landside (an epilogue)

Previously: 35B | In-Flight Entertainment | Baggage Reclaim Parts I & II

Thanks again to susannahmccormick for looking this over.

Three days after arriving in Starling City, it’s already starting to feel like home to Felicity.

She’s got her apartment almost sorted, the stuff she shipped from Boston arriving as planned the morning she got her key. She’s even mostly unpacked. Ok, the important stuff is unpacked. So just her computers, basically. Her new couch is due this coming weekend, so pretty soon she won’t even have to sit on the breakfast bar stools or the floor.

Queen Consolidated, on the other hand, still feels very new.

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baggage reclaim 2/2

Previously: 35B | In-Flight Entertainment | Baggage Reclaim Part I

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Well. This is definitely not how Felicity imagined her first night in Starling City might go. But here she is, sitting at a table across from Oliver Queen, two half eaten Belly Buster Meals spread out between them.

Shaking her head at the absurdity of it all, she stuffs another fry into her mouth.

See, that’s the great thing about being mad at him and about him being her boss. The door is shut on them dating now. It’s slammed shut. There are bolts on it. Padlocks. Which means she can eat this burger without a care in the world about how she looks when she’s cramming it into her mouth. Because this is not a date.

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The email was short, just a link to the external QC website where she found an updated picture of Oliver. She snorted, remembering her tirade about the outdated image that used to be there. In this one, he looked exactly as she remembered him - bright blue eyes and a jawline to die for. Except …  she’s never seen him dressed like this. If he’d been wearing that dark grey suit and tie on the day they met, it’s quite possible she’d have taken him upstairs, consequences be damned. It’s a really good suit, OK?

– from the epilogue to Baggage Reclaim, coming soon!