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“The rules of magic, my dear, are best not discussed. For once we understand the illusion, we no longer believe it.” by Lisa Epp

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Could I get some headcanons for the paladins and a s/o who's always folding origami? Just like, little stars and stuff to keep their hands busy. Thanks!

Ahhhh! I love this ask so much! I’m currently making a 365 lucky star jar for my best friend!I love how you make origami to keep yourself busy, it sounds so cool!!-Admin Coran, Have A Good Day!


  • She loves watching you fiddle with the colored paper she bought you across the the table.
  • Just peeking up from her more troublesome projects to see you working with what appears to be an effortless skill and your concreted look in your eyes make her smile.
  • Pidge will collect all of your origami, putting them in drawer or an origami box so she can just look at them.
  • Other times she loves to put her hand in the pile of your swans, lucky stars or hearts and just push it around. It really calms her down.
  • Buys you nice papers to give your creations a little extra pop.
  • Kinda hates it when you leave some scissors or scraps of paper but steals your forgotten trinkets to add to her hoard.
  • If you invite her to make some with you, Pidge will more than likely decline. She just can’t work with the paper well, it always ends up tearing or the measurements aren’t correct. Instead she’ll bring you over to her workspace so she can look more into her family’s whereabouts and keep her new family close by.


  • The most likely to stop everything and lay on the floor with you, creating origami boxes with a goofy smile as you two talk about your day and tell jokes.
  • The first moment he saw you place a pink lucky star down, he ran to your seat with wide, dreamy eyes. You could have sworn you saw stars somewhere in his warm, dark brown eyes.
  • He gushed about how amazing it was! How did you get it so perfect! And the crumples only make it even more perfect!
  • Hunk holds your work with only the softest of touches. Sometimes you can hear him coo to them, talking about how perfect they are since they had someone who puts so much love and effort into making them.
  • If Hunk were to ever accidentally tear or crush one of your creations, he would get so scared. Yeah, it’s just something you made to keep yourself busy but you made it. It was important to him, even if it wasn’t made for him.
  • Tries to hide it with the help of Lance, but eventually feels so guilt-ridden he confesses with downward casted eyes and a unnaturally solemn tone.
  • If you make him any origami, you can bet your bottom buck you’ll find them lined up in his room or even placed so carefully in the Yellow Lion, so he can feel like you’re still there with him, and you just placed them down a second ago.


  • He gets so distracted watching you fold lifeless paper into something so wonderful.
  • The most likely to make you a huge origami heart. Well, as big as he could. He gave it to you with a corny line along the lines of ‘Looks like you got my heart in the palm of your hands.’
  • If he wants attention, expect him to roll on the table or floor, crumpling your paper with big, fake watering eyes and a quivering bottom lip just to top the whole thing off.
  • He’ll try to keep himself busy also by folding origami like you do, and it works for a while, but he’ll get more bored than relaxed or calm.
  • Lance understands what it’s like to feel antsy, so he makes sure to keep some strips of paper on hand if you really need something to work on.
  • If you gift him an origami or two, wow, this boy will grin that blinding, pearly white grin. He would love to show it off, resting it on his shoulder or in his pocket, either way, just very visible. Gloating about his, yes, his S/O made him this.
  • Just loves to watch you work with a goofy little smile and heart eyes. 


  • He doesn’t really react to seeing you tirelessly work on multiple crafts, but he is very glad.
  • Keith remembers having Shiro teach him how to make the finger puppets and putting on shows for the family with Shiro. Keith also recalls the Lucky Star Jar they made together. “We a thousand so we can make a wish!” Keith lisped with a few teeth missing from his smile. He can’t if they ever did make a thousand.
  • Teaches you how to make some finger puppets too. Later, you two go around with puppets of everyone, giving them out with sweet smiles and hands clasped together.
  • The least likely make a big deal out of it, but Keith loves to make origami with you and Shiro, a smile ghosting his face of his two people being together with him. Keith also loves to keep his moving, and origami just seems right for him.
  • If you give him a little thing you made, he’ll smile and give a small thanks. But if it has anything that associates with love or romance…ho boy
  • Will break out in a deep blush, and can’t stop smiling.
  • Keith will keep it in a secret place in his room. It’s important to him.


  • Is so happy!! Shiro remembers how his grandparents would laugh with him at the dinning table, showing him how to make lucky stars, then showing Keith.
  • Loves to make them with you, trying his best to make time between the Paladins and you.
  • Will buy the best everything! Only the most flexible paper in yours and his favourite patterns, the sharpest scissors, and, the best food!
  • But if you really just want to make some origami without all the fancy add-ons, Shiro will completely understand.
  • Origami time usually also means silent time. He loves to work alongside you, tucking and folding the paper here and there, simply feeling and knowing you’re near.
  • So happy if you give some of your origami to him. Wrapping his arms around you and thanking you multiple times.
  • Loves to put them on his shelves if he has any, keeping one open for yours and his creations.

5/100 | January 10 2016 | Tips

Tweaked my routines from last year to include parts of my new resolutions in! I honestly LOVE playing with routines and reading about how others like to structure their days. PLEASE, I’d love to hear about the routines of other studyblr, especially morning risers cause I’m one too! Send some in or include it when you reblog, I always read the comments on my reblogs! There are days I don’t follow this, but when I do - god do I love myself for it.

Also, this post is in a different format cause my laptop hasn’t been working for a while and I needed to do this through my phone (I kind of like it, little less obnoxious right?).


  1. Wake Up (6:30 am + Weekends)
  2. Make Bed
  3. Drink Water x 1 Glass
  4. Surya Namaskaras (Yoga) x 10 mins
  5. Exercise x 15 mins (3 days x 30 mins)
  6. Shower / Wash Face
  7. Moisturize Body + Lips
  8. Get Dressed
  9. Read News / TED / Podcasts (while doing below)
  10. Apply Make-Up
  11. Do Hair
  12. Make / Eat Breakfast (banana smoothie, cereal, oatmeal, etc)
  13. Take Vitamins and Omega 3’s
  14. Take Apple Cider Vinegar x 1 Tbsp
  15. Pack Bag
  16. Dental Hygiene (Brush / Mouthwash)
  17. 15-Mins Pick Up (Tidy Up)
  18. Check Necessities
  19. Leave House


  1. Prepare Lunch / Dinner (If Needed)
  2. Wash Dishes
  3. Refill Water Bottles
  4. Pack Bag
  5. 15-Mins Pick Up
  6. 10-Mins Reply to Overseas Friends / Family
  7. Remove Make-Up
  8. Shower / Exfoliate Face
  9. Dental Hygiene (Brush / Floss / Mouthwash)
  10. Brush Hair + Braid
  11. Moisturize Body + Lips
  12. Skim / Update Calendar and Tasks
  13. Update Money / Budget Tracker
  14. Charge Devices (Phone, Laptop, iPad, Portable Charger, Cameras (If Needed))
  15. Take Medications
  16. Write for Gratitude Jar
  17. 365 Journal
  18. Read / YouTube / Learn x 20 mins


  1. Prepare 30-50% of Meals for Week
  2. Perform 30 mins Medium-Clean (Bathroom, Kitchen)
  3. Check Expired Food
  4. Back-Up Files on External Hard Drive
  5. Clean Up Junk on iPad, iPhone and Laptop Files + Photos
  6. Create Rough Plan for Week (Experiments, Events)
  7. Pay Bills / Update Money Tracker
  8. Clean and Organise Inbox to Below 10
  9. Clean Ears


  1. Wash Hair x 2/Week
  2. Shave x 1/Week
  3. Check Weight x 2/Week
  4. Take Out Trash
  5. Add Items to Shopping List


  1. Perform Deep Clean of Bathroom / Kitchen x 1/Month
  2. Review Spending / Print Analysis / Adjust Budget
  3. Vacuum x 2/Month
  4. Update (Critical) Life Binder
  5. Add to Period Tracker
  6. Do Laundry x 2/Month
  7. Grocery Shop 1/3Weeks
  8. Charity Work x 1/Month
  9. Connect With Extended Family x 2/Month


  1. Doctor’s General Check-Up x 1/Year
  2. Dentist’s General Clean x 2/Year
  3. Get Eyebrows Done x 4/Year
  4. Purge and Reorganize x 4/Year

So my sisters friend has been calling her all day asking her random questions like “favourite colour? favourite chocolates? what are things you really want to do/achieve in 2017?” etc etc.
We were all very ???? about the whole situation but just ignored it.
Fast forward to 5:30pm and my sisters friend drops this off at our door. Its a late Christmas present for my sister whose been feeling rather down recently with school and relationships.
Inside the package is;
A hot chocolate scented candle
A box of Favourites chocolates
And a jar of 365 cute little notes (one for each day of 2017) which are colour coded to what my sister wants to read.
The categories range from “cute quotes + lyrics” to “things we have to do/bucket list” and “reasons why I love you.” 
I honestly think that this is the cutest thing ever and tbh I aspire to be this kind of friend. 

You’re My Hero. A Daddy!Dan Howell One Shot.

Dan was only twenty when his girlfriend told him he was gonna be a dad. At first he was completely terrified but when baby Howell was born he couldn’t have been happier. He never knew it was possible to love someone so much, but when he looked at his baby girl’s face he felt his heart explode with love. Each day he falls more in love with the little girl he helped create. She had has his curly brown hair, his chocolate eyes, she even had his dimples, but she was the complete opposite of his personality. From a young age Jennifer was bursting with life, always had a smile on her face. She was the light of his life.

When Jennifer was three years old her mom, Christy broke things off with Dan. She claimed she wanted a future that didn’t involve youtube paying their bills. She agreed to a joint custody, and wished him well with his life. Dan got to see his daughter for two weeks out of each month, Christmas eve, the day before her birthday, the day after his birthday, and father’s day. Today was father’s day and Dan was waiting for Christy to drop of Jenny for the night, trying to stay busy by editing a video.

It had been nearly two months since he last saw his daughter. She spent the night with him the day before he left to America for his live show tour. He came so close to canceling at the sight of crying for him as he went to board his plane. It broke his heart. Twice he’s almost flown home after she called him in tears because she missed him. It took a lot of convincing before his ex agreed to fly out so he can spend father’s day with her.

He was nearly done with editing when a knock at the hotel door had him jumping off the bed and lunging for the door. “Daddy!!” As soon as he opened the door Jenny had her little arms wrapped around Dan’s legs. “Hey princess,” Dan leaned down and picked her up. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek. “I missed you daddy.” Dan smiled at her while taking her bag from her mom. “I missed you too princess, so so much.” He looked at his ex with a smile. “Thank you Christy, this means a lot to me.” She nodded and kissed Jenny on the cheek. “I’m staying two floors down if you need anything. Have fun Dan and happy father’s day.”

After Dan had put Jenny’s stuff away and called Phil, who was at the pool, they went to the dinner across the street. “Daddy can I have milk shake?” She looked up at him with a pleading look, knowing it was Dan’s weakness. “Of course princess. Chocolate?” She nodded happily and told Dan what she wanted to eat. “So Dan what do you and Jenny have planned for the day?” Phil smiled at his bestfriend and his daughter, who were drawing on the kids menu with the crayons that the waitress gave her. “I think we might just stay in the room and watch some movies. Would you like to join us?” Phil happily nodded and joined in on their coloring.

Once their food was finished they went to a store to pick up a few snacks. “Daddy can you get me some cheetos?” Dan nodded and turned to look for the chips, missing his daughter and best friend sneak away from his side. They quickly dashed down another aisle and hid from his sight. When he went looking for them they made a bee line for the object that Jenny wanted to buy. Phil went to pay for it while Jenny ran over to her dad and wrapped her arms around his legs. “Where did you and uncle Phil go to?” Jenny lied and told him she and Phil were looking for candy.

Dan paid for everything and the all headed back to the hotel. Phil and Jenny picked a movie, more than likely they picked A Bug’s Life, while Dan set up the snacks. He laid on his bed and patted the spot next to him for his daughter to lay. She jumped on the bed and crawled to Dan, she sat on his lap and laid back on him. Placing her hand behind her head she looked up him and smiled. “Comfortable?” Dan smiled down at her, laughing when she nodded her head. Phil laid on the other side of the bed and pressed play after shutting off the lights.

Four movies later all the snacks were gone, Phil was falling asleep, and Jenny was fighting to keep her eyes open. “Time for bed princess.” She was so tired she just nodded her head climbed off of Dan to get her pajamas. Dan helped her change before changing into his own pjs. When he came back from the bathroom Jenny was under the blankets falling asleep. Dan turned off the movie and woke Phil so he can change for bed, then he climbed in next to Jenny. “Goodnight princess.” She opened her eyes and sat up. “I almost forgot daddy.” She climbed out of bed and walked to her suitcase. She pulled out a gift bag and walked over to Dan, handing it to him “Happy father’s day daddy.“Dan sat up and pulled out its contents, one by one.

First thing was a hand made picture frame, it was made of popsicle sticks and cardboard. Written on the frame was "Me and Daddy”, and it had a picture of Dan with cake all over his face kissing Jenny on the cheek. It was taken last year for his birthday, she smashed a piece of cake onto his face after singing happy birthday to him. Second was a small stuffed llama that had a heart on it’s side. Third was a jar filled with small paper stars and a note stuck to it. He opened the note and read it out loud.

“In this jar is 365 stars. Each star has a reason why I love my daddy. Pick one a day and read it. Love Baby Howell Is Not On Fire.” He smiled at her. “Go ahead daddy, pick a star.” He nodded and opened the jar, reaching in he pulled out one of the stars and opened it. After a second he was able to read the words. “No matter what you are always there, when I hurt my knee, when I was scared of the monster under the bed, and when I needed cuddles cause I was sick. No one is better than my daddy, you’re my hero. I love you daddy, from here to Pluto. (which is a planet)” Dan chuckled at the end before placing the star back in the jar and closing it. He leaned over to his daughter and lifted her on to his lap. “You’re my hero princess and I’ll always be there no matter what. You can count on that. I love you.” He gave her a kiss and hugged her close. The gifts forgotten as she clung to him. “I love you too daddy.

365 Days of Your Love.

It hadn’t even been 24 hours since Aaron had left my apartment and I was already missing him insanely. I didn’t have much to occupy my time since I didn’t have to go to work the next few days so instead I just found myself falling in and out of sleep, eating a ton of ice cream and staring at goofy pictures of the two of us we had taken before his departure.

He would be gone for at least the next week and I wasn’t ready for us to separate for such a long time just yet. I guess I should have been used to it by now considering we had been dating for three years now but it never got any easier. Each and every time I found myself like this.

We’d talk on the phone and he’d sometime FaceTime me but that was never enough for me. I practically begged him to stay on the phone so long, he’d end up falling asleep with me on the phone. It seemed he never complained about me keeping him up to the point I’d have to listen to his snoring for 30 minutes until I could wake him up enough to say I love you and hang up. I never minded.

Once the clock read 6:00 p.m., I nearly jumped out of my seat. He told me he’d be free to talk around that time and I was eagerly watching the clock to call him for the first time today. I grabbed for my phone and immediately went to my recent contacts, knowing he’d be right at the top. I hit the button to call and listened anxiously as the phone began to ring.

I hoped to myself that I hadn’t called a few minutes too early and that he wasn’t yet free but the break in the sound of ringing soothed my worries.

“Hey baby,” I immediately smiled hearing the sound of his voice, though somewhat groggy. Maybe I had awakened him.

“Were you sleep? I hope I didn’t wake you.” I bit my lip, waiting for confirmation that I hadn’t ruined his sleep.

“No, you’re fine. I told you to call and you’re right on time for your surprise.”

My ears perked at the mention of a surprise. “What surprise? That you’re actually not out of town?” I knew that wasn’t likely but I had to ask.

His familiar warm laugh echoed through the receiver. “No, Y/N. Not that. Go to the bathroom in the guest room.”

“What for?” I was still confused what was going on and the mention of a bathroom didn’t help clear up anything.

“Just go to the bathroom and tell me when you’re there,” he insisted. I took his direction and headed up the steps and to the guest bedroom, nearly speed walking into the bathroom. “Okay, I’m here.”

“Now look under the sink.” I kept my phone tucked tightly between my shoulder and cheek as I squatted down, opening the cabinet under the sink. I spotted the normal things: tissue, lotions, soaps and a variety of other bathroom items.

“I’m confused. I don’t see anything.” I sat on the floor now, peering over the items while I could hear Aaron chuckling, thinking he was clever.

“Move some things around, babe.” I took my hand and dragged a few things to the side. I was still confused until I noticed a large jar lying down in the corner. I quickly pulled it out and noticed variously colored pieces of paper. “What is this?” I questioned curiously.

“Read the instructions on the front.” You would think Aaron was standing right in front of me with how he was able to predict what my next move should be and what I had yet to do. I rotated the large jar in my hand and noticed the piece of paper glued on the front.

It was labeled as a “365 Note Jar” with directions, rules and a key section to let me know what was inside.

“I added in a few extra notes for you so you can take out five now but from this day forward, it’s one a day and I really do mean no cheating Y/N.”

I nearly wanted to break down in tears but I was sure I’d want to save them until I actually opened the jar. I sat it down on the floor and desperately pried it open, setting my phone down on my thigh and putting it on speaker so I could hear Aaron if he spoke.

I immediately reached for a pink note first, eager to see what was on it. “You wrote all of these?” I questioned in surprise. No way had he found the time to write 365 notes.

“I did. You’d be amazed what I can do creatively while on a flight. It did take me a few weeks but I finally finished and yes, they’re handwritten.” Just the thought alone was romantic.

The paper in my hand was quickly unfolded as I read it aloud.

“I love how you cheer me up after a rough game no matter how tired you may be from your day.” I took no time to drop that note to the floor and reach for another and continued reading out loud.

“Remember when I got food poisoning and you were forced to eat oatmeal for the next week with me?” I immediately burst into laughter at the memory. It had been a rough week and a half when Aaron got sick with food poisoning. I was forced to play nurse to get him back to health and with that came the torture of eating oatmeal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for days with him as the smell of or sight of any other food made him vomit. “That was a terrible week for me too. I’ll never be able to eat oatmeal again.”

I grabbed for a white note now as it was the only color I hadn’t opened. “We’re going to Disney World at some point this summer,” the note said.

“You have to say it with excitement!” he insisted. “Like they do on those commercials. ‘We’re going to Disney World!!!’” he mocked, causing me to laugh at his silliness. “Okay, you got two more.”

I grabbed for a purple note this time. “Remember when I threw you that surprise party and we ended up locked away in the bathroom, having sex the entire time?” I held my face in embarrassment just thinking about it though it was surely a great night. How we had managed to sneak away from our friends, I wasn’t sure. “We couldn’t keep our hands off of each other. It was ridiculous.”

I reluctantly reached for the last note I could grab until tomorrow morning. I couldn’t imagine waiting that long because right now all I wanted to do was plow through every single one of the remaining pieces of paper. But I’d attempt to play fair.

“Last one. I love how you start off every morning by sending me an encouraging message. I’ve saved them all.” That came as a surprise as I thought of Aaron taking the time each day to save my texts. “Wait, you do?”

“Maybe all is an exaggeration,” he chuckled. “But I write down the sweet ones in a notebook I take with me when we go away. I don’t know. It keeps my spirits up.” And now I could feel the tears splashing onto my shirt.

“This is the most amazing gift ever,” I said between cries.

“Ha, I’m glad you like it. It’s just a little something to show what you mean to me. I want you to realize that I appreciate the littlest things about you and I notice it all. I love you, Y/N and I think about you all of the time, 24/7, 365 days of the year.”


“Dear Brianna the Beautiful

This is the 365 jar. Inside are 365 pieces of paper. One for each day of the year. Put it in your room & take one out every morning. This is for you, my best friend.
Love, Karah ❤️

Blue pen - quotes
Black pen - memories
Red pen- reasons why I love you”

My best friend ( fixmyh34rt ) gave me this to kick off the new year and I just had to share it with you guys because it’s the sweetest thing ever.