so there are a LOT of you now!! i’m not sure what i did to get 3500+ people to pay attention to my little sandbox here but as long as i’ve got you i may as well throw gifts at you, right?? let’s call this the start of WONDERPETALS SUPER DUPER FOLLOWER GIFT WEEK because i really do have a lot to thank you guys for. <33

so i learned to make WALL ART yesterday! which is exciting because, like roxy in OUAL, i too have decided i’d like to pursue a career in interior design, which means i suddenly have TONS of adorable wall art saved for future real life walls, which i can now put on my sims’ walls as well! 

the first of these is a set of adorable animal prints. all of the art for these came from land of nod, and the mesh is by marcorse. they’re sort of a mix-n-match set as there are several matching sets included! there are 21 presets in all. :)

download: mediafire

Courtroom Women & Mayfly Men, Part 10: But what does it all matter?

(If you’re just tuning in, this is part 10 of a 10-part meta series. Links to the other chapters can be found here.)

Well. It’s been a wild ride, hasn’t it? Time to wind things down. Today I’m going to get a little bit soapboxy. The seed for this chapter was born when one of my lovely beta readers, monikakrasnorada, had some big questions after beta reading all the previous chapters of this series. True to form, I attempted to answer her question in a concise manner, and 3500 words later, I had a partial response put together that wildly spiraled out of control and touched on some of the big topics in this fandom. At which point I realized that I would feel remiss if I didn’t address these topics at some point in the series. So here we are.

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[INFO] 150417 BEAST’s 2015 Beautiful Show in Taipei - 6th June at 7:30pm CST - ticketing info


BEAST 2015 Taipei Concert
Time: 2015/6/6 (Saturday) at 7:30pm CST
Location: Tianmu Stadium
Ticket prices: 4800 (rock ‘n’ roll standing area), 4200 (rock ‘n’ roll standing area), 4000 (seating area), 3500 (seating area), 3200 (seating area)

More info about the ticketing will be revealed soon !!

Source: 台灣太陽娛樂 (Taiwan Sun Entertainment) | Facebook

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“Soul sickness. I’m guessing that’s not just a fancy way of saying I’ll be depressed for a while.”

Stiles is standing in Deaton’s office, already looking a little weak on his feet as he leans against Scott’s arm for support. It’s totally just to make Scott feel useful, ‘cause the guy’s looked like he’s on the verge of a breakdown ever since he hadn’t quite managed to knock Stiles out of the way of that spell in time.

It’s not that Stiles is feeling woozy, feeling like his legs might just decide to go on strike at any second.

And if it is, that’s only because Deaton’s frowning at him in a way that actually makes him look nervous. Deaton. Nervous.

That’s never even remotely good.

“I’m afraid soul sickness is exactly what it says on the tin,” the man replies. “Your soul is literally weakening, beginning to wither. And if it dies off completely… well, that’s a fate—“

“If you say ‘a fate worse than death’ I’m gonna slap somebody.”

The older man sighs, brows going up as if to say ‘fine, I won’t say it then.”

Scott’s grip tightens on his arm, voice going too low, wavering.

“But you can fix it, right?”

“This is a battle the soul must fight on its own, I’m afraid.” And then, after waiting just long enough for both boys to start well and truly panicking: “There is one thing that might help bolster you, help your soul fight off this unnatural disease. But…”

“But what?” Scott cuts in as he falters. “Whatever it is, do it.”


So, apparently, soulmates are a thing.


Who knew?

“It’s not as dramatic as romantics would have you believe. Most people don’t end up in a relationship with their soulmates. Many don’t even encounter them.”

“But if you did, you’d know, right?” Scott, of course, is enthralled by the idea. Deaton’s head bobs noncommittally, and his bright expression falters.

“Your souls would recognize each other. Most certainly, they would leave an impression. But to the untrained mind it would be hard to discriminate from any normal emotional response – attraction, nervousness, anger even, depending on the situation.”

Stiles glances to his friend, a smirk touching his lips.

“Why Scotty, you think you and—“ he was going to say Kira, he really was, but when he thinks about sparks of instant infatuation, he finds his mind jumping to Allison. Scott’s seems to as well, his eyes going shuttered.

Stiles lets the moment pass, looking back to Deaton.

“Ok, so you said ritual? Then let’s find me my soulmate.”


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17 year old Lennon Lacy was found handing from a swing set in North Carolina, the police dismissed his death as an apparent suicide, despite his friends and family and everyone that knew him claiming otherwise. The FBI is now probing into Lennon’s death. 7 months later Otis Byrd is found hanging from a tree in Mississipi.


One Nutrition is a Danish brand of supplements for athletes. Supplements can be beneficial for most athletes, but this fact is often lost in branding strategies catering only to body builders. By applying a simple and authentic visual scheme and speaking in a simple and direct tone, One Nutrition aims to show that their products are in fact healthy and not harmful.

A bespoke typeface called Victor is the center of the identity.

A 5500 year old female figurine from Predynastic Egypt.

From Ma'mariya, Egypt, painted terracotta, ca. 3500-3400 BC, about 30cm tall.

Representations of female figures with highly abstracted forms occur throughout most of the Predynastic Period. On statuettes of this period, the legs are usually not articulated and the faces are beaklike. This rare undamaged example, one of the oldest works in the Brooklyn Museum, was found in a burial excavated by the Museum’s first archaeological expedition in Egypt. The symbolism, function, and identity of the figure are not certain. However, similar female figures painted on Predynastic vessels appear to be goddesses, because they are always larger than the male “priests” shown with them. (Brooklyn)

Courtesy of & can be viewed at the Brooklyn Museum, USA. Via their online collections07.447.505.