In November 2010, my family, which was 16 total people, drove to New Orleans from Arkansas for a 7 day cruise. Many of us did not have passports so we used our birth certificates. When we were checking in it was discovered that my sister in law did not have her correct birth certificate (insert Arkansas joke here). They would not allow her on the ship, so my brother, sister in law, and nephew went home. We were all crying and upset because they didn’t get to go and this was our first time to cruise. When we finally got on the ship and started our cruise we were still very upset. Later that night there was a knock at our cabin door. It was my mother and other brother and they looked like someone had died. They both blurted out, “your house just burned to the ground and there is nothing left”. My brother who was on his way back to Arkansas got a call from our neighbor and he called my mother. We were in shock! Since we were already out of US waters, we could not get off the ship because we did not have passports, therefore, we had to spend our entire cruise knowing we had no home when we returned. We tried to make the trip fun for our 3 children, who were 2, 4 and 9, at the time, but we spent most of the time crying.

Pale Shelter

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by iainkillsrobots (LittleAntichrist)

Kylo gets his kicks by forcing Stormtroopers to have sex with him. Phasma is displeased. Correcting this behavior falls on Hux.

Words: 3626, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1Li74xi
RJD suspends legislator on rape charges

Patna, Feb 14 (IANS) Bihar’s ruling Grand Alliance partner Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) on Sunday suspended legislator Rajballabh Yadav for allegedly raping a girl.

“The party has decided to suspend legislator Rajballabh Yadav for his alleged crime. We cannot tolerate such an act of a legislator,” RJD state president Ram Chandra Purve said here.

Yadav is missing and on the run after an order for his arrest was issued on Saturday after the girl from Nalanda district filed an FIR against him, the legislator from the Nawada assembly constituency, police said.

Police said the charges against Yadav were found to be true during their preliminary investigation.

According to the complaint filed with police, a woman named Sulekha Devi took the girl to an undisclosed location in Nalanda on February 6 and forced her to drink liquor. After this, she was raped by a man, later identified as Yadav.

After she was raped, the girl said the woman gave her Rs.30,000.

Brazil Animation Takes International Hue

Brazilians ale abreu and Luiz Bolognesi, leading lights of Brazil’s vibrant animation scene, have teamed to co-produce “Voyagers of the Enchanted Forest” and “Immortals,” their respective next toon feature projects.

Move highlights the vitality and esprit de corps of a still-growing industry, thrust into the limelight by the Academy Award nomination for Abreu’s animated feature “Boy & the World,” which won Annecy’s Cristal Award. The previous year Bolognesi’s “Rio 2096: A Story of Love and Fury” also won at Annecy.

The fruit of the alliance of Abreu’s outfit Filme de Papel with Bolognesi and Lais Bodanzky’s Buriti Filmes suggests complementary and common ambitions. “It gives us much more strength on the international market and brings continuity of employment to talented young Brazilian artists,” Bolognesi says.

There are other developments on Brazil’s toon scene. Sao Paulo’s film-TV production company Glaz and Rio-based animation facility Copa Studio merged last fall, aiming to consolidate their position as a global toon player.

Dubbed Glaz, the animation giant has unveiled early feature projects: “Haunted Tales for Wicked Kids” and “Trunk Train,” both hit toon TV series spinoff.

Brazilian production is surging. Over 1995-14, it produced 17 Brazilian toon films, two more than in all its history.
The animation industry continues to put its pedal to the metal. Gullane, producer of “Rio 2096,” and Brazilian auteur Walter Salles’ VideoFilmes teamed in 2014 to co-produce Sergio Machado’s animated project “Noah’s Ark,” based on songs and lyrics by iconic artist Vinicius de Moraes.

Rodrigo Gava and Eduardo Campo’s “As Aventuras do Pequeno Colombo,” produced by Globo Filmes, and the Polifilmes-distributed “Historia antes de uma historia,” by Wilson Antonio Lazaretti, were scheduled for an early 2016 release.
Also, Sao Paulo-based Kiko Mistrorigo and Celia Catunda, founders of TV PinGuim studio, plan to launch “Fishtronaut, the Movie,” a film adaptation of an international TV series sales hit, this year.

“Voyagers of the Enchanted Forest” will be ready by 2018; “Immortals” in 2019.

“Boy & the World” has marked an international milestone for Brazil’s animation sector, being sold to more than 90 territories worldwide, including key deals in North America (Gkids), Latin America (HBO, Turner and Fox), France (Les Films du Preau) and China (Champs Lis).

For Brazilian animation, international co-production represents the next frontier.

Producers are studying structuring “Voyagers of the Enchanted Forest” as an international co-production, and are trying to tap partners in France and the U.S.

Also, Elo Co. is scouting international partnerships on features and TV series projects, eyeing territories such as Argentina, Chile or even North America, in which Brazil could bring to the table talent, investment and a 200 million people market, says founder Sabrina Nudeliman.

The foundations of current animation boom in Brazil were established in 2011 with Law 12485 regs obliging international pay TV networks to invest in local programming.

Brazil boasts “creativity, the ability to see things from a different perspective and skills to make things out of nothing, competitive advantages which are part of our native culture and are present in anything we make, including animation,” says Marta Machado, at Brazil’s Federal U. of Santa Catarina.

Yet challenges remain. Brazilian feature films, despite international plaudits and recent sales hits, still need to conquer their own cinema audiences. “Boy & the World” sold 35,000 tickets in Brazil, 120,000 in France.

“People are not willing to pay to see a Brazilian independent production, let alone an animated one,” Machado says.
Per Elo Nudeliman, other challenges include holding on to local talent at home and generating public incentives to back film and TV contents exports.

“My only fear is that the economic crisis will affect public support policies,” Bolognesi says. “If the policies continue, Brazil will in the coming years become one of the largest film and TV producers in the world.”

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Rainbow 新歌「Whoo」MV預告視頻公開 展現性感可愛雙重魅力




Rainbow將藉著粉絲們的支持,於14日情人節通過Naver V app的Rainbow頻道,直播MV預告視頻的模仿特別活動。


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How Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella did what Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates couldn’t

(Microsoft )
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talks to the troops.

On Thursday, February 4, Satya Nadella will celebrate his second anniversary as the CEO of Microsoft. 

It’s been an eventful couple of years.

Microsoft has grown its crucial cloud business, released Windows 10 to a much better reception than its loathed predecessor, launched a bunch of great apps for iPhone and Android, and generally made people like it a lot more.

But the real victory of Satya Nadella — the truly monumental shift — has been within the company. Under Nadella, Microsoft is pointed in one direction for first time in modern memory. 

“There is something only a CEO uniquely can do, which is set that tone, which can then capture the soul of the collective. And it’s culture,” Nadella said in an interview late last year.

One Microsoft

The Microsoft of old was a cutthroat kind of place.

Under Steve Ballmer, Microsoft had become a place where product groups warred with each other for attention and influence, even as products like Windows 8 saw the company’s star wane rapidly.

Extremely promising and future-looking products were killed just because they didn’t help the Windows business, seen as the center of the company, while rising competitors like Apple and Google were either mocked or ignored until it was too late.

The end result was a lot of warring, independent product groups, all doing their own things. A great example is the Microsoft Xbox video-game console, which started off as a project to improve Windows and get a PC in the living room, but which turned into an autonomous part of the company that Wall Street couldn’t make heads or tails of.

That trickled over into the company’s popular perception, as Microsoft customers and developers came to think of it as a company focused on strong-arm sales tactics, not innovation.

“When I came over here, it was just a disaster,” Microsoft Technical Fellow John Shewchuk, head of the company’s developer-experience team since 2013, told Business Insider.

Steve Ballmer recognized the problem. In July 2013, he announced a company-wide reorganization called “One Microsoft,” in an attempt to rally the company and get employees focused on turning the company around. But it was too little, too late, and Ballmer, under pressure from the board, announced his resignation less than three months later.

Taking off the blinders

This is where the real genius of Satya Nadella comes in — and you can see it reflected in conversations with the company’s highest echelons.

Microsoft’s mandate, under Nadella, is to help people “achieve more,” if you buy the corporate-speak. In plainer terms, Nadella likes to make sure that Microsoft is focusing on making things that people actually enjoy using, no matter what kind of device they’re using it on. 

“Revenue is a lagging indicator, usage is a leading indicator,” Nadella likes to say, according to Microsoft CVP Brad Anderson.

And the company’s executives and developers all love it. Without having to worry about worshipping at the altar of Windows, it can do all kinds of stuff it could never even consider before.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

“A muscle we’re developing at Microsoft is determining the soul or essence of these products, and developing accordingly,” Microsoft Corporate VP of Outlook Javier Soltero, who came to Microsoft in the acquisition of startup Acompli, told us.

A great example: The Microsoft Azure cloud-computing platform now supports Linux, the free operating system that developers love, but Ballmer once referred to as “a cancer” and “communism.”

“Part of the new Microsoft is being given the permission to meet customers where they’re at,” Microsoft Azure CTO Mark Russinovich told us in 2015. “We’re no longer bound by an arbitrary rule." 

It’s touched Microsoft Office, too. Under Nadella, Office has expanded from a set of document-editing tools into a whole range of products and services that people actually enjoy using, from Microsoft Outlook on the iPhone to the funky futuristic GigJam work-sharing app.

"You buy Microsoft for your business, you want to feel good about the products we’ve been building,” Microsoft Office head Julie Larson-Green told us in 2015.

Windows to the future

Looking forward, Windows 10 is going to accelerate all of this in a big way. 

A big piece of Microsoft’s strategy hinges on the so-called Windows Universal App platform, where a developer can write an app once, sell it in the Windows Store, and have it work on any Windows 10 device — from PCs to tablets and back. 

But it also gives Microsoft, internally, one platform on which to work, and makes sure that everybody in the company is rowing the same direction.

Case in point: In November 2015, the Xbox One video-game console got an update that installed a version of Windows 10 at the core. Right now, Windows 10 is kind of just sitting there. In the not-so-distant future, though, it’s going to get a version of the Windows Store app market focused on gaming.

Microsoft demos “Minecraft” on a HoloLens headset.

“Everything will be unified at some point," Xbox Group Product Manager Peter Orullian told us. "This is a really big, important part of that.”

Similarly, the Microsoft HoloLens holographic goggles will run a version of Windows 10, too. And Microsoft has made a super-lightweight version of Windows 10 available to gadget-makers and connected appliance manufacturers.

So while Microsoft isn’t going to stop building iPhone and Android apps any time soon, it means that Microsoft’s internal product teams aren’t going to compete with each other — because there’s no competition. Windows is Windows, no matter what device it’s running on. 

Still, there are challenges ahead for the company, as the PC market shrinks almost faster than Microsoft can sell lucrative Windows licenses. And the Office 365 cloud suite is growing fast enough that it’s cannibalizing sales of the boxed Microsoft Office — meaning that Microsoft has plenty of theoretical revenue that it hasn’t hit yet.

But to Nadella’s mind, he shared last year, there’s only one real challenge: "Getting an entire organization to fall in love with these leading indicators of success,“ Nadella said in an interview.

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Wizards beat Warriors to jump to third spot in HIL

Lucknow, Feb 10 (IANS) Uttar Pradesh Wizards ended their home campaign with a 4-1 crucial win over Jaypee Punjab Warriors to jump to the third spot in the Coal India Hockey India League (HIL) here on Wednesday.

Drag-flicker Mark Gleghrone (10th minute) gave Warriors the lead but Gonzalo Peillat (19th and 33rd minute) took his set-piece goal tally to eight before Augustin Mazzilli produced a stunning backhand field goal, counted as two in this edition of HIL, in the 43rd minute as Wizards pocketed five crucial points.

The win by three-goal margin helped the hosts jump two places to be third with 23 points from eight matches – same as second-placed Kalinga Lancers but behind on goal difference.

Warriors were fourth with 22 points from eight matches. No team has yet qualified for the semi-finals with Dabang Mumbai (19 points from seven games) and Delhi Waveriders (17 points from eight games) still in the race occupying fifth and sixth spot respectively. Defending champions Ranchi Rays have 27 points from seven matches to top the standings.

Warriors face a crucial away encounter against Dabang Mumbai on Friday, while Wizards will be up against Rays on Saturday.

The match at the Dhyan Chand Sports College ground began at a very good pace as both the teams went for the kill from the push-back. Very early into the match, Warriors goalkeeper Tristian Clemons had to run out of the circle to fend off a brilliant solo run from the deep by home captain Wouter Jolie.

S.V. Sunil and Matt Gohdes were posing serious questions for Wizards and they earned a penalty corner in the eighth minute. English set-piece specialist Gleghorne was right on the ball to give Warriors the 1-0 lead.

Wizards came back strongly in the second quarter and earned a penalty corrner that was brilliantly saved by Clemons. On the rebound off Clemons, the hosts bagged another penalty corner in the 19th minute by playing to the foot of a defender and this time, Argentine Peillat fired a grounder to the right corner of Clemons to equalise 1-1.

Wizards grew stronger after the goal and with experienced Tobias Hauke and Eddie Ockenden creating a lot of opportunities from the midfield, their good work paid more dividends in the third quarter as Peillat returned to give the hosts a 2-1 lead with another successful penalty corner conversion in the 33rd minute.

Akashdeep Singh would have made it 4-1 when he raced inside the circle from the left with only goalkeeper Clemons to beat. Instead of rounding up Clemons, he went for an overhead chip, giving enough time for Baljit Singh to put it away on the goal-line.

However a few minutes later they did make it 4-1 when German midfielder Tobias Hauke showed brilliant skills and cleared the midfield crossing over from left to the right before playing to Mazzilli, who attempted a backhand strike to stun the visitors in the 43rd minute.

Warriors tried their best to stage a comeback in the final quarter. They even had a Simon Orchard shot hit the post but apart from it, they were subdued by the midfield pair of Man-of-the-Match Hauke and Ockenden, alongwith a strong defending from Jolie.

“It was a crucial win for us. Also, it was important that we finally managed a win in front of our home fans. We are still very much in the race for the semi-finals and if we perform well like we did today in the final two matches, we will be through,” Hauke said after the match.