365 days of film


Day: October 22, 2017

FIlm: The Phantom Of The Opera (2004)

Directed By: Joel Schumacher

Featuring: Gerard Butler,  Emmy Rossum,  Patrick Wilson

I wish I wasn't 10 years old when this film came out. Is it reasonable to invent a time machine just to go back and view films on the big screen when the first came out? if the director's name sounds familiar its because he is one of the people responsible for one of the worst famous Batman films Batman and Robin from 1997. 

The visuals are absolutely stunning. Costumes are glamours and the songs are so catchy and beautifully done. Plus the set design just blows me away every time I see this film. You could make a drinking game out of the dutch tilts in this film. They are used often. Dutch tilts are when the camera fame is not level with the ground. They are often used to emphasise psychological uneasiness. The Phantom (Gerard Butler) is usually the subject of this framing style.

Some of my favourite shots are actually the inserts or the ones featuring the extras and bit players. They are these little 2-3 second shots of cast members often doing something hilarious or reacting to something. My favourite is when the elephant turns around to reveal some drinking stagehands inside. They make the story richer. Plus their facial expressions often are in alignment with the viewers. You feel less alone, mimicking the experience you would have if you saw the musical this film is based on.

The film on its own holds up well against its Broadway origins. I highly recommend seeing it live or finding a live version to watch. 

8 out of 10 people think Gerard Butler should do more singing.


Coast to coast, LA to Chicago, western male
Across the north and south, to Key Largo, love for sale

No need to ask, he’s a crane operatooor
Crane operator, Craneeee operator
Craaaneeee operatooor

3 Sixty 5 Photography: 040 Giant Sequoias. Yosemite.

“When we’re standing at the fork in the road, what’s important to grasp is that the road doesn’t matter. Whether the one less traveled or the one well-trodden, there’s no way to really know what kind of journey we’re choosing. Since we’ll never be able to walk that second road and know where it led, we may as well enjoy the one we’re on.” - James Cartwright 


365 Days of Film(Animated Series Saturday}
Day 318:  Vixen(2015)
Created by: Marc Guggenheim

Starring: Megalyn Echikunwoke, Anika Noni Rose, Neil Flynn, Stephen Amell, Grant Gustin, Carlos Valdes

After her parents were killed in Africa by local corruption, Mari McCabe inherits her family’s Tantu Totem, gaining the powers of animals, using them to fight as Vixen to stop threats like those that claimed her family.(extracted from google)

Action-packed and nicely animated. This Vixen origin story is very entertaining and it could have stood on it’s own without Flash and Arrow’s intervention(but alas that was the selling point). I really love Phil Bourassa’s design but Cisco looked like a smaller Mal/Victor with long hair and a super light skin tone(which is a big no no, he practically looked white)

I really can’t wait for Vixen to make her debut in the live action shows. These shows are lacking WOC kicking all sorts of ass.


365 Days of Film{Animated Series Saturday} [SPOOKY WEEK EDITION]
Day 297: Over the Garden Wall(2014)
Created by: Patrick McHale

Starring: Elijah Wood, Collin Dean, Natasha Leggero, Warren Burton, C.W. Stoneking

The series centers around two half-brothers who travel across a strange forest in order to find their way home, encountering odd and wonderful things on their journey. (extracted from wikipedia)

This miniseries is so amazingly well done. The plot is so good that it becomes an instant classic. It’s almost like a fairytale that’s been around for years, yet it is totally new and original. The animation is gorgeous and so is the character and background designs. I’m telling you, Over The Garden Wall is such a treat. It’s charming, funny, eerie and just downright beautiful.

If you’re staying home this Halloween night and want something to watch, Over The Garden Wall will not disappoint.


365 Days of Film
Day 123:  Megamind(2010)
Directed by: Tom McGrath

Starring: Will Ferrel, Tina Fey, Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill, Tom McGrath

Though he is the most-brilliant supervillain the world has known, Megamind (Will Ferrell) is the least-successful. Thwarted time and again by heroic Metro Man (Brad Pitt), Megamind is more surprised than anyone when he actually manages to defeat his longtime enemy. But without Metro Man, Megamind has no purpose in life, so he creates a new opponent, who quickly decides that it’s more fun to be a bad guy than a hero.(extracted from google)

The reason why I love animated films is because no matter how silly they are willing to get, they always manage to deliver pretty deep messages that live action movies tend to leave out. And Megamind is no expection with it’s satirical take on the “Nice Guy” dilema and the importance of a person for what’s on the inside rather than the outside.

I laughed through most of the movie and felt touched a bunch of other times. Great concept and characters. As long as it’s not a movie about bees, Dreamworks always delivers.

273/365   Goodbye 2013

 The year I moved to the city with two of my friends, moved back home with one friend less, the year I was awarded ‘ Student of the year’. The year I graduated as a professional photographer and started my own business. ‘ The year I realised I already had met my other half, met a feeling I had never even heard about, fought against falling in love but got my heart broken, and broke some myself. The year I started this project, and found out how many of you appreciate it. Thank you so much for that, A very, very happy new year to all of you.