365 days of self portraits


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Day 5/365: January 5th 2017 | Self Portraits

Finally took self portraits in my home studio today but they didn’t make me that happy *insert heavy sobbing*. The entire process stressed the fuck out of me and the results were so mediocre. I was kind of in a weird mood all day because I DIDN’T LIKE THESE PHOTOS (I still don’t like them!!! UGHHHHH)!!!!!!!! RIP :’(


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Soooo, here’s day 34 of 365! I wanted to draw my pearlsona, but I had this comic to do, so I combined them! I tried out this style again, because I thought that it fit with the feel that I wanted and I love it!

Hey @bella-aubrie I drew a digital version!!!

Art by @msdanig-gem
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Last year my friend Jessica shared a couple videos she had made with the help of a little app called 1 Second Everyday. As someone who’s brain thinks almost exclusively in still photography, I thought it looked like fun and figured I’d give it a shot. 365+ days later I managed to document almost every single day from April 2014 to April 2015.

I’m not new to yearly documentary projects, but I feel like I always manage to complete one during a period in my life that seems the most important to capture. The last being my 365 Project in 2009, where I shot a self portrait every day for a year - and it just so happened to be the year I graduated college, moved to Los Angeles, and began my career as a professional photographer. 

This year maybe wasn’t so important monumentally, but it was a significant year for me personally. I traveled more than I ever have, but as much as I always knew I wanted to. By doing so I met new people, experienced new places in the world, and learned and grew by leaps and bounds. I was very busy, but also spent quite a lot of time to myself and by myself.  

Between April 2014 and April 2015 I traveled from California to Oregon, Washington, Germany, Denmark, Lisbon and Iceland. I cut my long hairs off. I said goodbye to both of my childhood homes. I went to festivals, celebrated holidays, hung out with my dog, saw all my friends, and lucky for me it’s now compiled into one wonderful little movie.

I won’t call it “THE BEST YEAR EVER OMG,” but it was a pretty great one. I had my ups and surely my downs, and that’s the thing about a full year - you can take a step back and appreciate it as a whole. The good wouldn’t have been so good without the bad. I am thankful for it all, and clearly, a big fan of Memory Lane.