358 days over 2

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Hii!! I love your art and flip notes and you are prob the coolest person on the tumblr ;;;w;;; if you could draw Roxas that would be amazing omg?? (Still crying over the new 358/2 days scene in the 1.5 + 2.5 remix-)

hey! and anything for this good kid ;;

and thank you so so much too., 💜💙 (and thereS A NEW SCENE??? LIKE THE GAME NEEDS TO BE MORE DEPRESSING)

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Woah, this is mind blowing. What is the source for your pronunciation of 358/2 days? Cause I've always said "three hundred fifty eight over two days" and that's always made sense in my head. Like I have no idea if that's right or not, I'm just curious.

In Japanese, it is much easier to say Three Five Eight than Three-hundred Fifty Eight. So, that is what they use and it is how it is translated to English. As for the Over Two, in an interview with Nomura:

“– Just one more thing that I think everyone is wondering, just what does the title “358/2 Days” mean?

Nomura: That’s the question that everyone has to ask in interviews. (laughs) There is an answer, but I think it’s best not to answer it. Well okay, I’ll give a little hint. “/2” is read in English as “over two”, but this isn’t the kind of over that means to “pass over” something. The 358 days are shared between two people, so “/2”, but I’d rather you imagine which two we are talking about. After you’ve finished playing it you might change your mind about who the two people are.”