350 chevy


Caption: “October of 1982 was a month of excitement for Chessie System’s Chicago Terminal. A brand new loco model was being delivered to Barr Yard from the EMD plant in LaGrange, IL, about 25 of them in total. GP15Ts, a variation of the GP15, featuring an eight cylinder turbo charged power plant that promised better fuel savings yet delivering the same horsepower. Turbocharging in autos is the big thing today to achieve the same results. Wow, was Chessie ahead of its time? I remember the night the first one, the 1505, was delivered. The roundhouse foreman called us over to see it. He was like a kid with a new toy, just loving the new kitten. He opened up some of the doors and said, “Look, it’s just like a Chevy 350 in there!” Well, it was a V8 of sorts. Beautifully proportioned, the GP15T looked like a pocket GP40, only better. A new kitten to be proud of.”

Photo by Bill Johnson

(via Another New Chessie Kitten)