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About pupil sizes on BSD, 35-sensei said that he/she gave large pupils to crazy characters and small pupils to good characters.

Then, I remembered about Kyouka and Koyou’s talk about light and darkness.

Now, what happened to a pupil when it exposed under bright light?

What happened to a pupil when it exposed to darkness?

BSD Novel: Dazai Osamu and the Dark Era (Afterword)

I thought it’d be important to have this translated as well and will hopefully shed a bit more light on the premise of the story and the necessity of Dazai/Ango/Oda’s narratives. Your proofreaders @nakaharachuyaa @mlntyoonqi @bananasaurr and @e-ki deserve the world for proofreading this?? Like holy shit please go thank them!!

For the very last time, without further ado.

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matchabearlivesinashoe  asked:

Hello, Have you ever heard of any information regarding Asagiri sensei and Hirukawa 35 sensei before they began BSD?

We’ve answered a couple of asks regarding Asagiri before. To add some details to those, he has said that after 2-3 years in his salaried job, he started seriously wanting to be a scenario writer. After quitting and while searching for jobs in his dream field, he decided to first make/upload something for free to get some attention, so he went with a project he’d had in mind for awhile. Four months later, Monthly Young Ace contacted him, and asked him to bring some story ideas to the editor-in-chief. And thus BSD was born.

As for Harukawa35 - Hirukawa is a common typo, but the artist’s name is actually Harukawa! - according to Japanese Wikipedia, Bungou Stray Dogs is their debut as a manga’s main illustrator. However, they also worked on Sora no Hoshi and Rejet’s SEVENTH HEAVEN and Oz to Himitsu no Ai.

anonymous asked:

There probably won't be a light novel on Chuuya's backstory right? The fact that he didn't appear in the Dark era really demonstrates his minor role in the BSD plot and how his character has evolved into a tool for merchandise, despite how hard his character was worked on as mentioned in one interview with Asagiri sensei and Hirukawa 35 sensei.

Never say never, Anon-san~! Chuuya is popular; whether you hate him or love him that’s a fact. And what’s wrong with being a “tool for merchandise”? I think it’s rather amazing he’s a favorite of a lot of people, even when he is, as you’ve pointed out, merely a minor character. That just means there’s a lot of room for the exploration of his character, and a light novel or even a bonus story like the excellent “A Heartless Dog“ can do wonders for his characterization. To compare, Tanizaki had been missing out on a lot of action for a few chapters back, but now people are again looking at him in a new light. Same for Kunikida and Ranpo, though to be fair those two were featured in previous light novels where they enjoyed protagonist status.

As for Chuuya’s absence in Dark Era, I’ve talked a bit about my thoughts on that matter here.

Fairy Tail 418 Predictions: Gruvia Edition

I have so much speculation and thoughts towards where the next chapter will go in regards to everyone, but for the sake of time, I’m sticking with the Gruvia predictions about what transpired in one year for whenever they show up again:

Most likely scenario….”Uhhhhh!” (40% likelihood):
Gray and Juvia stuck together in the timeskip while Gray trained. The status of their relationship is incredibly vague now and we get no official confirmation; just questions and hints to throw us both ways in an are they/aren’t they game. Entirely possible they don’t even know what they are.

Boom! The canons fire! (35% likelihood):
Sensei stops the games and makes it abundantly clear, with some explanation or flashback. If done right, this might be the right time. On the otherhand, it’d be lovely to see Gray’s feelings progress. I know many nonshippers are saying it’s time already.

“Yes, I have feelings for Juvia, but I’m focused on END” (15% likelihood):
A fandom favorite in some cases, but perhaps a cliché or a cop out to others. It’s believable, in character, and prolongs the tension, but also a repeat of Gray’s past mistakes with being solely revenge-minded.

Same old shit, different year…(5% likelihood):
Nothing changes and we get some irritating slapstick. We get pissed.

Are you kidding me? (5% likelihood):
Nothing is revealed at all. We get pissed.