35 weeks 6 days

I work 35-40 hours a week and have to work 6 days a week to get there. My friend is now waitressing at THREE different jobs. I’m 25. My friend is 22. AND MY 37 YEAR OLD ROOMMATE WHO MAKES 40K A YEAR WORKING A STEADY 9 TO 5 JOB IN HER COLLEGE-DEGREE FIELD THINKS SHE’S A TYPICAL MILLENNIAL.

Dylan moved the bed out of Addison’s nursery today and I literally couldn’t be happier. Things are falling so wonderfully into exactly what I have always imagined.

Our little girl is so welcomed, it’s unbelievable. These next ~30 days are seriously going to be the most difficult of our pregnancy. How can we wait when we are so ready for her!?

Things we still need:
- Pack and Play (which we don’t even need for her to come home, just in general so we have somewhere for her to hang when we’re downstairs!)
- bottle sterilizer
- more baby towels

Literally that’s all I can think of! We’re just playing the longest round of “wait your turn” ever.

I’m working until May 16, and if she hasn’t come by then, the real wait will start! I don’t know what I’ll do when I am really just waiting! At least, now, I’m forced out of the house for work!

Ramble. Ramble. Baby. Ramble. Can’t wait. Ramble.

OB Update

Just got back from my OB, early on in my pregnancy, when I got my pap smear and all that stuff you do at first, my pap came back abnormal…we found out then that i have HPV (which about 80% of women contract the virus, and for some it sticks around like in my case) HPV can lead to cervical cancer, which is common in my family. we did a colposcopy to see if my cells were in bad shape or not..which they weren’t too bad, but I do have the cancerous cells so she said she would be checking again at 36 weeks to make sure it hasn’t progressed any. well good news they haven’t. and she doesn’t see anything that concerns her, so we are waiting until after i give birth so I can get a biopsy so we can know for sure the severity of it. so that’s good news.

I am measuring perfectly, and I only gained another 2 pounds in the past 2 weeks, so I am now at a total of 21 pounds gained. She also did my strep B test, and checked my cervix and I am 50% effaced and about a fingertip dilated which she said is good. Except she had to fucking dig in me to check me since i guess my cervix is far back there….seriously it was awful, way too much pressure and digging for my taste, and the fact that I have not had anything inserted in my vajay for 5 months DID NOT HELP! so yeah everything is looking good and I’m happy besides the fact that i feel like I need to put ice packs on my vag now hahaha.

It’s quite remarkable to be honest, this vegan lifestyle…that I’m probably eating 2,500+ calories a day, more than I have in months. My breakfasts and lunches have been ~600-700 calories each, yet I find my body seems to be looking and feeling better than it has in ages. And I know it’s not a fluke since I’m not running 10+ miles each day at the moment, but instead doing 35-50 minutes of exercise 5-6 days a week. I know that this lifestyle heals. I’m experiencing it with my own eyes and body and soul.