365 days of school challenge

I am tired –
tired of pouring cup after cup
of caffeine down my throat,
swallowing productivity
one scorching mouthful at a time.

Forfeiting sleep for success,
I want to scream,
but my throat already burns
and I don’t think screaming
will earn me extra cords
at graduation.
—  “Education” (19/365)

Three girls:

The first, a scholar
With bright eyes
Wearing shy smirks and loose shirts,
Writing in five different journals at once,
Each entry more hasty than the last.
She is too busy,
Too distracted,
To ever finish anything.

The second, an athlete
With strong thighs
Wearing worn shoes and old sweats,
Worshiping pain and pace and progress,
Each footstep more fatigued than the last.
She is too driven,
Too focused,
To ever forget her failures.

The third, a patient
With weak drive,
Wearing deep scowls and furrowed brows,
Wishing herself away in more ways than one,
Each sentence more clenched than the last.
She is too fickle,
Too unsettled,
To ever be recovered.

—  “Versions of Her” (47/365)