36 billiards care


36 BILLARDS BAR  1265, Av. de Mayo-Monserrat

Thursday late afternoon - i strolled into an old local cafe and billiard hall for snack.  The 36 billiards opened in 1894 building designed by architects Tiphaine & Colmena. This is one of the most emblematic bars inBuenos Aires and many a tale were woven amongst its tables whilst drinking coffee, gin, aperitifs and wine.

Upstairs where the cafe was fairly quiet, wandering downstairs to the pool hall it was stepping back in time.  The hall was packed with old croonies hanging out with their friends playing the strangest game of billiards i had seen. 3 balls - white, red and yellow - no pockets in the corners.  some tables had these teeny weeny bowling-like-pins.  no idea how they were keeping score.  there were even bleacher seating for spectators.  i remember playing at crystal palace in Winnipeg with my friends way into the early morning; crazy stories we shared.

sat and watched for while wondering how these men saw the world today….or did they care and just happy playing pool with their mates.