sometyimes good people get drunk,  sometimes good people behave in ways that are inexplicable to you, sometimes good people hold grudges and dont want to be your friend, sometimes good peopl;e jack off 420 smoke weed 360 noscope headshot call of duty overwatch master chief mlg pro vape juice weed oil man bun hotdog water xanax bars racing cars obtuse grape juice rubber goose obtuse fuckin moose chocolate shake bbirthday cake 

\b i g           m i s t a k e

I like how most of the overwatch achievments for the cute sprays are like “do 4 kills with your ulti” and for widowmaker it’s like “do a 360 noscope midair headshot across the map while solving a rubiks cube with your feet”

Well its been just over a year since I’ve started this blog and I just wanted to send out a giant thank you to everyone that’s followed me so far! Thank you for sticking by the horrible jokes in my tags and coming with me on an adventure filled with Hanekawa’s beautiful everything and the various moe that I plague your dashes with <3

But enough about me, here’s some wonderful people that make my day and deserve recognition for being wonderful little fluffballs (´⌣`ʃƪ) As usual, names are in no particular order and mutuals are in bold. If I miss anyone and you feel like you deserve to be mentioned, let me know! We can talk about it over coffee or settle our differences on rust interventions headshots only 360 final kill or doesn’t count.

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I’m sure I’ll make small yelps of pure bliss as more people join the cult of Hanekawa however the next ff I’ll be doing will be at 10k (should we actually get that far). Love you all and have a great night <3

listen i love titties, im an authentic titty lover, 90% of the day i got my hand on a titty spiritually but these designs are no good, this is too much titty…its like pizza all month im sick of it, stop it, let them dress in real armor.. for war

you think im gonna stop noscope 360 headshot killstreaking during war just cause a titty out?? no i’m shooting through that titty….it’s exposed and now i’m number 1 on xbox live, add me my friendtag is xxXDankWeed42069urMomXxx

catcalling is horrible but i dont think females doing it to males is going to make them feel uncomfortable because 98% of men are dude bros and if theres anything they love more than the dorito-laced compliments of their fellow dudebrethern for getting a sick 360 noscope quickscope headshot its a female complimenting them but thats just me and my notes