35mm l lens


Sagittarius Rising at Rattlesnake Lake by Don McCrady
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Sagittarius and the center of the Milky Way rise above the mountains east of Rattlesnake Lake. Several prominent objects are visible around the most prominent object in the center, the M24 star cloud. Below it and to the right are the Lagoon Nebula and the Trifid Nebula. Almost directly above M24 are the Swan Nebula and the Eagle Nebula. The familiar teapot-shaped constellation of Sagittarius will never fully rise above the mountains at Rattlesnake Lake, WA. Taken with a Canon 6D and 16-35mm L lens at 35mm.

anonymous asked:

favorite canon lenses to shoot with? also, what body do you use?

My favorite lens is my 35mm L f/1.4 lens; totally accessible for any and all types for photography. I just bought a 24mm L f/1.4 lens. I’m going to be purchasing a 70-200mm 2.8 lens later this week hopefully!

I now have a Canon 5DM4. 

I want to point out that just because you have super expensive equipment doesn’t mean that your work will improve or that you will be the world’s greatest photographer (!!!). It’s important to understand that talent progresses over time, over hard work, and over genuine creativity. :)


new toys by farbstich.
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Canon F-1 and Canon FD 24-35mm 1:3.5L