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[Ereri 365 Project] Day 292 : Caps (High School AU)

“Graduating with honors, Levi Ackerman.”

Eren cheers from his seat among the other graduates. Annie also graduated this year but she goes to a Catholic school with Reiner so she graduated a few days before. The two of them are sitting with Berthoult and Eren’s mom in the bleachers.

Since starting counseling, he’s come to accept that his dad is never going to completely accept him for who he is. He doesn’t like it, of course, but he knows he can’t really change his dad’s opinions. He came home one day, a few weeks ago, to find Mikasa watching reruns of Ru Paul’s Drag Race. Initially he didn’t really like it, but one thing he really connected with was something one of the queens, Jinkx Monsoon he thinks he remembers her name was, said, “Water off a duck’s back.”

She repeated it all the time to herself so she wouldn’t take criticism to personally, like water running off a duck’s back. Eren started using it to keep himself from getting too upset about the things his dad said. He was surprised how well it worked for him.

“Graduating with honors, Eren Jaeger.”

Despite not having been in honors classes like Levi, Eren graduated with a three-point-five GPA so he technically still got to graduate with honors. He walks up to take his envelope and hears Annie screaming louder than Reiner or Berthoult. He smiles and waves to them while walking back to his seat, winking at Levi as he passes.

Levi just shakes his head, smiling. Several boring minutes later, they’re all being told is make a big circle in the other part of the field to throw their caps. They’re supposed to stay in line but Levi and Eren look for each other on the short walk to the other part of the field. “Hey,” Levi says.

Eren grins and kisses his cheek. “Ready to not be a high schooler anymore?”

Levi shrugs. “I guess.”

They hold hands while standing in the circle, waiting to take their hats off. They watch the valedictorian and salutatorian take their hats off and suddenly there is a sky full of square hats and hundreds of voices shouting and cheering. Eren goes look for his hat but Levi pulls him down for a kiss before he can. When he pulls back, he smiles at Eren. “Ready?”

Eren doesn’t know what Levi’s asking him to be ready for but, “Always.”

They next day, on the front page of the newspaper, is an article about all the local graduations of the week.

The picture beneath it is of Eren and Levi, surrounded by caps still falling and dozens of people running around, kissing.

Cap. 2015 pág. 40 de 365

Sabrás que escribo de ti,
porque tus ojos amanecerán cada que me leas, porque las manos te arderán de ausencia, o de impotencia tal vez.
Porque el latido que me pertenece de tu corazón se emocionará,
Porque tendrás la boca hecha magia, nostalgia y mi nombre susurrarás para invocarme.

Sabrás que escribo de ti,
Porque te sentirás desnudo, frágil; porque le hecho una radiografía a tu alma con poesía.

Lo sabrás por el aguacero en tus adentros, por las vidas que te robo cada vez que te verso; porque al tocarte la piel te sentirás incompleto. Porque todos tus silencios volverán a entonar nuestra canción y de nuevo crecerá el alboroto por dentro.

Sabrás que he escrito de ti, lo sabrás, al sentirte de nuevo seguro, al reconocer el sentimiento, al saberte de memoria los recovecos en los que una vez te encontraste.

Al sentirte vulnerable, dudoso al preguntarte si entre líneas te he dicho regresa o he lanzado algún olvido. Lo sabrás, cariño, por el insomnio, porque te temblarán las sienes y tus pestañas recordarán mis besos. Porque los pies querrán regresar y porque te pesarán los abrazos que nunca me diste.

Sabrás que he escrito de ti, amor, lo sabrás por el suspiro al ver el punto final y porque volverás a sentirte perdido, luego de leerme.

[Ereri 365 Project] Day 232 : Cap (Werewolf AU)

Eren runs back and forth across the house excitedly. “Walk! Walk!” he chants happily.

Levi is still drowsy as he pours his coffee into a travel mug and picks up Eren’s leash. At least until Eren gets a handle of his ears it’s easier for Levi to take him out as a puppy when he has too much energy to just play in Levi’s tiny backyard. Eren changes into a puppy and Levi puts a leash on him. Eren frowns at him. “Sorry kiddo,” Levi says. “You have to wear it or else I’ll get in trouble.”

“Master?” Eren asks as they walk to the door.


“Why can’t I play with the other kids at the park?”

Levi looks down at him and sighs at the slightly disappointed look on the puppy-child’s face. “You still can’t control your ears yet,” he says. “And I’m not comfortable having strangers know what you are.”

Eren looks at the floor. “Okay,” he says.

Levi feels a kind of sadness tug on his heart. He takes Eren’s leash off. “Go get dressed,” Levi says.

“Huh?” Eren asks.

“I have to go find something, get dressed,” Levi replies.

Eren does what he’s told while Levi digs around in the closet. “Ready, master!” Eren says, hopping behind Levi.

“When we go out,” Levi says. “You have to pretend I’m your dad, understand?”

“Okay Papa!”


Eren looks sheepish. “That’s what I called my dad.”

Levi gets back out of the closet and puts a Batman baseball cap on Eren’s head, flattening his ears. “Can you still hear me alright?” Levi asks.

Eren grins and nods. “Yes sir!”

“Good. Now do you think it’ll stay on or do you want me to pin it to your hair?”

“Um, pin it please?”

Levi finds bobby pins and tugs them into the stitching in the hat and Eren’s hair. “Is that alright?” Levi asks.

“Yes!” the child nods.

Levi smiles at him and gets up. “Alright, let’s go to the park.”

“Yay!” Eren runs over to the door and swings it open.

“You forgot your sneakers,” Levi chuckles, carrying them over.

Eren sits on the steps outside the house and lets Levi help him ties his shoes. “Thank you,” he says.

“C’mon,” Levi says, taking Eren’s hand to walk to the park.

Eren skips more than me walks, not that Levi minds. He thinks absently that Eren is really cute with that hat on. When they get to the park, Eren lets go of Levi’s hand and runs over to play with the other kids there. Levi sits on a bench to watch, suddenly just a little bit lonely.

He smiles when he notices Eren keeps looking back for him, even while he’s busy having fun.

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Cap. 2014 pág. 362 de 365

Uno necesita a ese alguien que no le cuente los
fracasos, Ni errores. Que no le importen tus olvidos, Ni las veces que te quedaste mirando atrás. Que no quiera cambiarte el pasado, pero le dé
sentido a tu hoy. Que no esté recordándote cuántas veces las
promesas fallaron. Ni cuántos falsos adiós dijiste. Uno necesita a alguien que te mire mil veces y no
se canse de sonreír al hacerlo.
Que sepa tus debilidades pero no las use como
Que te elija,
Que te haga enloquecer, Que te haga regresar,
Que descubra nuevas virtudes y sorpresas.
Que haga de ti una mejor persona.