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shinee goes grocery shopping


  • picked up a package of dubu and carried it around (”don’t talk to me or my son ever again”)
  • rotisserie chicken 
  • fried chicken tenders 
  • takes a sample, waits five minutes to casually walk by and take another one 
  • buys a pineapple to remember his boy pinee 
  • if lost can find him watching the crabs in the tanks 


  • smells candles until everything is just one indistinguishable strong scent and he has a huge headache 
  • pls no more chicken breast 
  • stress bought a whole chocolate mousse cake 
  • reenacting risky business in the aisles 
  • people are staring but what is shame???
  • uses most of his time choosing a body wash (”we are going to leave you here if you don’t pick one in the next three minutes”) 


  • buying fruit for juice cleanse and jam 
  • wallet is full of receipts and coupons 
  • actual coupon master. his total goes from $56.35 to $24.70
  • buys french baguettes and cheese to feel fancy 
  • another trip to the store, another pair of house slippers (he has too many for a person who has only two feet but this one is pink and has bunny ears so) 
  • ketchup 


  • avocados + bananas + protein powder 
  • buys all the practical shit like toilet paper and garbage bags 
  • helpful bagger 
  • lines up the shopping carts so well people keep asking him if he works there
  • doesn’t have the heart to tell them no so he helps customers get things from high shelves and stuff 


  • waits until he’s surviving off cup ramen to even go
  • puts random shit in the cart 
  • buys a jackfruit bc “it looks cool” but doesn’t know how to eat it so it’s just there… in the fridge… mocking him 
  • also never knows which groceries are his??? 
  • rides the shopping cart like a scooter (push, push, weeeeee)
  • makes direct eye contact with all the video cameras and doesn’t. look. away. security is v uncomfortable 

What have I learned about 80s Lotor?

He is utter garbage and I love him. He’s actually pretty smart but keeps making puns and would probably win the day if he wasn’t obsessed with Allura

Also Zarkon loves him mostly but insults him he literally called him “My beloved nincompoop” or always call him “My beloved son” before insulting him and Lotor is literally Starscream and wants to take the throne.

Lotor: Zarkon has fallen! I, Lotor, now rule the Galra Empire!

I recently reblogged a post about a Moana figurine coming out by the Hamilton Collection, pointing out that they use digital paintings/3D renders to sell their products without showing the end result. And when you see pictures from those that bought the item, they tend to be…less than stellar for their steep price tag of around 100 USD.

SO, I thought I should point out Enesco! Their figures are actually sold on the official Disney store website, so that alone should be a comfort- BUT also, not only do they tend to run a bit lower on the price scale, their products turn out much better AND they have really nice sales of around 30% off.


I got a little carried away but this isnt even all of them. The prices range from 35-70 USD, which, compared to the usual 100 USD of Hamilton Collection, is amazing. We just got the Elsa one ourselves since it went on sale for 35ish and it looks around 8 to 8.5 inches (20.3 to 21.59 cm) in height, so they’re a good size too.

They DO have some that could use better face work, but honestly those are so few and far between when compared to the plethora of awesome/pretty af figurines.

They also have more than just Disney stuff, and it seems a lot of it you can get through Amazon. I dont THINK they have any Moana merch yet, but I would highly recommend keeping an eye out for it. I mean, Lenox is nice too but their faces also seem to have…problems, as a majority.


Greenpeace protesters unfurl ‘resist’ banner near the White House

Greenpeace USA activists scaled a construction crane to unfurl a giant banner reading “Resist” several blocks from the White House Wednesday morning.

Branding acts of protest and dissent as part of a larger “resistance” has become increasingly common in the months since Donald Trump was elected president. The banner is yellow with red rays of stylized sunlight beaming out from the dark horizon.

The 70-by-35-foot banner, 300 feet in the air, appears to dangle above the White House when viewed from the Ellipse of the South Lawn.

See FULL STORY by Michael Walsh/Yahoo News

Photos: (from top) Alex Brandon/AP, Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images, Carolyn Kaster/AP

See more images of Greenpeace protesters unfurling a ‘resist’ banner on Yahoo News

Aspd, sociopathy, psychopathy

First of all be aware that not everyone, who is diagnosed with anything I will mention has to meet only those or all of those criteria. Also I want to note, that many psychopaths have aspd, while very few people with aspd have psychopathy.
There is a lot of just plain wrong information out there on this topic. And I will not tell you to aimply trust my words, but to do your own research, ask for sources and check if they are reliable (Newspaper articles etc. are not, if they were not published in a professional journal!), especially if you wish to spread the information. 1. Sociopathy
The term “sociopath” is rarely used in the academic field. If used it either describes a person who has both aspd and psychopathy or (coll.) refers to the etiology of the person that displays the behaviours. Some use it as a synonym for aspd and psychopathy. Before “aspd” was established (about 1980) “sociopath” was the term used for people with aspd.
2. Aspd
About 35-70% of the criminals found in prison (depending on time, place and statistics) have “Antisocial personality disorder”. Aspd is determined by the social environment most of the time during early childhood. Possible roots of aspd are other mental illnesses, child abuse and any kind of mistreatment, that might have (or) led to cptsd etc.. It is therefore found more frequently in people with a poor family background or no family at all. People with aspd tend to be reckless, violent, easily angered and arbitrary. They are usually actively self-oriented, take drugs, drink alcohol, steal, have a high sex drive and close to no impulse control. Some have self-destructive tendencies and many enemies and do not play by any rules. Many mass murderers have aspd. If they commit a crime, they are usually caught because they did not plan ahead or at all to commit said crime.
3. Psychopathy
About 1-20% of the criminals found in prison (compare aspd l.2) are psychopaths. Psychopathy is determinded by biology. Some people with psychopathy are able to “switch” their empathy “on”. Many psychopaths do not commit murder or any similar crimes during their life. Many people with psychopathy were or are still being misdiagnosed with autism, as certain patterns overlap. They tend to be adaptable, patient and some live an average family life. But different to people with aspd and sociopaths, they can develope predatory behaviour and as parts of their brain structure are different than those of the average person, they can also develope unusual perceptions. They are usually narcisstic (passively self-oriented), ambitious, charistmatic, controlling and have a high impulse control. Some serial killers are psychopaths. Is psychopaths commit a crime they are usually caught because they want to be caught, to become famous etc..

However, being diagnosed with any of those “disorders” does not make one a criminal or in any way obliged to fit the stereotype. There are no “evil geniuses”. Aspd/Psychopathy/Sociopathy enables one to do certain things, but they are no excuse to do them. And even more important, those traits exist on a spectrum. For everyone else, please note, that treating people like “monsters”, creates “monsters”.


Colt 1874 Gatling Gun

Manufactured by Colt Firearms Manufacturing Co. and owned by Thell Reed, supplied for the 2007 remake of Western movie 3:10 to Yuma.
.45-70 Gov 35-round hopper, ten rotating barrels, hand-cranked repeater, seen in the movie on a swivel mount in the back of an armored stagecoach and fired by Pinkerton agents.

For the few out there that have both seen the movie and remembered how this scene unfolded, they also made a rubber prop to be used when the gun was in danger of being damaged.

Disappointing Discovery

No fire emblem game has ever had more playable girls and the closest we’ve ever gotten was a 50/50 split Archanea: 23/78 (29%) Fe2: 12/32 (37%) Fe4 (not counting substitutes): 17/49 (34%) Fe5: 17/52 (32%) Fe6: 19/54 (35%) Fe7: 12/44 (27%) Fe8: 11/33 (33%) Fe9: 15/44 (34%) Fe10: 24/72 (33%) Fe13: 25/51 (49%) Fe14: 35/70 (50%)

Get Ready for Ain As He Transcends to His Most Divine Form Yet!

Heya adventurers! Having fun in the new Elysion dungeons? Have you unlocked the major story lines yet? If you haven’t, then keep at it. It’s really good! For this week’s update, we have Ain’s Arme Thaumaturgy’s Transcendence. Yes, it’s finally out! The group’s angel is slowly becoming God-like as the days go by. They all grow up so fast! Another new thing coming in this week, is the Bethtera dungeon for players level 35 to 70. It’s a combination of Bethma and Altera that’s guaranteed to keep your adrenaline pumping and will definitely help you level up faster.

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Why I think depictions of Zimbits having a relaxing time baking together is unrealistic; feat. me and my boyfriend:

me: *lists the 3 types of cookies we’ll be making for his office*
him: so there will be like 30 cookies?
me: we’re making 3 batches of cookies
him: so like 35?
me: closer to 70-80
him: cool because we need like 100

me: *explains how to measure brown sugar*
him: can’t i just scoop it?
me: no, you’ll have the wrong amount of sugar
him: i’m gonna scoop it

me: *explains how to measure flour*
him: can’t i just scoop it?
me: no, you’ll have the wrong amount of flour
him: why can’t we just change the amount of flour in recipes to reflect scooping it willy nilly
me: because we’ve measured flour this way since there was flour and it’s a little late to change it
him: i’m gonna scoop it

me: *notices he got cocoa powder in the container of flour*
me: *screams internally*

me: don’t hate me for asking this question, but did you mix the dough completely before you added the chocolate chips or did you just pour everything together and turn the mixer on?
him: …yes?

him: can i use that bowl?
me: i’m using it. i have to slowly mix the flour in, i can’t just dump it in
him: you can totally just dump it in
me: and i can totally just DUMP YOUR BODY IN THE RIVER

him: gosh, i’m glad baking so relaxing for you
me: *realizes he’s been fucking with me all along*
me: *screams incoherently*