spoil anyone who hasn’t seen the movie yet.

I love Gary Oldman since the 'Fith element’ but I realize that I haven’t seen much of his work, a mistake I will soon correct, but I’m here to talk about Gordon here. I loved him too, you see the suffering of past events weigh on him, how much he sacrified for his job, and for his beliefs. But he’s not a man who sit on his ass, he’s a man of action, and Gary did, again, a wonderful job portraying him.

As for the other actors, it was fun noticing that I’ve all seen them in tv shows, it was like a big tv mash-up (I especially loved Christopher Judge appearance, Gater un jour Gater toujours !).

The music was spot on as always, again a very nice job by Mr Zimmer. As for the action, it starts slowly, which had me confused in the beginning but Christopher Nolan knows what he does, and wheter it’s one on one, or a large scale fight, he knows how to show it.

I’m going to come back to the story, even if I found it a bit slow, it infolded at the right rythm, at least for me. I surprised myself being anxious, or being horrified when I would realize something during the movie. And that’s not something that every director can make me feel.

To resume (I didn’t thought I would write that much, thanks if you got to the end), I liked the movie a lot, but some revelations spoiled the fun, and the excitation wasn’t there for me. Still it’s a great conclusion to Nolan’s trilogy, and now, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for him in a couple of years…

PS : I realized I forgot two characters that are not main characters, but still are pivotal in my opinion, Fox played by Morgan Freeman, and Alfred by Michael Caine. It was nice seeing them again two, as they are both actors that I lie a lot, and were also great in their respectives parts.