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Hello! I was wondering if you plan on updating any of your fics any time soon? I'm addict to them. It's okay if you don't have time or something, though... No rush, just that I find your way of putting words in order pleasing.

Oh dear Nonny… you don’t know how BADLY I want to update… I have been sooooo insanely busy with RL (how dare it interfere with fic pleasures?) but I truly hope that maybe the weekend will do the trick… there are some people who have had a glimpse ( @thedeliriumtennants , @ktrosesworld, @lunaseemoony, @hazelcmist, @draco9236) and can vouch for the fact that a new chapter exists… soon, my dear Nonny, soon… and it makes me so eternally happy to know that you find my bumbling word smithing attempts pleasing. Thank you! Attack hug for you…

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It’s hoodie season & this @nickkarpphotos original from our birthday show in February miiiiiight just be one my favorite photos taken where someone is wearing a hoodie, specifically a #genderisover #ifyouwantit hoodie. #WillYouBeMyBand?

For real though, we’ve got these hoodies for sale for the next ~36 hours (along with jerseys, tanks, and tees for those of you in warmer climates), so if you’d like to pick one up for yourself, don’t snooze! …
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Puerto Rico RN

• There is no streetlights whatsoever, so cops are directing traffic all over the island ( and yes, they already ran one over)
• Hospitals are urging citizens to only use emergency rooms for strictly necessary cases ( jaysuusss)

• There is a vast number of people that are unable to communicate with their loved ones

• It’s already been 24 hours, and they estimate this will go on for the next few days

• A lot of people, especially those in rural areas ( like me) have no water


After 36 hours, my house finally has electricity, BUT

• People who’s electricity and water had already been reestablished are stating that it’s gone again

• A total of 3 police officers who have been directing traffic, since there are no streetlights or traffic lights, have been run over, and another two were in a car accident ( and one of them has died)

• A citizen has died from gas inhalation due to being in close proximity to a power generator

• When the lights went out, the train station ( Tren Urbano) immediately stopped working! A 73 year old man was stuck in an elevator for a whole night before they got him out!

• The Governor has declared a STATE OF EMERGENCY, has called in the national guard for assistance.

• Gas stations are reporting that they have run out of gas!

• Schools and Universities have stopped giving classes, local businesses are forced to close

• They expect this all to be over by Monday, but they’re not sure! The governor said to be prepared, but the thing is, WE ARE NOT PREPARED TO FACE SOMETHING LIKE THIS OR ANYTHING LIKE THIS.