358 over 2 days



I’m just gonna leave this tasty burrito here for you guys to slowly savor and enjoy (while your sea-salty tears marinate your delicious burrito of 358/2 days) Sorta late for akurokushi day, but then again this isn’t meant to be romantic… it’s supposed to tell a story. Hear the other side.

Music of the Wind (Original Artwork)

Concept Requested by: zentyri

This keyblade is about the motion of music and magic combined. The person that requested the keyblade said they thought of stars, moons, and angel feathers when they thought of magic, so I tried to incorporate all of those things into the blade. I hope you like it!

Also! I have one more keyblade I am working on, but I’ll be going on another break for a little bit. As always, if you want to send in a request then I will respond with a time frame!

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I liked a couple of the relationships in Days

Roxas and Luxord is one of my favs, Luxord always treated Roxas nicely like an equal even, and he probably really did feel betrayed when Roxas left and then killed him

and Xigbar, although it was likely all fake from Xig’s side, but he was like an uncle

Demyx had more potential but you know, hardly any missions together and the slacking off every single time

Xaldin…eh, pretty boring actually, it hardly even seemed like they interacted at all

I wish there was more with the Castle Oblivion folks though, like Zexion or Larxene

anonymous asked:

Woah, this is mind blowing. What is the source for your pronunciation of 358/2 days? Cause I've always said "three hundred fifty eight over two days" and that's always made sense in my head. Like I have no idea if that's right or not, I'm just curious.

In Japanese, it is much easier to say Three Five Eight than Three-hundred Fifty Eight. So, that is what they use and it is how it is translated to English. As for the Over Two, in an interview with Nomura:

“– Just one more thing that I think everyone is wondering, just what does the title “358/2 Days” mean?

Nomura: That’s the question that everyone has to ask in interviews. (laughs) There is an answer, but I think it’s best not to answer it. Well okay, I’ll give a little hint. “/2” is read in English as “over two”, but this isn’t the kind of over that means to “pass over” something. The 358 days are shared between two people, so “/2”, but I’d rather you imagine which two we are talking about. After you’ve finished playing it you might change your mind about who the two people are.”