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Amtrak / CN - Toronto, ONT by d.w.davidson
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Amtrak Train No. 365, the International, with a CN freight at Toronto, in August 1997.

Recognizing the Inferior Function in ESxP

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(excerpts from Was That Really Me? by Naomi Quenk)

Dominant and Inferior Expressions of Introverted Intuition:


  • Intellectual clarity
  • Accurate interpretation of perceptions
  • Visionary insight


  • Internal confusion
  • Inappropriate attribution of meaning
  • Grandiose vision

The Form of the Inferior Function

Both ESTPs and ESFPs typically become quieter and more thoughtful when they are in the grip, and this may either precede or alternate with becoming more emotional and/or easily angered. As was the case for Extraverted Feeling types, no positive or negative value seems to be placed on this more introspective stance. Many Extraverted Sensing types who describe becoming “more introverted” convey a sense of wonder and surprise at this change from their usual way of being.

One early sign of an impending inferior function episode is a loss of the easygoing, agreeable character of the Extraverted Sensing type. Although becoming quiet and withdrawn is by far the most frequently mentioned effect, irritability and negativity are also frequently reported. No longer are sensory data accepted indiscriminately at face value. ESTPs and ESFPs often withdraw into themselves, appear to lose contact with their habitual optimism, and appear tired and worried. An ESFP remarked, “I gradually take on too much work and too many responsibilities, then I become overpowered with negative thoughts and become very quiet and sad.”

An ESTP noted, “I start to feel that things are overwhelming, then I let them accumulate, and then I lose all motivation.” Another ESTP said he becomes “quiet and reserved and withdraws from people.” An ESFP said, "I become more contemplative, less talkative, and I’m seen by others as a serious, withdrawn person. This is not my usual self.” “I feel like I have to get control of the situation,” said an ESTP. “I avoid other people, feel guilty about it, and try to speed up everything I do.” As their hold on their dominant and auxiliary functions further diminishes, the qualities of inferior Introverted Intuition manifest in internal confusion, inappropriate attribution of meaning, and grandiose visions.

For ESTPs, tertiary Feeling aids and abets inferior Intuition in the form of imagined personal slights that are incorporated into an elaborate “theory” that proves that others are rejecting them. ESFPs use their tertiary Thinking to come up with cold “logic” to support their theory that others see the ESFP as immature or incompetent.

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Amtrak, International by jawenzel
Via Flickr:
The Amtrak International, train 365 at Kalamazoo, Michigan. The snow is lake effect snow, off of Lake Michigan. I have a friend that is a ticket agent for Amtak at that station.