365 critters

Someone asked what medium I work in - figured it would be fun to break and take a shot of my work table as is. Included you will find the following:

1. Daler Rowney liquid acrylic - Kinda weird and still figuring it out, though I do love the white. It pops when I need pop.

2. Higgins ink - pen and ink stuff

3. Pelikan watercolors - from Amazon. Nothing fancy as of yet, watercolors can get pretty pricey! These work nicely.

4. various tubes of watercolors and gouaches

5. Pens, pencils and markers - my faves are Sharpie fine point for detail work and Staedtler pencils, preferably 2B

Super close to getting it all loaded to Amazon. A designer friend is checking stuff out Wednesday and then a little adjusting this weekend and ta-da - homemade alphabet book! 

Sounds reasonable enough, right? I’m a half full kind of guy, so yes Amazon will take it first try. More fingers crossed.

In the meantime, a leftover orangutan image from the book. We need more primates on this list!

A shot from last summer - loads of animals from the alphabet book, most of which aren’t gonna be in it. 

The book started with 3 animals per letter – and I realized on “X” that I wanted to change things up and go with one animal for each letter. Such is life. The extras will be used for other projects.