350 of them

I made some sugar moons! With just some left over pie crust dough, egg whites, and sugar! It’s perfect for an offering or just a cute witchy snack!

First take some of your pie crust dough. I used premade because I’m a lazy witch.

Then once you have it rolled out and thin, use a crecent cookie cutter to get your shapes.

On a greased pan, lie them out and gently brush them with egg whites

Sprinkle on some white sugar and put them in the oven at 350°, checking them occasionally till done.

Feel free to add any blessings or somethin extra, I made some for an offering to Artemis!

With love ☆☆☆

Guys, always be wary of food and products that you might want to buy for your bird(s). While a bunch of it looks enticing and you want to spoil your bird, always look for cues that might signal, “this company doesn’t know what they’re doing.” There’ve been a lot of horror stories about pet products killing their pets, so I thought a PSA would be important.

For example, here, the label reads, “For cockatiels, conures, parrots and macaws!”

Now, anyone who has any experience with birds knows that cockatiels, conures, and macaws are all parrots. Parrots are members of the  Psittaciformes, which includes more than 350 bird species. To be classified as a parrot, the bird must have a curved beak, and its feet must be zygodactyl.

I’m not claiming that this product is unsafe (I’ve never used it), but I wouldn’t even consider buying it if the company doesn’t even know what a parrot is. Keep your babies safe!


So I was avoiding making an animated Disney Princess collection because it’s been done so many times before.  I wanted to challenge myself by making solitaire (one stone) rings that cost less than $1,000.  What I got was rings ranging from $350-$600. One of them isn’t a solitaire ring but I really liked it so I let it be.  They aren’t perfect representations of each princess but I didn’t want them to be.  My goal was create beautiful (and semi affordable) rings to make any woman feel like a princess. 

Your childhood toys are worth serious cash.

Here’s a sampling of recent eBay prices and condition

Tamagotchi: $350.00

  • 15 of them, used. Dead or alive.

Teddy Ruxpin: $375.00

  • New with all the fixins (cassette and book).

Furby: $405.00

  • In the box, but with some wear.

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Sega Dreamcast: $490.00

  • Brand new, baby.

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Game Boy Color: $589.89

  • New. Excellent.

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Trolls: $649.00

  • A “gigantic lot” of them.

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Littlest Pet Shop Collection: $722.00

  • An “insanely big” collection.

Polly Pocket: $875.00

  • Used, but a ton of them.

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Cabbage Patch Doll: $949.00

  • Used. Signed. Still creepy.

Sony Aibo: $1,564.00

  • New. Woof.

My Little Pony: $1,177.60

  • Used!

Nintendo 64: $1,050.00

  • Never opened. Rough childhood.

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And the biggest ticket item of them all: a $50,000 Beanie Baby.

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Remember when Min Yoongi made 300 gifts to give away to their fans on his birthday?

Like, he made 300 handwritten messages for his fans and gifts included.

But then the fans who went to their fanmeeting(?) were about 350 of them.

So he made another 50 messages and gifts for those who weren’t able to receive the gifts.



Weird Gift From a POT SD

A gold coin. I was like you’re handing me a gold coin and expecting sex? Really?

Who does that? I can’t instantly validate the worth of this shiny ass coin.

Plus, I’m not having any kind of sex on the first date.

So I asked him, “what is this for”

He proceeded to offer me another coin to which I replied, “what even is this”?

He wouldn’t answer a single question.

I ended up laying next to him and not doing anything at all 😂


This is the ART, I’ve been speaking of. I’m constantly handed $$$$ for just being cute and fun to go out with. I provide an escape to these pathetic men who have no idea on how to get an attractive woman on their own and probably never have. This is also where the value of my date comes in play. You’re buying a fantasy from me.


I googled the coins and they’re worth $350 each. I can sell them at a place that buys gold. Hahahahah yes.

I looked up the coin AGAIN and it’s actually worth approx: $600 the most I’ve seen is $625 omfg!!! YESSS

It’s nuts. I see all these girls giving everything away for free and I’m like GIRL. Learn the game. Get more and do less. Why would you whore yourself out when you don’t have to?

Understandably, if you’re going for BIG MONEY. Like, any amount in the thousands, there is no way that you’re getting out of a hotel room with that amount, unless you fuck. Even if you were bleeding, crying, someone died, you’re dying. He wouldn’t give a fuck.

But if you’re like me, a part-timer who likes to maximize how much she can earn…

Whore out your personality and charm!

This gets you free shit all day.

Trust me. Like I’ve said, I’ve fucked ONE SD over 3 years ago and made over $3k + trips and gifts in one month so remember ladies..


Whore out your charisma and charm.

You don’t always need to do the most to get the most!


anonymous asked:

The US allows direct patient advertising which seems totally strange to me. Does it ever cause you problems as a prescriber? Do patients ever come in demanding a specific brand of drug...or for some self diagnosed problems?

yaaasssss it’s so annoying. 

Patients come in requesting drugs all the time, but not necessarily always the ones that are advertised (screw you, Z-pak!). Occasionally it’s appropriate. Usually it’s not. Patients get their hopes up about a new drug they saw on tv but they don’t realize that that drug will cost them $350 a month or that it won’t work for their condition or it interacts with their other drugs.

Then you get the patients who pick up on one symptom–usually the most vague one–listed in the “ask your doctor about drug A if you have X, Y, or Z” and come in convinced that they need that drug. For example, I’ve seen a lot of men lately who have come in complaining of fatigue and who demand to have their testosterone checked. “It must be low T!” Well the phrase “low T” comes straight off the commercials. Never mind that these men are often out of shape or get crappy sleep or have 5 chronic conditions that can all cause fatigue. The tv says it’s low T. It must be low T. Also: these same patients don’t typically care to hear about the side effects and interactions of the drug they think will cure all their ailments. 

The only drug commercials that I’ve seen consistently good outcomes from are vaccine commercials. It’s fairly common for me to have a patient walk in and say, “do I need that new pneumonia shot?” or “what do you think about Gardasil?” Good conversations usually come from those questions. 

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