35mm print


I’ve always waited to have 4 finished films before I go and get them printed purely because this is cheaper for me and I know that you know how expensive it can be!.

Anyway, I finally finished my 4th film after a busy few months switching jobs 3 times and whatnot. So next week when we have the car thats the first thing I’m going to do.

I’ve no idea whats on any of the films if I’m honest; some of them have been finshed since November.



Quentin Tarantino’s dizzying, violent, and virtuosic Reservoir Dogs is coming to New York this month for a special 25th anniversary screening at Tribeca 2017, followed by a reunion with Tarantino and the cast. See this revelatory debut on Tarantino’s personal 35mm print. Tickets are now available!

(Source: tribecafilm.com)