360 bridge



A behind the scenes look at my sketches for my Austin, Texas drawing :)


She said “hey, don’t expect anything too amazing” and then took me on the best date I’ve ever been on.


Here’s the unedited clip of the Adder 360 bridge gap. Since a lot of people thought it was mods, cheats or hacks, I thought I’d share the original clip, showing I only used Franklins special ability to get the speed I needed. #PS4
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Auf den Grafningsvegur Efri #360 überspannt im Süden von Island eine Brücke den Fluß Sog, der ein Abfluss des Þingvallavatn ist. In direkter Nähe der Brücke befindet sich auch das Wasserkraftwerk Ljósafossstöð

On the Grafningsvegur Efri #360, a bridge spanned the river Sog, which is an outflow of Þingvallavatn. The Ljósafossstöð hydroelectric power station is also located near the bridge.

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