This episode was a roller coaster of emotions for me but my favorite part has to be the this part. Ash and Sawyer have come a long way and i am so proud of  both of them! They both started off their journeys ignorant of the world and suffering many loses but now they are having an explosive battle in the Semi finals of the Kalos League!!  Round of Applause for both of these FANTASTIC Trainers!

why fukigen na mononokean 35 fuck my heart up:

1. abeno’s look @ ashiya when ashiya’s in danger

2. abeno’s considering look when the executive implies that abeno can kill him if he wants to (continue protecting ashiya)

3. when they’re calling for abeno specifically, abeno automatically asks ashiya to come with him

4. fuzzy!!!!

5. ??? FML

also, have this mini incomplete compilation of abeno looking @ ashiya and suffer with me (lastly - is this a start of a break-up/make-up arc for them?):

Complicated - Part 35

Part 34

I got off the plane feeling extremely jet lagged. I didn’t get much sleep on the plane as I just couldn’t get comfortable any way I sat. I said my goodbye’s to jack at the airport and thanked him for coming then picked up my bag to go home. With every few minutes, a yawn escaped my lips, feeling rather exhausted. I just wanted to get home to my bed to sleep the day away. I got outside and signaled my hand outwards to motion for a taxi and waited for one to pull up beside me. The driver gout out of the driver’s seat and insisted that he helped put my bag into the trunk of the car, I wasn’t in a position to decline because I was so tired but being pregnant wasn’t helping either. No one said i was going to be this tired by the time I got home,. I was helped into the backseat of the taxi and then the driver got back into his position so he could take me home. 

When the driver pulled up in front of my apartment building, he got out of the car once again, helping me out first, I was super grateful that he was so willing to help, normally people would just brush me off and expect me to handle everything on my own. This was nice. I pulled out my purse and decided to give him a bit of extra cash for his troubles and then waved him off before making my way inside. I traveled up the small amount of stairs and noticed a note on my front door, I picked it up and walked inside, tossing it onto my kitchen counter, I was too tired to deal with whatever it was now. I placed my bag by the sofa and walked into my bedroom so I could get changed into something comfortable, falling into bed shortly after. 

I groaned as my Phone started to ring, I slowly opened my eyes as I tired to reach for my phone. I grabbed it and sighed, sliding the phone to accept the call. The silence was good while it lasted. 


“(Y/n), are you back in town yet?”

“Yes Dan, I was asleep” 

“At 8pm?”

“I just got back in today, and 8pm?!”

I sat up from my bed and looked out of my bedroom window, everything was dark. Turns out I just slept through the day like I needed, thank god. I brushed the hair out of my face with my fingers and waited for Dan to continue. 

“Anyway. Did you sleep with Phil?”

My eyes widened. Oh god. Maybe I could play this off, maybe he hasn’t spoken to Phil. 

“Not since before, why?”

“Then tell me this, Why are there photos from your kitchen window of you and Phil together. I mean, his shirt is open, his lips are on your neck and everything suggests you did. So did you, yes or no”

I got out of my bed and threw on my robe. I really hope he wasn’t about to catch me in a lie. Christ Phil I hope you didn’t blow it. 

“Phil and I started to head in that direction. His shirt was open, and we were getting pretty intense, but I stopped him.”

“You stopped him?”

I closed my eyes and silently took a breath. 

“Yes. I realised what I was doing, and I couldn’t continue, It wasn’t fair so I told him that he had to go”

there was silence for a while. I felt tension as well. I think i’d just been caught out. I was just about to ask if he was still there, but then he started to talk on his own accord. 

“Okay. I just had to get the story from both of you and it all checks out, just. When I saw the photo’s I began to lose my mind, i would have been so pissed if it was what I initially thought. I’m sorry I woke you up, but I just had to know.”

“It’s fine Dan, really”

“How was Hawaii?”

“Definitely needed, I figured out some things while I was away, but that’s not important right now. But am I okay to come by tomorrow, I have something I need to ask you guys”

“Both of us?”

“Yes. Both of you.”

“Uh, yeah I guess that’s okay.”

“Alright, well I’m going to get more sleep because I’m incredibly tired, but I’ll see you some time tomorrow. Goodnight Dan”

“Goodnight (Y/n)”

I hung up the phone and walked into my living room. I wasn’t going back to bed just yet, there were some things i needed to catch up on. Email’s, and I also needed to check up on apartment listings as that was getting to be a pretty important factor. I walked over to my laptop and opened it up. I didn’t take it with me because If i was going to be away from everything, then I really needed to be away. I went through my email’s and found out that I had an appointment with the OB in 3 days, well. 2 after midnight. there were some junk email’s, auctions I’d lost or won on e-bay, Nothing of much importance. I carried over to the apartment listings, where everything seemed to be the same as before. Apartments too far and too small, I was starting to think that I wasn’t going to find something in time. 

I trailed through the sites for an hour, still finding nothing. I sighed and rested my head against the table. I was going to be in some real trouble soon, I knew it. I should have started looking sooner. I was about to close the lid on my laptop when something stood out. A home I had never seen before. It was a little expensive, but still affordable, with 4 bedrooms, just the kind of thing I needed long term. I clicked on the link and went through the photos, everything looked so great and it was located right here in London. Who knew. I looked through the details and the next open home was for tomorrow, Maybe I could swing by Dan and Phil’s after. I just hoped that no one would make an offer on it by then 

Appearances (Week 34 & 35)

Week 34: Monday August 22nd — Friday August 26th

Robert: No confirmed appearances
Aaron: Tuesday

Week 35: Monday August 29th — Friday September 2nd 

Robert: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
Aaron: Friday

Week 35: Teasers & Hints

  • Robert is plotting and hoping his plan works.
  • Aaron knows about his plan.
  • This is the ‘robron working together on a project’ storyline that was teased a while ago.
  • It is Andy-related and is not only against Chrissie but the White family as a whole.

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Caught this little ‘hidden’ gem in today’s Detective Comics almost instantly, and I legit laughed for a solid minute. Because Tim actually built a freaking Bat-Bullet Train and I am the biggest sucker for continuity porn like this XD