365 days of watching movies project


I was walking behind everybody feeling quite miserable when I suddenly realized where I am. I dreamt of this place before. I dreamt of me living in this building. I dreamt of this place twice even though I have never been here. My heart started to beat very fast. I couldn’t take a picture (this one is taken before it happened), I couldn’t do anything but look around and watch my dreams unfold, overlapping reality. Then, all the other people were quite in front so I quickly went after them so I don’t get left behind. And that’s it. No big revelation. No movie-like flashbacks. Just memories of dreams and dreams of other lives. 


[Ereri 365 Project] Day 299 : Phone (Teacher/Student AU)

Levi is nervous when he hands his phone over to Eren.

He only gets to hear half the conversation, of course, so he can really only imagine what kinds of things his mother might have said, but given Eren’s side she couldn’t have said anything bad.

“Afternoon, Mrs. Ackerman.”

“Very well, thank you. How’re you?”

There’s a longer pause this time and Eren grins, chuckling. “That’s very flattering, ma’am, thank you.”

“Well after this we were going to have lunch out and maybe go to the movie store for something to watch later.”

“Of course.”

Levi cocks an eyebrow when Eren’s face goes red. “Oh no, it’s nothing like that, I promise. I don’t make that much mo –“

“No, I’m not.”

“Well –“

“Yes ma’am.”

A longer pause. “What do we talk about?”

“All kinds of things, you know: he found my collection of movie adaptations of Shakespeare one day so we spent a day watching those and discussing, sometimes he asks me help him study, umm… sometimes we watch tv together or he comes jogging with me. Normal things, I guess.”

“Well I was an English Lit major in college.”

“I’d like to, but getting a master’s degree is expensive, let alone a doctorate.”

Eren laughs. “Oh, yeah, I feel that.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“It was nice talking to you too.”

Suddenly Eren is holding the phone out to Levi again. He takes it. “Hey.”

“You would find someone with a degree in Literature.”

Levi makes a face. “Whatever, Mom.”

“He sounds sensible,” she says. “So I feel a little bit better now.”

Levi didn’t realize until the bubble of anxiety in his chest deflated, how big it was. “Good.”

“Okay, I’ll let you two go have lunch now.”

“Thanks, Mom.”

“Bye sweetie.”


He hangs up and sits his phone on the table. He looks immediately at Eren. “What did she ask you?”

Eren shrugs, looking away sort of nervously. “Normal, mom things, I think.”

“Eren,” Levi says warningly.

Eren looks at him. “She asked if I was your sugar daddy.”

Levi blinks at him. “Seriously?”


Levi face palms. “What twenty-six year old makes enough money to be anyone’s sugar daddy?”

Eren shrugs, pulling Levi over and onto his lap. “I did accidentally lie to her though.”

Levi cocks an eyebrow at him. “You bad, bad boy.”

Eren chuckles and pulls Levi’s scarf off, kissing his neck. “After lunch, I don’t think I want to go to the movie store.”

Levi smirks, nuzzling near Eren’s ear. “Oh? What do you want to do instead?”

Eren slides his hands up Levi’s shirt. “You know exactly what I want to do.”

Levi kisses the tip of Eren’s nose and moves off the elder’s lap swiftly. “C’mon then, let’s go eat so we can hurry back.”

Eren frowns. “You’re so mean, I wanted an appetizer.”

“We both know how quickly appetizers turn into meals, Mr. Jaeger.”

Eren gets up. “It’s starting to weird me out when you call me that.”

“Good,” Levi says, tossing Eren his keys. “Now let’s go.”