365 Song Challenge


365 Song Challenge:

Day 257: Your favourite rap song:

“Style & das Geld” by “Kay Boehm” (alias Jan Böhmermann)

This is a parody of a German rap song. It’s a veritable wtf moment but compared to the original there’s some actual talent in this video. And it’s bloody hilarious!

The chorus translates as “I’ve got style and the money, I’ve got just about anything that the c*nts like”.

[This is the original and it just sums up everything I hate about this kind of music.]

#242 I could know him by touch alone…

So the fandom got me thinking, what if patroclus and achilles did get a second chance?

I mean, heroes and even mundanes can reborn if they wanted to, and i couldn’t possibly imagine one going back to life without the other, so….what if they both came back… but Achilles was held captive for 70 years, what if Patroclus never found him, and went weary to be reborn… afraid not to find him again, but then, he’d knew him no matter what. So he decided to try again, for him.

What if Patroclus was named William Solace, and when Achilles got freed from his captivity, what if he found his true mate? What if that tiny gay italian was Achilles? and both of them were fated from the very start. I mean, will remembered Nico from day 1, overly excited geek boy, and he wasn’t the slightlest worried about approaching him when he came back as the dark overlord of all that is dead…. What if they got their second chance. What if they can be happy now?
Sorry, i just had a lot of feels.

PS: Also catching up with all the long overdue images i’ve been doing but failed to upload about my 365 days challenge
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I'm Not Okay (I Promise)
My Chemical Romance
I'm Not Okay (I Promise)

Day 165/365: A song that you loved as a kid & continue to now even though it might not be considered “mature”

This song - this band - helped me through some shit growing up. Bands like MCR, Linkin Park, Papa Roach, FOB, 3DG… idk man, they kept me grounded. They were relatable for what I was feeling at that time and seemed to have a grasp or at least understand that typical teenage angst I was feeling along with the beginnings of my depression. A lot of people may look at this sort of stuff as somewhat immature and whiny, but honestly? It was exactly what I needed when I needed it.

#269 I would know him blind

I decided to do LGTBA couples from YA novels and we were missing some patrochilles here, didn’t we?

I meas they are the ultimate gay couple. Like gay af to the marrow. so I needed feels and the pics i’ve seen show always carefree young boys and well… their lifes pretty much sucked, so, i wanted to cause more feels to myself and i drew them in pain… you’re welcome.

PS: Also catching up with all the long overdue images i’vebeendoingbutfailedtoupload about my 365 days challenge
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day 172

the garden you planted 

Good Morning Dear
I hope I didn’t wake you too soon
Because my mind is growing tired
Too much thinking what I should do
I picture you out there
It must be beautiful this time of year
All those East Coast leaves
Floating round like embers from burning trees
Well the weather out here is just the same
But the garden that you planted remains.

Now it’s only work
Each day bleeding into the next
Barely scraping by I tire myself out just so I can rest
But rest it rarely comes
And when it does I cannot go home
Because it’s much too quiet
Seems that I’m not suited to being in love
And everyone around me’s changed
But the garden that you planted remains.

I think about you
Maybe more than I should
But the smog is getting old
The drugs I’m taking aren’t so good
So will you talk to me
Even though you’ve had a late night
Because I need a little help
Baby, tell me I’ll be alright
Cause everything around me’s changed
But the garden that you planted remains