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Several pages from a family photo album (ca. 1900 to 1940), part of the ICP’s Cowin Collection of African-American Vernacular Photography.

This image of the Tuskegee class of 1910 is pasted into a family album containing photographs ranging in date from ca. 1900 to 1940.

365 Albums in 365 Days

Album #68 - MGMT: Oracular Spectacular (2008)

I bought this album back on record store day and its one of only a few thousand pressed. I got real into MGMT last spring and have been listening to their albums ever since. Oracular Spectacular is slowly becoming one of my favorite albums. I used to HATE the songs “Kids” mainly because I heard it like 5-10 times while working at The Gap in college, but it fits nicely with the rest of the album, which I had not listened to back then.

My favorite tunes from this album were “Electric Feel” and “Of Moons, Birds, and Monsters”.