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  • Michael: *gestures at Lindsay and whispers* Hey, hey, I was always about us as a team—
  • Lindsay: I figured, yeah, Team Jones, right, Team Jones.
  • Michael: So yeah. Remember when I was like, ‘Lindsay will you marry me?’ and [Geoff talking over Michael]
  • Lindsay: Was this before or after you sucked my dick?
  • Michael: *pauses to consider* After.
  • Lindsay: *to the camera* That’s how it works.
  • - Let's Play Magic the Gathering

seabubblee  asked:

16, 35, 38?

16. My fave sim is Valerie Stclaire I love her so much loool

35. My inspiration to create sims comes from new cc I download I will almost always make a sim if I download cc haha though I do make a lot of cc free sims to challenge myself.

38. I do follow back but only simblrs I will deffo follow back if you have a legacy or story but I love other simblrs too!


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