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An Exclusive Look Inside The New Brickell Flatiron Tower

The sky is the limit for recent Miami condo developers, as they continue to push the boundaries of building heights, surpassing the horizon with sky-high residential buildings. The demand for luxury residential living with full-service amenities and 360-degree panoramic views in downtown Miami continues to grow. Miami residents will soon be able to sleep above the clouds and take a dip above the skyline in downtown Miami’s new Brickell Flatiron tower.

Get the complete Coachella virtual reality experience with our immersive new companion app, Coachella Explorer. Roam the Coachella grounds in this 360-degree panoramic experience, complete with multi-media content captured onsite. Stay tuned for updates from the 2015 festival containing new models of the venue and media content. Compatible with Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift DK2 or as a standalone app. ​

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(Rosetta’s lander Philae is safely on the surface of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, as these first two CIVA images confirm. One of the lander’s three feet can be seen in the foreground.)

Philae is collecting data and transmitting it to Rosetta for relay to Earth. The lander and orbiter are around 317 million miles from home, a distance that takes the signal more than 20 minutes to cross. Click the images above for more details.

All images courtesy ESA.

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Planning your visit to the Aquarium? Now you can preview our beautiful exhibits and expansive galleries in Google Maps Street View!

We’re the first aquarium on the iconic site with both interior and exterior images. We join other prominent natural wonders, architectural landmarks and museums around the world featured in Street View. Other notable collections include the White House, the Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower, the Gálapagos Islands, the Art Institute of Chicago and the San Diego Zoo.

As with the other collections, our beautiful galleries appear in 360-degree splendor. While exploring the virtual Aquarium, see if you can spot a diver in the signature Kelp Forest exhibit, and peek at shorebirds in the Aviary, marvel at a swirl of thousands of sardines in the million-gallon Open Sea exhibit, see waves crashing off decks overlooking Monterey Bay, and more.

Google Maps’ Street View team mapped the Aquarium in May 2013, using the Google Trolley to map the inside, and the Google Trekker outside.

Start your virtual tour inside our galleries! (Toggle between floors using the “elevator” numbered boxes on right.)

Check out the views from our back deck


I did the greatest hike of my life yesterday. some where beyond 25 km and 1200 metres elevation to the Sigurd Moraine Camp in the shadow of Ossa and Pelion Peaks at the north end of Tantalus provincial park. along the way we saw Crooked Falls, alpine meadows, 360 degree panoramic views, climbed a kilometre along the ridge of a moraine, slid a kilometre back down the glacier on our butts, and spent the whole day freaking out that we were actually seeing all this. thanks so much to my friend Nicola for taking me there and dragging my butt up the mountain.

Pocket Monsters XY: Sora no Hahen (Pokémon XY: A Fragment of the Heavens), a brand-new anime tied to the ongoing Pokémon XY television anime, will run in two Tokyo planetariums this summer. Like previous Pokémon planetarium anime, this new one will be projected onto 360-degree panoramic domes.

The story follow Satoshi (Ash in English) and his friends when they visit the PokémonAerospace eXploration Agency (a nod to the real-life Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency). They are thrilled by stories from PAXA’s astronauts about the wonders of space and the possibility of Pokémon living in space. Then, just as they hear about the dangers posed by space debris, sirens suddenly ring out. Team Rocket have plotted to seize control of PAXA and have apparently infiltrated the facility.

At that critical moment, trouble develops in a control system for artificial satellites. Large pieces of space debris have collided, causing fears of even more debris.

The Konica Minolta Planetarium “Tenkū” in Tokyo Skytree Town and Ikebukuro’s Konica Minolta Planetarium “Manten” in Sunshine City will begin screening the anime from July 19 to September 7 and from July 12 to August 31, respectively. Other planetarium throughout Japan are also planning to screen the anime.

Source: animenewsnetwork

Note: It’s nothing important the previous saga (Best Wishes) also have a Planetarium special! 


Spitzer Completes 360-Degree Panorama Of Milky Way

After 10 years capturing 2 million infrared snapshots of our galaxy using the Spitzer Space Telescope, NASA has created a 360-degree panoramic view of our galaxy, showing stars from across the 100,000 light years of the milky way.

By: Video From Space.