365 experiment


Second day of the year. I am so happy that I was able to spend it with M.

I was actually goofing him that I would be needing his help in surprising someone I like so we would need to meet. So, we ate first at Adobo Express in Gateway because he likes Adobo. Haha. Then I revealed that half of what I said was a lie:

1) It’s a lie that I would be surprising someone else that I like
2) It’s the truth that I would be surprising someone I like, and that is him

So, I revealed to him two tickets for Le Grand Cirque at SM Araneta. We watched it and honestly, I love watching him watch the acts instead of actually watching the acts. Haha.

Then we went to Warrior Art Poet Cafe at Cubao Expo to grab some coffee and trade films. Made him copy some of the films I love as well including Ang Nawawala, my all-time favorite.

Then I went to grab some beer as we brainstorm for an upcoming short film that we would be making. We are hoping to make it through Cinemalaya. Dream big. We can do this.

my 2017 resolutions are as follows:

i know i am healthier when i am on a routine, so actually getting myself into a schedule will force me to be healthier (same wake up time, scheduling meals, cleaning/workout routine schedule). it’s boring but sometimes being boring is hugging yourself 

try to cook one new thing a week 

reward myself once a month with a new experience 

365 days of filming/writing/standup

take NO shit

finish school

get a full time job


I woke up at around lunch time so my tummy was already asking for food. Haha. Sobrang baboy. Anyway. So, after prepping, I already went down and ate at the nearby karinderya. And as usual, my favorite hotdog and luncheon meat! Haha.

And then after that, since I have a lot of work shit to do, I already went to Tipsy Bean - it is a pretty chill coffee place with fast wifi and working electricity sockets and cheaper coffee and nice chill music here in Mandaluyong, in front of California Garden Square. Anyway, I spent around 6 hours there just finishing my decks. Haha.

And then Cha told me to join her and Patrick at SM Megamall. I missed those two so I hurriedly went there. We were supposed to watch in the cinema but wr just decided to walk around the mall and be crazy talking about stuff. Haha.

We went to Cha’s office after where we just smoked. There was sadness in the air with the news they told me. To be honest, I felt a huge punch in the chest after hearing that. I love them so much that I couldn’t make them see how sad I am with the news. So, I just shifted myself to kinda become perky and light. But fuck yeah. I hope that there is something else, right? It’s sad.


Fuck, I am barely doing my daily diary post shit. Hahaha. Anyway, first day of work. Fuck again.

This day has been really busy. Not to mention that I have 200 emails to read and check and that ¾ of them are addressed to me. Oh well papel.

And today is miss E’s birthday! I love her like a grandma! I guess everyone in the office love her for her very warm and motherly figure! So, we surprised her today with a birthday cake and some simple handa! Hihi.

I know that the whole week will be a really crazy ride so I decided to catch up with the MMFF films today. My officemates told me to join them Vince and Kath and James and I did. I thought at first that it would be a pretty shitty film but oh no, the main actor is really great and I was overdosed with kilig and laughter and tears from time to time while watching the film! We finished at around 9:00 P.M.

My officemates were already leaving the cinema house when I decided to watch Seklusyon for the last film showing. M has been giving a really good review about it. So, I watched it alone as I hope that I would not be too scared. The film is good with its brave concept and creepy feels. I just hope that the actors acted better. Just my two cents, guys.

And that wraps up my day!


Le Grand Cirque

So, papa requested if we could watch Le Grand Cirque, because he was so curious about it, earlier this afternoon. Fair enough, I had enough time to turn some tables so I said yes and we went there together with my cousin. Papa has always been a fan of Cirque du Soleil so I think making him watch something like that live would really make him happy. With all haste, he started prepping when I said yes. Even though I was drunk and sleepless yet. Haha.

At around 7 in the evening, the show started. It awed us with astonishing performances - some even made me hold my dad’s arm because I was too nervous with the performances. The show really has a huge opportunity to be the next Cirque du Soleil.

And I have just realized as well, we Filipinos can pull something like that, or even better, based on the different Filipino talents I have been seeing on different shows. Actually, it made me crave to do something like that but more inclined to the fusion of different multimedia arts - like it’s one whole narrative with different forms of storyrtelling seamlessly weaved from one performance to another.

Going back, my dad was so happy. It was also his first time to be at Araneta Coliseum. The show ended at 9 with a fireworks display outside the venue.

Indeed, it’s a great way to start #Laban2017! To more stories and adventures ahead!


Friday, finally! I am too excited for this day because I would be seeing M again, and Mich and I would be seeing each other as well. Hoooray!

So, to save myself from the fucking Friday rush hour especially that I would br travelling from Makati to Cubao, Mich suggested that I try Angkas. Angkas is like your GrabBike where you would be booking a motorcycle to take you to your destination. And voila, for just 140php, I reached Cubao in just 45minutes or less. Plus, it was a nice first time experience to ride the motorcycle and swing left and right from the buses and other vehicles along EDSA.

Mich and I ate dinner at my favorite Korean King! And yes, with my favorite rice burger. M followed so the three of us started drinking beer. Chitchats, and then we played our favorite drinking games category and fast questions, and more chitchats, M became so drunk. Haha.

After the session, M, Mich and I grabbed something to eat at 7-Eleven. Then, M and I finally went home to sleep and cuddle at my condo. A really good Friday night, indeed!


Okay, naghahabol pa rin sa daily post. Anyway, today has been a really busy day. Well, as usual. Mga tipong I just stayed for 10 minutes in the office and then I was already hopping from one meeting to another from Manila to Makati to BGC. Haha. Life.

But good thing, there was a lot of food! Haha. Goodbye diet.

So, the lunch meeting with DOT was at Diamond Hotel. The place sure is classy. I ordered a sausage meal - which I usually order when I eat at high-end places thanks to work. Haha. My officemates also made me finish their margarine-load ensaymada and clubhouse sandwich. Full packed, bros.

And then, the evening meeting at BGC for Fusion was at Conti’s. I was surprised that the whole Fusion team was there - from staging to program. I ate meatballs pasta because I was kinda craving for it. My officemates also ordered other kinds of pasta, and as usual, they made me finish it as well. Oh well. Masarap naman at libre, so mas masarap. Haha.

Goodbye, diet.