Let’s go over this for like the 8th time now: Museums =! Hogwarts

Anonymous submitted: 

My museum holds series of photographic portraits that document 50 years or so of mostly dead white guys. There are no fewer than 9000 of them (not including the unprinted negatives), filed alphabetically. 

For the past six years, two of us have been regularly scanning these photographs 2-3 times a week as part of our regular duties and responsibilities. Despite being digitizing badasses, we’ve just completed everything up to the letter “I” as in “I hope I get to the end of the alphabet before I die.” 

That means we’ve worked through about 3500 of the 9000+ photographs in the archives. 

Its the 100th anniversary of the series’ conception next year and we received an email from a (genuinely lovely) colleague asking in a very sweet way if it would be possible to complete digitization of the whole series by next year to tie in with the anniversary?

We literally need a time machine to go back and give ourselves at least a decade’s worth of notice to meet that deadline. Or several dozen new staff members working non-stop and sleeping in shifts under the desk. Or find some magic wands. Honestly, that last option is probably the most feasible. 

Only For Her

So this whole thing started because I kept seeing adorable baby pictures on Instagram and also that @faedreamer is a terrible enabler. 

I now offer you what was supposed to be a tiny thing of Harry and Eggsy getting a daughter to nearly 3500 words of a 5+1 thing that made me cry (happily) more than once. 

Five Times Harry Hart hears ridiculous noises about babies and the one time he makes them himself.

Feel free to listen to this while you read

It always starts innocently enough, when someone has a new baby, some people absolutely want to shower it in the cutest possible clothing. Anything that makes your heart squeeze tight and especially something that makes you go, “Awww!” 

Harry Hart did not realize that having a daughter would inspire the most ridiculous noises out of people he had personally seen decapitate other human beings.

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•Girl Next Door•

                                              Chapter Four:

                                        ‘….she’s my favorite’


The foreign rays from the early morning sun felt warm against Rick’s bare forearm as it hung out of the driver’s side window; a gentle breeze rustled his thick curls from their place, in a swift motion he guided his fingers through them, adjusting them back before placing his arm back to its resting spot. He looked in the rear view mirror at his sleeping son, a soft smile formed on his lips at the image before looking back towards the front door of Michonne’s home. Butterflies filled his stomach as he sat in his 4-Door 2016 Sierra 3500 Denali pickup truck waiting for her, he was genuinely excited for her to formally meet Carl; she had only seen him through photos that he would text or email her over the years, a sense of euphoria washed over him at the thought of his son being able to meet the amazing woman he had the pleasure to call his best friend, that he would be able to bask in the same radiance he had since they were 14. He knew today was about them meeting but being able to just lay eyes on the brown skinned beauty again was a blessing within itself. 

Rick adjusted the rolled up sleeve of his dark blue denim shirt so it sat more comfortably around his elbow before he moved on to brushing off the straight leg black jeans worn and pulling them over the brown cowboy boots that complimented the rustic look. The front door opening caught his attention, his heart almost stopped when he caught sight of her stepping down from the threshold, closing the door behind her and locking it. He sat with his mouth agape almost salivating as she walked towards the truck with a bright smile; she was absolutely radiant under the morning sunlight. 

He couldn’t help but drink her up; taking in the white V-neck tee shirt worn that was knotted at the waist, showing off a slither of her toned stomach, her thick hips and ample back side filled out the black Lurelly Chloe pants she wore like a masterpiece, her still crimped locs were swept to the left as they cascaded down her chest and shoulder, a light brown Panama hat with a black grosgrain band sat on top of her sea of locs, light brown wedges, a gold chained necklace with the initial ‘M’ graced her slender neck along with a pair of diamond studded earrings, a gold charm bracelet and an oversized black clutch bag completed the look; it was no denying that she looked damn good. Rick felt parched all of a sudden as his eyes continued to follow her towards his truck, he quickly covered his crotch area with his denim shirt attempting to hide the excitement she had stirred within him.

“Hey you…” Michonne smiled out while opening the passenger side of the truck and hopping in next to him

Rick quickly cleared his throat, “Hey yourself…you look gorgeous Mickz” he gushed out, how thirsty he was evident as the words fell from his tongue; his eyes continuing to roam every inch and curve of her skin

Her cheeks grew flush as she giggled bashfully, “…thanks-you look pretty good yourself” she bantered back, her eyes studying the length of him; how handsome he looked left her a bit flustered as she tore away her gaze to reach forward to close the truck’s door. 

A soft sigh escaped her lips before looking towards Rick; a soft smile already on his face as he took her in. She met his gaze, a familiar warmth filled the air as they took in one another. A small yawn from the backseat broke her gaze, she looked towards the source of the noise, her heart fluttered as she studied the young child looking heavily eyed back at her; his skin was as pale as snow with the most beautiful light brown freckles that scattered across his chubby little cheeks like constellations in a moonlit sky, his bone straight hair a deep chestnut brown with eyes the clearest of blues; just like his father. Little Carl was a gorgeous little boy, almost a splitting image of his daddy minus a few small details, she looked towards Rick with a small smile on her face, “He’s beautiful…” 

Rick’s chest swelled with pride as he looked towards her with admiration, “Thank you” he responded softly

Michonne beamed at him before turning her attention back towards the 5-year old who was sound asleep again, she chuckled to herself as she looked towards Rick, “What did you do to this poor baby… he can barely keep his eyes open?” 

“Not nuthin’…he’s just a sleeper like his daddy” he joked as he buckled his seatbelt

“I just hope he doesn’t snore like you, Yogi” she teased as she turned around in the seat, reaching for her seatbelt to fasten it

“Don’t make me bite you…” he responded in a low raspy tone

“Stop it…” she reprimanded him through a giggle, “…there’s little ears in the car” 

“He ain’t paying us no mind…he’s asleep” he reminded her through a wide grin as he turned the key in the ignition, starting the truck before shifting the gear to drive and pulling out of the parking spot heading towards downtown King’s County.

Michonne bit her lip as she watched him, the feeling of warmth strong in the air again as she bashfully diverted her gaze, her eyes roamed the interior of the truck as she ran her fingers along the soft black leather seats and instrument panels, admiring every detail and fine stich of the vehicle, “This is a beautiful truck Rick…it’s a pretty big upgrade from Delilah-I miss her…” 

“Yeahhh me too… a lot of good memories in that truck” he agreed with a smile as they pulled up to a red stop light; turning his position slightly towards her, needing to take her in for a quick moment 

“…very good memories” she reconfirmed as her face grew warm, thoughts of the countless late nights and early mornings they spent in the bed of that truck filled her mind sweetly, she bit her lip bashfully as her gaze met his, the soft smile on his face and sweetness in his eyes confirmed he was thinking the same. Rick glanced at the backseat, ensuring his son was still sleeping soundly before he reached towards her, gently running his fingers across the soft skin of her arm and wrist before wrapping his fingers into hers. She studied him for a second, her heart full of a love that was as sweet as honey, she smiled bashfully at him as she tightened the embrace. A wide smile spread across Rick’s face, his cheeks flushed red as he turned his attention back to the light that had just turned green. He pulled off from the stop light, heading down Magnolia Ave towards Carol’s Café. 

The quaint parking lot was surprisingly scarce for a Sunday, most weekends they were so jammed pack you had to park a few blocks down and walk up but today they were lucky, most of the town’s residents were still in sunrise church services so they had an hour or so before the crowd came in. 

Rick closed the driver’s side door, adjusting the leg of his jeans before opening the door to the back seat. He placed the keys in the pocket of his denim shirt before bending forward and reaching around his sleeping son to unbuckle the seatbelt from across the car seat and unhooking the security straps that sat across Carl’s chest and shoulders. Rick gently picked the young boy up, splaying him across his shoulder as he gently closed the door to the back seat behind him. He walked around the truck, meeting a smiling Michonne on the sidewalk as he adjusted the sleeping boy on his shoulder, “You ready?“ he asked sweetly. She nodded softly as Rick placed his hand on the small of her back, leading them into the diner. 

The smell of syrup, fried eggs, and bacon flooded their senses as soon as they made their way inside, heading towards the open booth that was nestled in the corner. Michonne placed her clutch down on the mahogany wood table top before disappearing to the front of the restaurant and returning with a batman themed booster seat. Rick stepped back as he watched her place it down on the booth’s seat

“Thank you” he responded huskily

“It’s no problem” she assured softly, biting her lip bashfully as she turned on her heels, heading towards the other side of the booth and sliding into it. She watched as Rick gently nudged the five-year-old out of his sleep before sitting him in the booster seat, securing it and taking his seat in front of Michonne. She watched as Carl groggily rubbed at his eyes and yawned, his blue eyes glistening as he looked towards her with wonderment. Michonne looked towards Rick, who’s eyes traveled from his son’s to hers; a warm smile accompanying the look.

“Carl it’s someone I want you to meet…” he informed as he grabbed a coloring mat and crayons from the end of the table. He placed the mat down before opening and pouring out the box of crayons in front of him, “…this here is Michonne”  

The five-year-old studied her intently, as if he was reading her like a page from his favorite comic book, a few seconds passed before he darted his eyes back over to his father and then over to her again, “Hi I’m Carl” he drew out in the softest of voices, a shy smile tugging at the corners of his lips

Michonne smiled brightly, his adorableness leaving her a bit giddy, “It’s nice to meet you Carl…I’ve heard so many things about you…Did you know that I’m one your daddy’s best friend’s?… " 

The child shook his head no as he sat engaged with the mystery woman, Rick smiled at the light hearted banter between them before picking up where Michonne had left off, “…yep-we’ve been in each other’s lives for over 18 years. She’s someone very special to me.” he breathed out with a smile, glancing over to Michonne for emphasis. 

The little boy’s eyes opened with surprise, “WOW…you’re really old daddy” he responded with a giggle

Rick scoffed playfully, slightly offended by his son’s innocent dig, “Thanks Carl” he replied dryly before his eyes traveled over to the giggling Michonne, who was trying to hide her amusement with her hand, “I'on know what you’re laughing at…remember you’re just a year younger than me. So if I’m old…you’re ancient” he responded with a chuckle, Carl gasping with wide eyes in response caused him to laugh harder. Michonne sat with her mouth agape as she peered at him, “You’re lucky young Carl is here because if he was not…you would be getting one of these” she shook her fist at him through the giggle.

“Oh stop…” he responded through a smile as he leaned forward in the seat, reaching under the table he grazed his fingers along her thighs

Michonne’s cheeks grew flush at the contact, she looked towards the young boy who was currently engrossed with coloring before looking back towards Rick, she bit her lip gently as she studied him, trailing her fingers across his. His eyebrow raised inquisitively, knowing that look all too well, he licked his lips as he gripped her thigh, the feeling of warmth falling heavily over them again. 

“Thanks so much for coming into Carol’s cafe today…My name is Amy-how may I help y'all today?” the young blond waitress asked as she passed out silverware and menus 

“Hi Amy”, they both greeted with small smiles, Rick released his grip, bringing his hands from under the table to open up the menu and look it over

“Could we place our drink orders first?”, he asked continuing to scan the beverage section of the menu

“Of course” she responded sweetly 

After a few moments he looked towards the waitress again, “Okay…can I have an apple juice for the little one here, an orange juice a-”

“Two please” Michonne chimed in with a soft smile, glancing towards Rick before looking back down at the menu 

Rick nodded with a smile, “Yeah…an apple juice and two orange juices please?”

“Okay so a kid sized apple and two OJ’s…right?” she asked as she scribbled the drink order down on her pad

“Yes mam”

“Okay…I’ll grab those while y'all take a look at the menu… I’ll be right back with those drinks” she responded with a smile before heading over to the drink bar to prepare the order 

“Everything sounds so good” Michonne hummed excitedly as she scanned the menu

Rick chuckled to himself, “Yeahhh it does…the steak and eggs sound really good right about now" 

"Mmmmm that sounds delicious…I kind of want that and some chunky monkey pancakes” she gushed out, shimmying in her seat as emphasis of what she thought about the meal

Rick smiled at her cuteness before reading over the kid’s menu, “Carl you want strawberry or blueberry pancakes?" 

"Strawberry please?” he responded, his eyes never leaving the multi-colored drawing he was coloring in

“Bacon or sausage?" 


"Green eggs or blue" 

"gr-…HEY!!!”, the little boy’s eyes shot up to his father’s as the coloring of the drawing seized  

Rick and Michonne chuckled as the child searched their eyes in confusion, “see that’s what happens when you don’t pay attention to your daddy" he chided him gently with a smile

“Sorry papa…” He apologized softly as he laid the crayon down and gave his father his full attention 

“It’s alright…go ahead and continue coloring”, he said softly as he kissed his son’s forehead, rustling his hair gently before the young boy went back to his drawing 

Michonne watched the dynamic between the two, her body warm as she took him in, fatherhood was something that looked so good on Rick, she had been the one to see him at his best and worst growing up but seeing him with this little soul…this little person, who was half of him was so surreal to her. It touched a part of her that she had shut out so long ago, it allowed for the love that she already had for him to run deeper than the ocean. 

The waitress returning with their drinks interrupted her thoughts, she smiled sweetly as Amy sat the drinks down on the table in front of them and grabbed her note pad ready to take their food order

“Alright what can I get y'all?” she beamed 

Rick cleared his throat, “Can I have the kids’s strawberry pancake platter with bacon and eggs scrambled with cheese, the lady will have the steak and eggs with the steak well done…eggs scrambled hard with onions, peppers and cheese. She also would like an order of chunky monkey pancakes…can you substitute the whipped cream with powdered sugar?”, the waitress nodded yes with a small smile darting her eyes over to Michonne, who sat with an eyebrow raised…impressed at how he still knew her down to a science after so long.  Amy looked back towards the gentlemen continuing to take the order, “I also would like another order of the steak and eggs, done medium well, the eggs fried with cheese and a strawberry waffle…please" 

“No problem…”, she responded happily as she began to collect the menus, “I’m putting this in now…y’all’s food will be out shortly-alright!!!” she chimed as she headed towards the kitchen to submit the order to the kitchen

Michonne watched as Rick fidgeted with his fingers, something he did when he was either about to knock someone’s teeth in or his mind was troubling him, today had only been about love, reconnecting and new beginnings, so she chose to go with the latter. Wanting to pull him from whatever had him plagued, she reached forward across the table a small smile on her face as she gently grazed his fingers with her own, he looked towards her with eyes immediately filling with happiness as he looped his index finger into hers, the need to be close strong between the two.

Still in the embrace, she diverted her attention over to the very quiet child who accompanied them, she watched as he colored in a replica of a very familiar character.  

“Wolverine’s claws look so amazing Carl!…you’re a very talented drawer” she complimented the young boy with a warm smile

“Thank you…you know who wolverine is?” he questioned with a perplexed expression

“Of course I do… I love comic books, especially Marvel. Wolverine is pretty cool but my all-time favorite character is Monica Rambeau she is super cool… she can absorb energy, travel at the speed of light, fly and can even disappear and that’s not even half of what she can do…” the young boy looked in awe as she continued “… I remember being around your age and sneaking into my closet with a flashlight to re-read issue #16 of The Amazing Spider Man. A birthday gift from my favorite Uncle Ray, it was the very first comic that introduced her. I still have the issue in mint condition in my collection…if you ever want to borrow it or just go through it let your old man over here know and I’ll bring them over” she beamed

 “That would be sooo cool… Thank you Miss. Michonne” he responded excitement filling his tone

 “No problem kid and just call me ‘Chonne” she smiled out as she took a sip of her orange juice

 “Okay…” the young boy smiled widely as he leaned into his father, placing his hand over his mouth once he was close to his ear, “…she’s my favorite” he whispered loudly as he looked towards Michonne innocently before going back to coloring 

 “Yeah… mine too” Rick responded huskily as he looked towards her, the feeling of love, admiration and the want of forever strong in his heart. Michonne blushed at the sentiment, thoughts of the many… many ways that she wanted to reciprocate those feelings flooded her mind as lust filled her loins.  

 Amy heading towards them with a smile and their food was somewhat of a saving grace from her feelings, Michonne pushed down her needs as she flashed a smile at the young woman. 

 “Here you all go…” she announced sweetly as she put the tray down on the neighboring table and began bringing over the plates to their table, Rick assisted with passing out the hot, decadent meals as Amy went back for the remaining items. He placed Carl’s plate in the middle of the table so that he could cut up the young boy’s pancakes, he passed Michonne her entrée with a smile, she grabbed the plate from him and placed it in front of herself before nudging towards the boy’s plate, Rick nodded at her silent communication,” If you don’t mind…” he drew out with a smirk, impressed by how quickly her maternal instinct kicked in as he placed his own plate down and began helping Amy pass out the remaining dishes. Michonne smiled to herself as she slid Carl’s plate closer, unwrapping his silverware, she grabbed his fork and knife, smearing the butter into each pancake before she began cutting the dollar sized cakes even smaller.  

 “Maple, Strawberry or Blueberry syrup…Carl?”

 “Ummm blueberry please Miss. ‘Chonne” he responded sweetly

 Michonne giggled to herself, “No problem kid” she responded as she grabbed the sweet, blue sticky substance from the rack of condiments and poured it over top of them. Once he gave her a nod he was content with the amount she sat up in her seat slightly to reach over the table and sit the plate down in front of him.

 “Thank you” he beamed as he watched his father move the coloring mat out of the way in order to bring the plate in closer. Rick chuckled at the wide smile his son flashed him before he began to eat, he turned his attention back to Amy

 “I hope you guy’s enjoy…if you need anything just give me a holla and I’ll be right over” she informed with a smile; Rick and Michonne thanked her with soft smiles before she picked up the tray and headed back to the kitchen. Rick’s eyes traveled over to Michonne. who was busy spreading butter and maple syrup onto his waffle; his cheeks warm as he watched her doing something so familiar to both of them; taking care of one another…it had been something they took pride in since they were younger…something no matter where the walks of life took them, they always came back to.

 She extended her arm, handing the plate back to him with a wide smile, he chuckled as he took the plate from her, gently grazing her fingers with his, “Thank you…” he drew out as his eyes dropped from her beautiful face down to her just as beautiful body and back up before placing the plate down and beginning to dig in. Michonne smirked before retracting her arm and picking up her fork, diving into her own meal.

 Breakfast was full of laughter, jokes, lightheartedness and bonding, seeing how quickly Carl took to Michonne and vice versa made the morning outing well worth it, Rick grabbed his wallet out of his back pocket, peeling out a $50.00-dollar bill and laying it on the table to cover the cost of the meal and a hefty tip for the wonderful waitress. He slid out of the booth with a heavy sigh, rubbing his full stomach with a slight pout as he looked over to Michonne, who giggled at the adorableness he managed to only display for her. He scrunched up his face in response teasingly, before reaching across the seat and unbuckling the booster seat that Carl remained in. He lifted his son out of the seat, blowing a quick raspberry on his stomach while midair before placing him on the floor, Carl giggled uncontrollably as he hugged his father’s leg for a moment before letting go and grabbing his drawing off of the table. Rick walked over to Michonne, extending his hand out for her to take, she watched him for a minute before biting her lip bashfully and following suit, allowing him to guide her out of the seat and next to him. He interlocked his fingers into hers, a soft smile on their faces as their eyes locked for a moment before Rick tore his gaze away to motion for Carl to take his right hand, once the young boy did so, he glanced from his left to right, a happiness that words could not explain filled him as he led the two most important people in the world to him out of the diner.  


Somewhere between leaving Carol’s and the short distance back home, Carl somehow convinced his father to take a detour to Governor Phillip Blake’s state park under the notion of wanting to show his new friend his favorite thing’s in the world.

 Rick stuffed his hands in his pockets as he looked over to the woman next to him, her arms crossed over her chest as they walked the gravel pathway in a content silence; Carl a small distance away. A smile of contentment formed against his face as his eyes lingered on her for a moment. He never knew how much he needed her until she was back home with him, how much he longed for her presence and touch, how completely oblivious he was to how deeply he missed her; he silently made a vow to himself to not ever let her go again.

 “Where here ‘CHONNE!!!…” Carl shrieked as he stood by the lake, rushing over to Michonne and wrapping his small fingers into hers “Come on…. I want to introduce you” he excitedly pulled her with him

 “Be careful Carl…Don’t pull her down now” Rick warned as he headed after them

 “It’s okay” she assured as she looked back to him, turning her attention back to the young boy who was leading her over to the lake. He stopped abruptly, bending down to peer over the dirt mound that divided the grass from the water; his hand still wrapped in hers.

 “There they are…” he gushed out, looking towards her and back over to the baby duck’s swimming in the water,  once catching sight of him they flocked over to him immediately, almost covering his feet as they chirped in excitement. He gently rubbed each one of their heads as he giggled in excitement, he looked back up to her “…they’re my friends”

 Michonne smiled brightly at the happy child, her heart feeling as if it could implode at that very moment, she couldn’t say when or how but she knew that this child would have a big impact on her life that along with his father would be what brought her back to who she was and that was something she happily accepted. She bent down next to him, one of the duck’s coming closer to her, another following suit, she beamed as she bit her lip happily as she rubbed the duck’s head gently, mimicking Carl.

 “Do they have names?”

 “Of course they do…Daddy always says that everything and everyone has a name, that it is the beginning of what d-de- DADDY!!, What’s the last part again?” he turned to his father

 “…defines us” Rick finished the sentence with a smile filled with pride

 Carl smiled widely at his father before turning his attention back towards Michonne, “yeah that…” he responded happily, “Oh let me tell you their names ‘Chonne…” he exclaimed before pointing out each duck, “…that one is daddles, that one is quack quack, here is quackerjack, oh-oh and this one is Webber-he’s my favorite, oh and-and…” the little boy continued naming off all 8 of the ducks in the flock

 Michonne beamed as she took in the inquisitive, intelligent, articulate, humorous and bubbly child in front of her. It was almost uncanny how many of his father’s attributes he had at such a young age, he was remarkable and the fact Rick trusted her enough to share this little precious gift of his with her, spoke so many volumes to what she meant to him, it spoke to the impact that she had on his life and in the future his son’s. Michonne looked behind her, taking in the overjoyed man staring back at her with a smile. She smiled back at him, utter jovial filling every part of her before she turned her attention back to Carl and his little friend’s.

 After an hour or so they slowly trudged their way back up the pave way to where the truck was parked, Carl excitedly galloped down the trail with a large stick tucked between his legs; pretending to be a cowboy riding his trusty steed named Flame… preparing for their next mission within arm’s length away.  Rick and Michonne chuckled lightly at the boy’s very active imagination as they walked shoulder to shoulder, their fingers gently caressing the other’s as they moved together fluently.  

 “He’s such a brilliant child, Rick” she complimented as she looked over to him

 “He is…that boy’s my everything…” he chuckled out before continuing, “…reasons why I needed y’all to meet. Both of you guys will be a major part of my life forever, I ain’t letting it go and it just pisses me off that despite how beautiful today day was as soon as I drop him back off at the Rouses… I’m going to have to hear er’ mouth about you all meeting. Shit shouldn’t even matter but because it’s YOU- it will and it ain’t right”

 “So that’s what that was back at the diner?” she questioned, already knowing the answer

 “Yeahhh…today has been so amazing…just being around you and him at the same time was-,” he struggled to find the words that could truly emphasis how he felt at that moment, how the happiness of seeing both of his loves together filled him from the top of his head down to his toes. He sighed heavily before continuing, “all I know is hell is about to be unleashed and I just don’t want you apart of this mess”

 “I know how to handle Lori so you don’t have to worry about that, this is about us. I literally fell head over hills in love with that child in the span of four hours, you know what you mean to me and now how he’s here an-…I’m not letting you guys go. I refuse to allow anyone and I mean anyone to take my happiness from me, whether it’s Lori or Jarrod. We are not kid’s anymore; we are two adults that are more than capable of making our own decisions and if we chose one another then it is OUR choice and they need to respect it. I will not allow them the opportunity; my respect for her is only because she is Carl’s mother, anything else is trivial…”, her voice as soothing as a lullaby to a fussy infant.  She halted her steps, turning to face him as she gently placed her hand on his cheek, guiding his gaze to meet hers, “…you are mine and I am yours… that is the only thing that matters” she assured, her brown eyes full of certainty and warmth

 Rick searched those eyes, finding truth, love, and promise within them, he nodded slowly a small smile forming against this lips, “Yeahhh it is” he rasped out as he brought her into an embrace, once released they walked the short distance to catch up with Carl, heading towards the parking lot and then home.


 Michonne beamed as she walked up the front stairs to her home, biting down on her lip happily as she thought of him, the one constant force in her life, the one man who had never let her down. Rick was her first example and definition of true love and the fact that she now had another part of him to love made her heart swell. She looked behind her at the father and son sitting in the pick-up truck smiling widely at her, she chuckled at their adorableness; smiling back at them before waving goodbye once more to Carl and motioning for Rick to call her once settled; he nodded in agreement. She smiled brightly at him once more before turning towards the front door and inserting the key into the lock, turning it counterclockwise until it unlocked; she twisted the door knob, opening the door slowly and stepping in. She closed it softly behind her as she headed down the hall way.

 “I see that you found your way back to him, huh?” the deep, monotonous voice greeted her

 “Hm-something you know all too well” she responded curtly, irritation creeping up under her skin like venom from a black widow spider

 “Michonne I’m not trying to fight with you-I simply want the best-“

 “You could never tell me what’s best for me…you and mom were married for almost 21 years and you still couldn’t resist from hurting her… so sorry I’d rather not listen to any advice that you are offering, Jarrod” she bit out as she began walking past the living room

 “I’m still your father” he responded sternly, displeasure building in his tone

 Michonne stopped, her brows furrowed as she looked back at the man standing in front of the bay window of their living room; her eyes tainted with bitterness, “-sorry but you stopped being that a long time ago” she breathed out, exhaling deeply as she turned around and headed up the stairs towards her bedroom; anger beginning to consume her.


starting fbi profilers make around 42-60k a year which is around 3500-5000 a month and according to the dream budget I made in my business class, that’s like 500-1500 dollars more than i’d need so tbh i think i’m pursuing a perfect career


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We’re stoked to be able to share this book to you in the coming months.  Thank you again for making it possible!