36 inch bust

kazuichi souda has a huge ass

The latest in my series of essays tackling important DR2 canon issues: The question of Souda’s plump tuckus. I mean, it’s not really a question. He has a huge ass, and I’m going to prove to you.

Warnings for: DR2 spoilers. The spoiler being that Souda has a huge ass.

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Month of May — Carefree Black Girls 2014!!

For the month of May, we’ve decided to shift our focus to the Carefree Black Girl 2014 movement. It’s important to note that by “carefree” we do not mean careless—we mean being unapologetically ourselves, despite what the world tells us to do or how to be. We live in a society that tries to break down and destroy our pride, passion, beauty, confidence, health, opportunities, sexuality, and sense of self as black women often by training us to self-hate and pitting us against each other. It is time for solidarity and most importantly self-love.

We are taught to believe that we are ugly and unwanted.

We are taught to believe that we are supposed to be strong and confident, but not too much, or else we are deemed obnoxious and unruly.

We are taught to believe that we must chemically alter our hair in order to get a job or a date, because our natural hair is unruly and inappropriate.

We are taught to believe that we must maintain our natural hair or else we are “ghetto” or must be ashamed of our blackness.

We are told that we are not black because we are light-skinned.

We are told that we are too black and or not beautiful because we are dark-skinned.

We are taught to believe that we must have an unrealistic 24 inch waist with a 36 inch bust and butt because our bodies are so extremely dehumanized and oversexualized to the point that if we don’t have a body like that, we are undesirable and incapable of receiving any love and respect from a partner.

According to our society’s white supremacist and patriarchal standards, no matter what we do, black women simply cannot win.

Fuck society’s standards. We are amazing and we are unapologetically ourselves. We are carefree black girls.

We are weak and we are strong. We are incredibly smart but sometimes confused. We are confident yet we are frustrated by the contradicting and confined boxes we are supposed to fit into. We are fat and we are skinny. Dark-skinned, light-skinned, and everything in between. We love punk rock and dancehall. Some of us rock our natural kinky hair and some of us our hot pink weaves. We are always changing, always improving and working towards greatness. We are who we are when we want to be it. We do what we want when we want to do it. We are beautiful and amazing beings. We cannot afford to care what you think about us anymore. We are human. We are carefree black girls.

Please submit any photos, poetry, artwork, thoughts, music, etc that you feel exemplifies the movement or adds to the conversation and feel free to share your plans to embrace the carefree black girl mentality this year. And men—don’t be shy—share your support for the movement! The more, the merrier. We are all in this together.

Stay beautiful & carefree, xoxo,

—B.A.A.B. Team 

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Bust: 36 inches - no change
Waist : 28 inches - no change
Hips: 36.5inches - loss 2 inches
Thigh L: 23 inches - no change
Thigh R: 23 inches - no change

So SUPER proud of myself for a week of dedicated hard work that showed results!! So happy! And my tummy has gone down SO much in just a week!!! Life is fantastic!!