35mm photograhy

So sorry for the wait!

I’ve been a bit quiet lately, as I’ve been focusing on finishing my college course (which I managed to achieve a D*D*D* so pretty chuffed with that) and finally got my scanner and printer moderately working! I have 6 cameras all with 27 photos to still get developed but I’m slightly skint with festival season at the moment but you will be seeing them soon! Im excited, so watch this space! 💕✨


Thailand caught on film by Amber Street 

part 1

I haven’t wrote much of this amazing friend of mine before because I was never sure what to write. But through every roll of film she sends me I shocked with the quality, every photo on every roll is on point. Amber works as a travel agent at Student Flights she hasn’t worked there too long. Amber has booked Good Stuff flights before, she is good at sales because of her passion to travel. Before Amber had this job she hadn’t left Australia now she will be going overseas more then 5 times this year. 

Scroll down her instagram and see the combination or film and travel

You go girl xx