In November 2010, my family, which was 16 total people, drove to New Orleans from Arkansas for a 7 day cruise. Many of us did not have passports so we used our birth certificates. When we were checking in it was discovered that my sister in law did not have her correct birth certificate (insert Arkansas joke here). They would not allow her on the ship, so my brother, sister in law, and nephew went home. We were all crying and upset because they didn’t get to go and this was our first time to cruise. When we finally got on the ship and started our cruise we were still very upset. Later that night there was a knock at our cabin door. It was my mother and other brother and they looked like someone had died. They both blurted out, “your house just burned to the ground and there is nothing left”. My brother who was on his way back to Arkansas got a call from our neighbor and he called my mother. We were in shock! Since we were already out of US waters, we could not get off the ship because we did not have passports, therefore, we had to spend our entire cruise knowing we had no home when we returned. We tried to make the trip fun for our 3 children, who were 2, 4 and 9, at the time, but we spent most of the time crying.

I just want to say thank you to your love, your time, your kindness, your support, your patience and just everything from you… #3626

Animation Guild Reaches Deal On New 3-Year Contract With Producers

IATSE Animation Guild Local 839 and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers have reached an agreement on a new three-year contract. The tentative deal includes 3% annual pay raises, no rollbacks, and a 10% increase in pension benefits for those retiring after August 1, 2015. The contract talks, which started on Monday, concluded late Wednesday night.

“Negotiations are never a walk through a flower-filled meadow,” said Local 839 business agent Steve Hulett, “but this contract session was less rancorous than the 2012 talks, and achieved better results. The negotiation committee, which included guild president Jack Thomas and organizer Steve Kaplan, did sterling work in side bar and the ‘big room.’ IATSE vice president Mike Miller greatly assisted the committee on the final day of talks.”

The contract covers some 3,100 guild members working in various aspects of the animation industry, including animation writers and directors, story board artists, background designers, CGI animators, and layout artists. All the major animation companies are signatory to the contract, including Disney, DreamWorks, Fox Animation, Marvel, Universal, the Cartoon Network and ABC Studios.

The Animation Guild is part of the IATSE, but bargains separately. Its new contract follows the contours of the deal the IATSE reached in April, and its New Media provisions are similar to those negotiated recently by the DGA and all the other major guilds and unions. If ratified by the guild’s members, as is expected, the new contract will take effect August 1.

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Donald Trump Files $500 Million Lawsuit Against Univision Over Miss USA Contract

Donald Trump has filed a $500 million lawsuit against Univision Communications after the company scrapped its planned telecast of the July 12 Miss USA beauty pageant as a result of Trump’s disparaging comments about Mexican immigrants.

The Miss Universe Organization said the suit was filed Tuesday in New York State Supreme Court. The complaint also cites Univision Networks programming president Alberto Ciurana as a defendant. Univision called the lawsuit “factually false and legally ridiculous.”

In a lengthy statement about the lawsuit, Trump reinforced some of the same beliefs that led Univision to drop the telecast. NBC on Monday severed ties with Trump after more than a decade of close association with the New York real estate developer. NBC also pulled out of the planned July 12 live telecast of the pageant, to be held in Baton Rouge, La.

Trump stirred outrage at a June 16 news conference announcing himself as a candidate for the GOP presidential nomination when he described many Mexican immigrants as criminals and “rapists.” Univision and NBC have condemned Trump’s statements and cited them as the reason for yanking the pageant telecast.

“Nothing that I stated was different from what I have been saying for many years. I want strong borders, and I do not support or condone illegal immigration. There is a high level of crime occurring in this country due to unchecked illegal immigration. This is a major security issue for the United States,” Trump said. “Additionally, the terrible trade deals our government is routinely entering into with Mexico are causing great financial harm to our country. We are losing a huge number of jobs, manufacturing opportunities and money due to poorly negotiated trade deals, a fact that is indisputable. That won’t happen if I become president— this disturbing trend will end, and it will end quickly.”

Univision was just at the start of a multi-year contract for the Spanish-language rights to the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants. NBC is in the unusual position of pulling its own property as it has been a 50-50 owner of the pageant franchise with Trump since 2002. Televisa, a part owner of Univision and Mexico’s largest broadcaster, has also scrapped plans to carry the Miss Universe pageant.

“We just reviewed Mr. Trump’s complaint for the first time, and it is both factually false and legally ridiculous,” Univision said in a statement. “We will not only vigorously defend the case, but will continue to fight against Mr. Trump’s ongoing efforts to run away from the derogatory comments he made on June 16th about Mexican immigrants. Our decision to end our business relationship with Mr. Trump was influenced solely by our responsibility to speak up for the community we serve.”

In his statement on the lawsuit, Trump claimed he got a call from an unnamed “high-ranking” Univision executive apologizing for the company’s decision. Trump has previously asserted that the Spanish-language media giant acted under pressure from the Mexican government.

“I have great respect for Mexico and love for the Mexican people and their tremendous spirit! However, their leaders and trade negotiators are far smarter than those representing the United States, and our citizens and economy are suffering greatly as a result. We have to remedy the situation and do it fast. These have long been my views and I have the courage, unlike many others, to express them,” Trump said.

The complaint asserts that Univision and NBC are attempting to suppress Trump’s First Amendment rights by putting pressure on his business ventures. The complaint cites Univision’s ties to Haim Saban, a longtime supporter of fellow 2016 presidential contender Hillary Clinton. It notes that Trump “has dramatically risen in the polls while expressing critical views of Mrs. Clinton.”

Ciurana was cited in the complaint for having posted a picture on his Instagram account that compared Trump to Dylann Roof, the man charged with the slayings of nine African-Americans in a church in South Carolina. The post was later taken down, but not before it became “the subject of hundreds, if not thousands of press articles, yet another example of Univison’s dubious efforts to create a false narrative in an attempt to upset Mr. Trump’s longstanding personal and business relationship with the Hispanic community,” according to the complaint.

The suit also maintains that Univision CEO Randy Falco and others conspired to pressure NBC to cut ties with Trump. NBC’s decision came five days after Univision publicly severed its deal with Miss USA.

According to the complaint, Univision planned to pay out in full the $13.5 million value of its five-year contract with Miss Universe Organization. The deal called for Univision to pay a license fee of $2.5 million a year for the first three years, and $3 million a year for the final two years of the contract.

The suit seeks $500 million in damages for breach of contract, defamation and intentional interference with a contractual relationship.

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Lily of the valley lowdown

If you think of florals in perfume what immediately springs to mind? The obvious one is rose, but there are other bouquets you should give a go if you want something a little different.

Lily of the valley is among them because it isn’t easy to categorise. That’s because there tend to be two types of flowers used in perfume; white ones are sensual and animalistic, while things like roses have a crisper vibe. But lily of the valley sits in the middle of these, so it has a mixture of all those scents. The flower is also very delicate, so it can be hard to extract the scent from it and it’s impossible to recreate its bouquet artificially.

Lily of the valley is particularly prevalent in Asia and Europe where it has different associations depending on the country, among them love, innocence, sorrow and tenderness. There are also many legends surrounding the flower, with one in Russia about a sea princess who was in love with a man who chose another woman. She decided to come onto land from the sea to mourn and as she did she cried lily of the valleys. In France, the flowers are given on May 1 to wish luck and joy.

It’s also thought to have some health benefits and has been linked to a strong heart and memory - even though it’s a poisonous flower. Look for additional notes of bergamot, musk and citrus as they all work well with the fragrance.

If you want to explore further try one of these options:

Dior Diorissimo

This is probably the most famous lily of the valley perfume and is viewed by many as the gold standard among them. It was first made in 1956 of pretty much entirely the flowers, which were the favourites of designer Christian Dior. This is the one to go for if you want an unadulterated lily of the valley scent.

Penhaligons Lily of the Valley Eau de Toilette

20 years younger than the Dior version, this is another classic. Experts tend to opt for this because it offers a full-bodied take on the flower. Also included are citrus, rose, ylang ylang and jasmine notes, among others.

Dolce & Gabbana The One

This is the new kid on the block and is a blend of the fruity and floral. Top notes include bergamot and mandarin orange, then there’s lily of the valley in the heart and vanilla and musk in the base notes.

Annick Goutal Le Muguet Eau de Toilette

Go for this option if you like your perfumes a little fresher. The whole plant is used to make this, meaning it’s not as floral as some of the other options and instead smells a little greener.

Yardley London Lily of the Valley

This is another light option and it’s got notes of white flowers and fruit pears, with a musky base. A great one for anyone looking to test a lily of the valley perfume without splashing too much cash.

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NoxiDoxi : les cosmetiques malins qui font barrage a la pollution

Par la rédaction de Puretrend.com

Pas besoin d'être Einstein pour savoir que le milieu urbain n'est pas vraiment l'ami de notre peau. Entre les gaz d'échappement, la climatisation, l'eau calcaire et la fumée de cigarette, elle encaisse les attaques en y laissant quelques plumes. Pour lutter, une marque, NoxiDoxi, qui a fait de la lutte contre la pollution son cheval de bataille avec des produits de pointe. Un concept testé (et approuvé) par Puretrend.

Généralement, les cosmétiques nous promettent une peau plus douce, plus souple, plus belle et plus jeune, mais sans forcément s'ancrer dans notre quotidien. Encore méconnue dans le paysage français, NoxiDoxi a choisi de faire le pari inverse, de partir de notre vécu pour proposer des solutions. Son credo : l'environnement urbain est nocif pour notre peau, c'est un fait. A part culpabiliser ou songer à l'exode à la campagne, que fait-on ? On s'arme des bons produits, bien sûr.

“Nos produits ne vendent pas du rêve, ils se concentrent sur la réalité”, est-il énoncé sur le site de la marque. Derrière elle, une femme, Soumya Tahiri, installée à Bordeaux, et qui a longtemps navigué dans le monde des cosmétiques. Analyste des marchés européens pour de grands groupes pendant dix ans, elle est un jour tombée sur une étude mettant en parallèle la peau de deux soeurs jumelles vivant dans les mêmes conditions. La différence ? L'une d'elle était une fumeuse de longue date. Et les effets sur sa peau étaient catastrophiques.

Un bouclier contre les effets de la pollution et de la cigarette

Il est prouvé que fumer est l'une des principales causes du vieillissement cutané. Dès lors, Soumya Tahiri a décidé de se lancer pour toucher un marché qui représente 7 millions de femmes rien qu'en France, 56 millions en Europe.

Fin 2011, elle crée NoxiDoxi, mais loin de s'inviter tout de suite sur le marché, elle investit durant 18 mois dans la recherche et le (…) Lire la suite sur purepeople.com

Nabilla Benattia : elle risque entre 7 et 30 ans de prison dans l'affaire Thomas
Louise Bourgoin se confie sur ses relations amoureuses désastreuses
Momo Wu, la chanteuse chinoise que l'on prenait pour Lady Gaga : Rencontre
Laury Thilleman : la photo de famille qui fait craquer la toile

Montana: Saudi cheating scandal handled appropriately

HELENA, Mont. (AP) — Montana Tech’s chancellor appropriately handled a grade-changing scandal involving students from Saudi Arabia, the state’s university system spokesman said Tuesday, after recently published Saudi Embassy memos revealed the chancellor suggested diplomats fly the students home to avoid deportation or arrest.

Spokesman Kevin McRae said he does not recall whether Chancellor Donald Blackketter told the state commissioner of higher education about Blackketter’s recommendation to the Saudi diplomats, but the university system has no plans to examine the chancellor’s actions described in the memos published by WikiLeaks.

“We don’t recall being consulted about that, nor would be expect to be consulted about that, because we knew Chancellor Blackketter was managing the situation,” McRae said. “He acted appropriately and took appropriate measures.”

A Montana Tech investigation found a group of more than 30 students gave gifts to an employee of the Butte college in exchange for changing their transcripts. The investigation was made public in 2012, but the memos showed for the first time the students were almost all Saudis and their government flew them out of the United States at the suggestion of Blackketter.

One memo described a meeting taking place in Washington between Saudi diplomats, Blackketter and Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs Douglas Abbott just before the scandal broke in January 2012. The memo said a diplomat later issued travel tickets to the students so they wouldn’t face jail or deportation by the American authorities.

Blackketter has not returned messages or emails for comment. Abbott previously told The Associated Press that the memo’s account of the meeting sounded accurate, and that campus authorities at the time believed the students could have been arrested.

McRae said Montana Tech handled the academic fraud investigation and discipline responsibly and appropriately. Academic sanctions were imposed on students, and the employee was fired, he said.

Eighteen students were expelled in the scandal, seven returned to the school and some of the others who had already graduated had their degrees revoked.

McRae said he did not see anything unusual in Blackketter and Abbott meeting with Saudi diplomats to discuss the students caught up in the scandal. “I don’t think anybody is suggesting that students were given special treatment at Montana Tech that unfairly advantaged them,” he said.

Students from Saudi Arabia represent the second-largest foreign contingent at Montana Tech, next to students from Canada. A 2010 Montana Tech study found there were 80 students from Saudi Arabia enrolled in 2009, up from 13 in 2004.

International students at Montana Tech pay an estimated $33,000 a year in tuition, fees and other costs, compared with about $18,700 for students who are Montana residents.

The higher tuition coming from international and out-of-state students has helped shore up the loss from a university-wide decline in in-state student enrollment, though their real value is in the culture and diversity they bring to campus, McRae said.

Les coups de coeur de Vogue Hommes à la Fashion Week de Londres

Défilé Nasir Mazhar, look n°9

Source: Vogue

Best of par la rédaction de Vogue Hommes des plus beaux looks aperçus sur les podiums des défilés automne-hiver 2015-2016 lors de la Fashion Week de Londres.