Hunter x Hunter will come back from hiatus on June

The magazine Shonen Jump, from Shueisha, announced on this Wednesday (10) that the manga series Hunter x Hunter, by Yoshihiro Togashi, will come back from the hiatus on June, 26th. It will also be published the 34th series volume in the same time. The series was on hiatus since the chapter 361, that was on the 31th edition of 2016 of the magazine Shonen Jump. 

Translation from the portuguese version of the news on Crunchyroll: you can find it here

136 The Taskmaster

The 136 type holds itself to a high standard of loyalty. Within this type, the 1 provides an overarching sense of never being fully satisfied and always needing to strive to improve. When combined with the external focus of both 3 and 6, this leaves the 136 feeling as though they always could have done better, which can be used to fuel both self-deprecation and self-improvement. The strength of this type lies in their ability to identify and accomplish clear goals set for themselves as well as those set for others. In all of their focus to live up to the expectations of those around them, 136s can sometimes forget the loyalty they owe themselves is worth no less than the loyalty you show to others.

(description by @naughty-nanny)

[361]  こどものひ  |  kodomo no hi  |  children’s day

Children’s Day (こどものひ) is a Japanese national holiday which takes place annually on May 5 to celebrate children’s happiness.
On this day, families raise the carp-shaped koinobori flags, with one carp for the father, one for the mother, and one carp for each child.
The day was originally called Tango no Sekku and was known as Boys’ Day while Girls’ Day (Hinamatsuri) was celebrated on March 3.
In 1948, the government decreed this day to be a national holiday to celebrate the happiness of all children so it was renamed Kodomo no Hi.



Carnuntum, Austria

4th century CE

15 m. in height

Between 354 CE and 361 CE a huge triumphal monument was erected next to the camp and city. Contemporary reports suggest that Emperor Constantius II had it built to commemorate his victories. When the remains of Carnuntum disappeared after the Migration Period the monument remained as an isolated building in a natural landscape and led Medieval people to believe it was the tomb of a pagan giant. Hence, they called it “Heidentor” (pagan gate). 

Ninja Therapy

aka ‘let’s put mentally unstable assassins with kids and see what happens’, and by mentally unstable assassins I mean Kakashi.

Let’s put the genius chuunin with daddy issues on a genin team (which then creates a conflict so huge it leaves two members dead)

Let’s put the kid with ptsd to guard an unborn baby (but don’t let him finish his job and also let him get attached so that when his second family dies he gets like seventy other issues on top of his ptsd)

Let’s put the man with the biggest guilt complex ever in charge of baby genins (which does nothing for that complex also ignores any mental health problems the genin might have *cough* Sasuke *cough*)

Look at that Hiruzen I guess your son didn’t inherit just his smoking habit from you. I don’t think that’s how you rehabilitate an ANBU with more issues than his kill count. I mean, seriously.

That’s why your ninjas have gone to shit, Hiruzen.