Day 187 - 07.06.15

YOOOOOO I’ve been doing this for over half the year now. Not always on time but still. 

I didn’t have class today. Not until Wednesday. I went to work but turns out I also didn’t have work. The new schedule doesn’t start till tomorrow. It’s cool cuz I don’t work but bad cuz that’s a good chunk of money. 

Decided to go to campus and read programming. Got what I needed to read for the day done and went home. Still have leftovers so I think I’ll be eating that for at least another day. 

Didn’t do much else. Should have gone running or something. sigh. 

173/365 -

Latte-raptor training with Hamster Gremy. Charlie, Blue, and Delta. Nailed it.

Gremy is a Suntan Rabbit Goon from Peak’s Woods
- Hamster Suit: VOLKS

Latte is a Zuzu Delf Chu from LUTS
- Faceup: LUTS
- Eyes: Leekeworld
- Dinosaur Suit: LUTS

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[July 5th, 2015] Day Fifty: Why are you doing this challenge?

To see how much my life will change in a year. To see how much I will change in a year. I feel I will know myself better after a year has passed.