Bernie Sanders wins Oklahoma Democratic primary
Bernie Sanders got a crucial victory on Super Tuesday, winning Oklahoma's Democratic primary. Oklahoma is actually one of the most important contests of the night for the Democratic primary race. More importantly, it was an important test of whether Bernie Sanders' early victory in New Hampshire (and his tying Hillary Clinton in Iowa) was indicative of a lasting appeal within the Democratic Party, at least among white voters.
By Dara Lind
Angel with no halo

Characters/relationships: Lucifer Morningstar x Policewoman!Reader

Genres: Anger, fluff, smut

Summary: Reader knows that Lucifer wants her and she desires him too, but she doesn’t want their relationship to become a one night stand. - Requested by @anotherdeadlyanimalfromaustralia

Disclaimer: All characters are at least 21 y/o unless stated otherwise.

Word count: 3629

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Clinton's debate performance spoke to every woman who has had to humor an incompetent man
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty ImagesHillary Clinton debated circles around Donald Trump during Monday night’s presidential debate. She had prepared, coherent answers, while Trump had unprepared, chaotic word salad. She subtly baited him into flying off the handle and loudly interrupting her, while she kept smiling and maintained her cool. It was a masterful performance. But for many women watching the debate, it was also a frustrating reminder of just how hard Clinton has to work to overcome sexist double standards — and how hard most women have to work every day to do the same. … Read more
救急救命士の資格を持つ消防司令がプライベートで遭遇した交通事故の際に救急処置を行ったが、「関連法規に抵触する可能性がある」として停職6ヶ月の処分を受けた。(茨城新聞 2011年5月31(火) 業務外の救命措置で消防指令停職6カ月 石岡市)

Confession #3629: Hirap talaga pag ikaw yung ‘ugly friend’. NASASAPAWAN, MUKHANG ALALAY AT NAIIBA. Ewan pero laging ganto role ko. Masakit rin minsan kasi lahat ng nagugustuhan ko sa kaibigan ko nagkakagusto. Nakukumpara rin lagi. ANG SAKIT DIN ANO. HAHA WALA EH. MAGANDA SILA. AT AKO… PANGKARANIWAN,




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Megahex published by fantagraphics 

Lose published by koyamapress

Distance Mover by koyamapress

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