365 days of clones

Ficlet #31


“Big day tomorrow.”

Ahsoka settled next to Rex at the fire, grateful for the small comfort of the pod-like wicker-nest he’d built weeks ago. The fact that he’d padded it with extra blankets that night didn’t go unnoticed, nor the way he pulled her close, both arms wrapped around her waist. His non-committal ‘hmm’ didn’t sway her, though.

“What, you aren’t excited to have a real bed again?”

She nudged his arm with her elbow when he still didn’t respond. His rough stubble tickled her lekku, and his voice rumbled against her montrals. “Can’t say I mind this.”

One hand wandered, slipping beneath her jerkin to slide along her abdomen, the pads of his fingertips rough where he traced the sensitive skin around her navel. Ahsoka fought back a smile. He had no subtlety tonight.

“It’ll be nice to have more than just a ship to live out of.”

The flat of Rex’s hand pressed her down, and just as quickly, he was above her, one knee pressed between her own. His teeth followed the line of her jaw before nipping at her lower lip. “Talk tomorrow.”

Ahsoka suppressed a laugh, although she did take the chance to slide one hand across the back of his neck and kiss him lightly. “They’ll be here at first light, you know,“ she murmured against his mouth.

Rex rolled off her and onto his back with an irritable groan, although one hand remained along her jaw, fingers stroking her skin absently.

“I think you’re nervous.” She turned to face him, propping her head up on one palm, letting a smile soften her words. She brushed her fingers over his hand, felt the smooth ridges of lace-like scars across his skin and the thick tissue of knuckles broken too many times.

He scoffed softly. “Nervous? We faced down an empire. And won.”

The fact that he scowled up at the stars as he spoke wasn’t lost on Ahsoka. They may have fought–and kept on fighting, for more than twenty years–but a life without vibroblades and blasters, slicers and voice modulators– “We’ve been fighting a long time. You’ve been fighting your entire life, Rex. Going from that to…”

A world where neighbors helped each other, even from klicks away. Where woodfires were optimal and it took months of small hyperspace jumps to reach the system. An entire population who barely knew what war was, let alone the nature of the Imperial rule that had held their system, at least in theory.

“House parties? Casseroles? An old fashioned roof-raising?”

Ahsoka chuckled. “Someone’s been watching the HoloNet.”

He raised a brow, but she didn’t miss the twitch of his lips. “Maybe.”

“So what’s really bothering you? Is it just the act of being…normal?”

He breathed out sharply. “Yeah.”

Ahsoka reached up to run one hand through the scrubby bristles of his hair. “It may never grow on us, you know.”

He was quiet a long moment, his hand still cupped along her jaw. “I’d like it to. I’d like something…else besides–besides war.”

Ahsoka watched him, studied the glow of his skin in the firelight and the gleam of his eyes, the sharp planes of his face cast in stark relief by the night around them, above them. He was so very familiar, every line and scar, every fleck of darker amber in his eyes. He watched her, too, the furrows of his brow deepening the longer she remained silent.

“We can figure this out, Rex,” she finally said, smoothing his brow with a gentle brush of her hand. “And we have the rest of our lives to keep trying.”

An actual smile–crooked and dear to her–flashed for a moment before he rolled back atop her, pressing her down into the nest of blankets.

“Yes,” he said, nudging her nose with his own and a familiar fire in his eyes, brighter even than the milky spray of stars overhead. “We do.”


• Beach days with the Clone Wars squad?
• So Obi-Wan is the one who brings the 50-pound tote bag filled with enough supplies to last a week in the wilderness. Everyone’s sandwiches are packed in neat little bags with names written on them.
• Anakin, meanwhile, forgot his swimming trunks so is currently in the ocean wearing just his boxers and not being ashamed at all.
• Ahsoka and Barriss have towels spread on the sand and sit reading magazines through Ray-Bans while they tan.
• Obi-Wan fusses over them with sunscreen and reapplying and “girls you are not taking the dangers of UV exposure seriously enough please reapply every hour.”
• When he’s done swimming, Anakin insists that he his feet and walks across the beach to their table in shoes.
• “I. Hate. Sand,” he says through gritted teeth, stepping gingerly through the beach.
• Ahsoka and Padme get recruited into someone’s beach volleyball game and end up totally crushing it, much to their opponent dudebros’ surprise.
• Later on they all watch the ocean swallow the sun.
• It takes every drop of Padme willpower not to dump a handful of sand down Anakin’s back.
• Ahsoka, however, has no such reservations.

I have a miserable menstrual cramp right now and I’ve been laying in bed muttering, “fucking uterus, fucking Fallopian tubes” for five minutes. My mom gave me something for it a couple minutes ago and she said, “Is that why you’ve been so bitchy this week?” And I told her that I don’t like blaming my moody attitude a lot on my vagina because I’m sick of hearing guys ask me and other girls, “Is it that time of the month again?” Whenever I’m ticked off.

and you know what she told me to say when that happens that I just love?

“I may be a bitch two days out of the month but you’re an asshole 365 days a year.”

Ready to fight

Continuity: Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Name: Canon

Who Are They: Canon’s duties are overseeing the cadets and working closely with his counterpart Mirth who oversees the detention area.

About: Assigned to work in conjunction with Shaak Ti, Canon oversees the cadets and ensures that his younger brothers are abiding by the rules laid out for them, and that they are not being mistreated by the current bounty hunter trainers who he generally does not trust or like.

His job ensures long days that can be more emotionally draining than he ever lets on. More than once making him thankful for his training in resisting torture so he can hide any difficulties he may be having on a given day from his General as well. Despite her kind words that she is always available to talk if need be, training has drilled into him that certain things must or should never be spoken.

The roughest times he has is when dealing with the detention center. If on his own he takes a moment to check in on brothers who have been injured and are now unfit for duty. Feeling a mix of emotion when he finds their cells cleaned out and empty. When with Shaak Ti, he is protective. The verbal abuses she has suffered when questioning would be defectors or traitors has brought him to blows with a brother on rare occasions; something he tries to ensure Shaak Ti never learns of. One of the more memorable times was with the traitor Slick and the beating he gave him after he ran his mouth with insolence and threats instead of answering her questions.

When in need of an outlet, he enjoys participating in fights and spars against his brothers, and even at times against Bounty Hunter Trainers in his off hours. His winning streaks only adds to the proof that he is a well trained soldier despite not leaving their home to go on missions like the rest of his brothers do or eventually will.

Personal Views: No matter the upbringing, all are capable of betrayal.

Why Did I Create Them: Sometime back in 2012 I pretty much thought it would be cool if Shaak Ti had a Clone Commander to aid with her duties in some way, since every other General had one except her.