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Here’s to Us

Author’s Note: This is my first Supernatural story, that I have written myself. It took me three days to write, and since it’s my first story, I don’t expect it to become internet famous. My inspiration comes from @poor-sammy-lost-his-shoe I would like to thank you personally. 

Word Count: 1953

F/N OR Y/F = Friends name

Y/N = Your name

You and Y/F have been tailing this case for nearly a week, just about to bring it to a close. When one day, Y/F comes in and says, “I saw two men who appeared to be FBI agents, asking questions prevalent to your case.” You decide that it’s time to investigate these strange men, because Y/F seemed very alarmed. Little did you know, you were walking into the worst possible scenario you had feared. Dean Winchester was about to make another appearance in your life—and not for the better.

You had been investigating these two men for about 2 hours when you got a hit on the motel they were staying at—room 46. You wanted to tell them personally to get lost, and that this was your case. On the way there, you thought about all of the clever things you could say to them when you had finally confronted them. As you pulled in, you notice the parking lot was quite full, as this time of year, this town was quite the tourist attraction. Looking for an available spot, you find one just below rooms 30 – 35. Making your way up the stairs, you become increasingly more annoyed that you have other people trying to mosey in on your case.

As you approach the door, you bring your hand up to knock. *knock knock* Shuffling from the other side of the door lets you know that there is indeed, someone there. The door opens and you back up so far you just about fall over the railing.

Y/N? What are you doing here? How did you find us?” Sam asks in that worried tone of voice.

You hear someone else approach, but you don’t dare look up, because you know who it will be, and you can’t bear to see their face.

Y/N? Sammy? What’s going on?” You can hear the fearful annoyance in Dean’s voice, yet you still refuse to look at him.

Even through the crippling pain in your heart, you manage to say, “I came to tell you to get off my case. Me and Y/F are about to take this son of a bitch down.” And with all the courage you can muster, you look Dean in the face through angry eyes, and walk back to your car, leaving behind two confused men.

As you drive away, you could still picture the pain on Dean’s face when you had glared at him. It wasn’t a look you wanted to see, as it was the same look he had given you when he had left you back in Minnesota, with nothing but the hunting knowledge he had shared with you. He didn’t even leave you a picture to remember him by. When you made it back to your motel, you couldn’t leave the car, because all you felt was the same hear-crushing pain that you had felt when Dean abandoned you two years earlier.

As you let the tears escape your eyes, you hear your truck door fly open, and Y/F climbed into the passenger seat.

Soul crushing heartbreak is not something one gets over easily,” Y/F says, trying to help console you, “I know it hurts, but once we finish this case, we can leave, and you can be rid of him forever.

It’s not that easy!” You manage through choked sobs, “He left me broken and alone. And every phone call, I begged him to come back, and I got nothing…

Y/F sits there in silence, because she knows there are no words that will help fix what has been broken. She simply just sits there and holds you until your heavy sobbing subsides, and you two are able to get back into your motel room. You crawl into your bed and you don’t move until the next morning, and you wake up to breakfast waiting for you on the table, Y/F in the shower, preparing for the mission ahead of you.

Y/F is packing her duffel bag while you wait to leave, when all of a sudden you hear the notorious sound of Dean’s 69’ Impala pulling into the parking lot. You curse under your breath, and rush out the door to your truck with Y/F and peel out of there like a bat out of hell.

Taking back roads to your destination, hoping to avoid all signs of Dean, but you know that he’s going to find you. Y/F sits in silence while you drive down the road to the abandoned warehouse, she’s wondering why you’re running away from the man of your dreams. You had explained to her your time with Dean and what it had meant to you, you had even told her about Sam and how much she thought she would like him if they ever met. Y/F thought about meeting Sam all of the time, because to her, you had portrayed him as one of the best men on the planet. And she had caught feelings for him just through your stories.


Dean had spent all night awake thinking about you, and how you had just appeared back into his life, and then left with the same look on your face. The one you had when he left you. It made him think of all of the heartbroken voicemails that you had left him. He never answered you back because he knew that if he did, he’d drop everything and run to you. But he had Sam, and he couldn’t just leave him. No matter how much it hurt him.

Dean, do you want to talk about it?” Sam asked in a worried tone, “I know how hard this must be for you…..I just want to tell you I’m here to listen if you want to talk.

Sammy, I don’t think I can live without her anymore.” He said as tears welled up in his eyes, “Did you see the way she looked at me? She’s never going to forgive me, man.

Sam watched as his brother let all the pain built up over the past two years go.

I have to go see her, Sammy. I have to talk to her, it’s the only way to get through to her.

They’re going to the abandoned warehouse just outside of town. It’s where the thing she’s hunting lives. I’ve been following her movements.” Sam said, hoping to cheer you up.

Dean immediately jumps up and packs his things, if he’s going to get you back, he knows exactly how it’s going to happen. Sam sits on his bed watching Dean pack his things four times faster than normal. As Dean finishes packing he throws his duffel over his shoulder and heads out the door, Sam follows, knowing full well that things just got serious.

Dean follows none of the speed limits as him and Sam head out of town. Sam grips the inner door handle for support. As they pull up to the warehouse, they see your truck parked in the lot. They grabbed their gear and went after you. In a matter of seconds, they were right behind you.


You heard someone following you, and you waited for the right time to spin around. You were blinded by the light of their flashlights, they quickly lowered their lights. Dean looked upset as you made eye contact with him. You could hear F/N stop breathing, taking in the boy’s beauty.

Y/N I came here to talk to you. I can’t stay away from you any longer. I’m so sorry for what I did to you! I won’t let it happen again, I swear!” Dean pled with you for forgiveness.

Two years,” You said, the anger rising up in you, your trembling voice giving you away, “I spent two years of my life waiting for you. You left me with nothing, and you expect me to just allow you back into my life just because you want me to? Dean, I told you, I have a job to do and you’re not letting me finish it.

You walk away and Y/F slowly follows, stealing glances at Sam.

You kick open the doors to the room where your target hides, he’s a recently turned werewolf, who started picking off the locals. You move quickly, but he’s much faster than you, and he knocks you across the room. You smash against a shelf and hit the ground, feeling the pain of broken ribs. Just as you are trying to get back up, you hear Sam and Dean crash through the door. You can see Dean looking at the fight among Y/F and the werewolf with worried eyes, he was looking for you. Sam rushes to help Y/F, while you slowly crawl for your gun. You see that Dean has chosen not to help you, but instead he gets out his gun, aims right at the monster, and pulls the trigger. The werewolf drops to the floor instantly. As Sam is helping Y/F, you start to black out. The last thing you see is Dean running towards you.


Dean stands outside the door that you had just went through, contemplating.

Sammy, maybe we should just go.”

Just as he said that, they heard a loud crash come from the room. Sam busts the door in, and they rush in, only to find just Y/F fighting off the monster. Dean is franticly trying to find you, but doesn’t see you right away. He stands there, watching as Sam runs to Y/F’s aide, and decides to take matters into his hands. He pulls out his gun, aims for the werewolf’s chest, and fires.

Dean watches as Sam helps Y/F back into a standing position, then he returns to frantically trying to find you. He notices you behind a set of shelves, he can see that you are blacking out from shock. He runs with all his strength to make it to you. Dean picks you up and carries you to his car, then he lays you out on the back seat. Sam tells Y/F to meet Dean at the hospital as Sam hops in your truck with her.


You awake to find Y/F asleep in Sam’s lap, and Dean asleep in the chair next you you, with his head on the side of your bed. Your hand in his, even in sleep he won’t let you go.

Forgiveness washed over you, and you forgive him for the two years you spent alone. You reach for his shoulder with your other hand and shake him awake. He wakes with a start, his body tensing up as he is wrenched from sleep. He looks up at you with eyes that light up when they saw you. You look over to Sam and Y/F, Dean follows your gaze and you hear him laugh softly. You look back to Dean, and you grab both his hands in yours, and you pull him up onto the bed, so that he is sitting there with you. As you stare into his eyes, you tear up a little, as you think of the right thing to say.

Here’s to us, through all the good and the bad,” You say, remembering the time before he left and it makes you smile, “Here’s to the times ahead, I just hope you’re ready for it.

I’m ready for anything, as long as I have you there with me,” Dean said softly.

You pull him into as tight of a hug as you can manage, Dean is careful not to hurt you. And then you bring your lips to his pulling him into the most passionate kiss you’ve experienced yet.

It was from that moment on, that Dean never left your side.


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