365 movie challenge


365 day movie challenge | 6. A Werewolf Boy (2012) ★★★★★

Werewolves are special predators, known for their remarkable persistence. They can survive without food for a long time and mate with just one partner for life.

After moving to the country to cope with illness, city girl Suni befriends a mute boy who appears to have literally been raised by wolves. But violent conflict brews when another man seeks Suni’s attention.

My thoughts; This movie literally broke me. It’s probably the most heart-wrenching Korean film I’ve seen since Heaven’s Postman and I don’t think I’ve ever cried so hard. I’d give it 30 stars if I could, it was completely perfect… and I think I’m just gonna go cry some more now.


365 day movie challenge | 4. Son of Rambow (2007) ★★★★☆

“Make believe, not war.”

The story takes place in 1980s Britain, where young Will Proudfoot is raised in isolation among The Brethren, a puritanical religious sect in which music and TV are strictly forbidden. When Will encounters his first movie, a pirated copy of Rambo: First Blood, his imagination is blown wide open. Now, Will sets out to join forces with the seemingly diabolical school bully, Lee Carter, to make their own action epic, devising wildly creative, on-the-fly stunts, not to mention equally elaborate schemes for creating a movie of total commitment and nonstop thrills while hiding out from The Brethren. When school popularity finally descends on Will and Lee in the form of, oui, the supercool French exchange student, their remarkable new friendship and precious film are pushed, quite literally, to the breaking point.

My thoughts; Totally adorable and something that has been on my list to watch for quite some time now. The plot is really quirky and cute and makes me wish I had a childhood like this. 


365 day movie challenge | 13. TiMER (2009) ★★★★★

“Do you think the TiMER actually works, or is it just a self-fulfilling prophecy?”

When implanted in a person’s wrist, a TiMER counts down to the day the wearer finds true love. But Oona O'Leary faces the rare dilemma of a blank TiMER. Her soul mate - whoever and wherever he is - has yet to have a TiMER implanted. Staring down the barrel of thirty and tired of waiting for her would-be life partner to get off the dime, Oona breaks her own rules and falls for Mikey, a charming and inappropriately young supermarket clerk with a countdown of four months.

My thoughts; God, this was adorable. I was inspired to watch it since I discovered that timer post going around was actually from a movie, and the movie turned out to be perfection. The ending hurt way too much, but it was so good!


365 day movie challenge | 28. Syrup (2013) ★★★★★

“…this leaves men confused and unable to pigeonhole you. What they are forced to do instead is take you seriously.

Based on the best-selling book, SYRUP is an edgy comedy that exposes the cut-throat world of advertising through the eyes of a young prodigy chasing fame, fortune, and the woman of his dreams. Fresh out of school with a degree in marketing, Scat will do anything to prove that he has what it takes to swim with the rich and wildly successful. Scat comes up with a brilliant new product that gives new meaning to the old saying “sex sells.” He is sure it will send him right to the top…if only he can convince his boss, the beautiful and mysterious “6,” that it’s an idea worth millions. Betrayed by his best friend “Sneaky Pete,” Scat stumbles through an industry riddled with deception. As he begins to realize that fame and fortune have cost him his morality, he must rediscover his true self behind the elaborate image he has created or risk losing the love of his life.

My thoughts; This movie was perfect! It was so funny in some places and really, really interesting to learn about the way an average person views advertising. Amber Heard was ridiculously sexy, and now one of my all-time favorite female characters in a movie ever. This is definitely worth a watch.

Snow White: A Tale of Terror (1997)
The classic story of Snow White, although based more on the Grimm Brothers’ version, this adaptation takes place at the time of the Crusades.
Staring: Sigourney Weaver, Sam Neill, Monica Keena, David Conrad
Directed by Michael Cohn
Genre: Fantasy/Horror
My opinion: Definitely not scary, first off. I watched this mainly because I remember seeing a version of Snow White when I was little that horrified me and gave me nightmares for weeks. This certainly wasn’t it. It wasn’t bad, necessarily, it just couldn’t hold my attention. I was on tumblr the entire time. Sigourney Weaver was sufficiently creepy, but I wouldn’t go so far as to use the words “terror” and “horror”. Snow White was just pathetic. I know that’s kind of how she’s supposed to be, but I guess I just got too used to the Once Upon A Time bad-ass version. Maybe that’s why I was never a fan of this fairy tale as a child. In general, I would not recommend this movie. I’m sure there’s something better you could be watching.